One Bedroom, Three TINY Budgets



Welcome to another budget (and budget-er … and the budgety-est) room design post – aka my new favorite child. I’m OBSESSED with how we can make a room look good for as cheap as possible. A lot of you commented on the sofas for under $1k roundup that maybe the sofas might not be that high quality, and that saving for a better, more quality version would be better, which I think we all agree on. But listen, when you are staring at your empty (or depressing) living room, you have very little extra in the bank, and you have no time to properly thrift to find the perfect non-disgusting used sofa then yes, a post that rounds up mid to low quality but highly stylish and affordable sofa options is not only valuable, but your only real solution. That sounded super defensive and I totally didn’t mean it to be. I just remember being that broke and when people said “save for quality” I was like, BUT WHAT DO I SIT ON RIGHT NOW?? Remember you can’t have fast, cheap, and good (and stylish) so these, my friends are fast, cheap, and stylish but no, I can’t guarantee they will last for 15 years, nor can I guarantee that they were manufactured in America (although did you hear about West Elm’s new commitment to fair wages and safe working conditions? KUDOS). Furthermore, vintage is the best option if you are on a budget (or really, just ever) but awesome affordable vintage isn’t widely or easily available for everyone and all these pieces are.


So without further ado (and no more weird defensive lectures) here is a really budget friendly, stylish bedroom that you can purchase from anywhere. BudgetBedroomUnder5k


Bedside Lamps | Side Table | Hardware | Bedframe | Rug | Duvet | Throw Blanket | Patterned Pillow | Yellow Pillow | Green Pillow | Framed Art | Dresser | Basket | Accent Chair


I know what you are thinking, $5k isn’t a budget bedroom, but it is. Shit just adds up. I liked it a lot when Mel showed it to me, and I think she thought that it couldn’t really get cheaper, but then Brady (who is scrappy, like me) got his cheap little mits on it and made it even cheaper:




Bedside Lamps | Side Table | Headboard | Rug | Duvet | Throw Blanket | Patterned Pillow | Yellow Pillow | Green Pillow | Framed Art | Dresser | Basket | Accent Chair


I think that still looks pretty darn great for $2300 (plant not included). But we got greedy (opposite) and that wasn’t cheap enough for us, so we pushed to get it down another one thousand dollars. I feel like I could be a game show host right now I’m so excited. It’s the same look, but a REALLY inexpensive version of it. In the PR world I’m taught to never say the word cheap. I say “affordable” and “inexpensive” but nary does the word “cheap” escape my spokesperson lips. However, sometimes it just fits. For instance – me every weekend: “lets go grab some cheap tacos,” or Brian: “let’s pickup some cheap beer.” It doesn’t mean bad, it just means easy, inexpensive, and stress-free.


Like this room:




Bedside Lamps | Side Table | Headboard | Rug | Duvet | Throw Blanket | Patterned Pillow | Yellow Pillow | Green Pillow | Framed Art | DresserBasket | Accent Chair


That’s pretty darn cheap, folks. Mel and Brady, you are making me really proud. I think next I’ll assign “Modern Farmhouse Living Room” and see how low can we go. I secretly want it to be an all-office challenge but ever since Design Star, I refuse to make anyone compete against anyone else design-wise ever.


But go real cheap and I’ll secretly name you the winner.


So, which is your favorite? And I’m curious if you guys are more into cheap and fun/fast or high quality and timeless? I, myself, am a little bit of both …


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