4th of july signHello everyone, Jenn here from Housewives of Riverton and I’m so excited to show you how I created this 4th of July Wooden Plank Sign. I love how it turned out and think you’ll want one too!


To create this sign you’ll need the following:


4th Letter Set



Framed Plank Sign



Wood Stain


JULY wooden letters


Happy wooden letters or sign


Foam Paint Brushes


Red/White/Blue Paint


Black Vinyl for “of”


Small Banner Pieces


Wood Glue


Sanding Block



You’ll start your project by staining the 4th letters and the entire framed plank sign.


wood sign


wood numbersWhile waiting for the stain to dry you’ll want to paint Hello red, July blue, and cut “of” out in black vinyl (you can also write it with a sharpie if you don’t have the vinyl once the stain and paint is dry).


Once the stain is dry paint the planks white.


4th wood signI didn’t want a solid white paint so I watered it down a little and did a bit of a white wash on the planks. Once it was dry I slightly distressed the paint where the planks came together. I also distressed the letters for JULY.


Once everything is painted you can start laying out your words/letters until you have things just how you want them.


4th signWhen you have things laid out how you want using a pencil or a small pin mark the planks so you know exactly where to place them once you have glue on the backside.


4th of julyThis sign makes me so happy whenever I look at it. To add a little extra fun I added a little red/white/blue banner that I picked up in the Target dollar spot, it adds just the right amount of extra cuteness. You can also make your own banner easily, The Wood Connection has a wonderful collection of red/white/blue paper that would make a darling banner.


Head on over to Housewives of Riverton, we’re giving away a $25 Wood Connection Gift Card which will help you make this sign yourself!



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