28 Simple and Budget Friendly Toilets

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You asked, we answered. Apparently cheap and not hideous toilets aren’t that easy to find, so we put one of our market researchers on it and we narrowed them down to these glorious 28 toilets. Hilariously we found it very hard to find photos of bathrooms with toilets in them – even our own (remember when we styled the heck out of a bathroom for the video that didn’t even have a toilet??? I thought it was hilarious but some of you were not happy :))


It’s ok. I’m making it up to you by giving you many a simple and affordable toilet options to feast your eyes/butts on. I have no idea if these are good toilets, if they are low-flow (I think all new ones are these days, though), or if they are comfortable. We didn’t personally order each one, use it, and return it.  But based on price and style we like these and think it’s a good roundup for all of your bathroom renovation folks out there. Bookmark it for later because trust me, that’s shitty annoying research to do yourself. But, for what it is worth, Brady used #14 in his recent bathroom refresh (pictured above) and gives it two thumbs up.


Emily Henderson Chic Budget Friendly Toiled Roupup FULL GRID


1. LessCare Dual Flush Toilet |  2. Kohlor Cimarron Cimarron | 3. Windham 14″ Rough-In 2 Piece | 4. Kohler Santa Height WaterSense | 5. American Standard Fairfield 1-piece | 6. Toto Close Coupled Toilet | 7. Toto Rowan Round Bowl | 8. American Standard Studio Activate Toilet Tank | 9. Duravit One-Piece Toilet Top Flush | 10. American Standard Siphon Dual Flush Toilet | 11. Duravit DuraStyle Toilet | 12. Ariel Platinum Dual Flush Toilet | 13. Miseno High Efficiency Toilet | 14. Kohler Comfort Height Toilet | 15. Kohler Memoirs Stately Comfort Height | 16. Kohler Wellworth Two-Piece | 17. Delta Prelude Single Flush Toilet | 18. Glacier Bay Single Flush | 19. AquaSource WaterSense Comfort Height Toilet | 20. Niagara Ultra-High Efficiency Single Flush | 21. Glacier Bay High Efficiency Single Flush | 22. Glacier Bay High Efficiency Dual Flush | 23. Wellworth Classic Two-Piece Class Five Flush | 24. Niagara Ecologic Flapperless Tank | 25. Palermo Chair-Height 2 Piece Toilet | 26. Kohler Comfort Height | 27. Sterling Windham Elongated 2-Piece | 28. Magic Flush Dual Flush Toilet


We recently got a new toilet in our guest bathroom and it is WAY more modern then I normally go, with the sides being totally slick and straight – which works great in our midcentury house. But I love it as it’s a total dream to clean. Actually I haven’t cleaned it yet because I’m forbidding people to use it because I want to keep it perfect, but when I’ve given it a wipe down I was super impressed with how easy it was.


A quick tip – the toilet should kinda reference the style of the house. That doesn’t mean that you need to buy a vintage toilet if you have a 1920’s house, in fact you can’t (unless you retrofitted an old pulley water closet-y one which would be amazing). But if you have a more classic or older style home, go with a one that has a little more detail and more of a classic shape. If you have a midcentury, contemporary, or new build house then go for something simpler and more modern. I, for one, am super impressed with how many of those up there are solid options for so cheap.


So what next???? Give us a roundup and we’ll start the research process …. (we have many in the works right now, don’t worry). Eh?


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***Photo by Zeke Ruelas


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