Easy Patriotic Stars with Dyed Wood

Hi Crafters!  This is Mindy from Savvy Sisters.  I’m so excited to share with you my Patriotic decoration for my home!  For one because I like how it turned out, but also because this is my first patriotic decoration I’ve made for my home and I’m so excited to have it on display!  I’ve never decorated for this holiday and I don’t plan on going all out, but I love the simpleness of this one with the 3 stars in the Red, White and Blue.  I hope you enjoy it!  Also I don’t know if you noticed, but the red is not paint, it is Rit Dye so you can get the look of a stain with the wood grain showing through.
Supplies needed:
Paint: White & Navy Blue
Minwax Provencial Stain
Rit Cherry Red Dye (I purchased mine at the grocery store)
Plastic Container large enough to put blocks in
Navy Block:
Lightly sand.  Paint 2 coats of Navy Blue.  Paint star White, once dry sand edges.  Paint stain over the star and wipe off with paper towels or old rag.  Using wood glue, glue star to block.
White Block:
Lightly sand.  Paint 2 coats of White.  Once dry, sand the edges and apply stain to the whole block.  Wipe stain off with paper towel or old rag.  Soak star in red dye, 5 minutes on each side.  Let dry and glue to block using wood glue.
Red Block:
Lightly sand.  Use the Rit Dye and mix the whole bottle with 16 cups of hot water into a large container (I used a storage bin).  Place your block in and soak each side for 5 minutes.  When finished pull out and lay to dry on an old towel you don’t care about.  For more detailed directions and pictures, I followed Shanty2chic directions.  Then just paint your star Navy Blue and use the wood glue to adhere it to the block.
I love the idea of using these Rit Dye’s to look like a stain, just in some fun colors!  And it was pretty easy to use!
Happy 4th of July!

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