Everyday Mini Banner

I love the idea of hanging a banner in your kitchen window, but I wanted one that I could leave up all year round.  So I came up with this “SIMPLIFY” banner because it’s always a good reminder.  And to make it even better I made it reversible!  So anytime I have reason to celebrate anything…birthdays, graduation, good grades or whatever it is you want to celebrate all I have to do is flip it around!  No digging through a drawer or box to find it.  It’s already there and super convenient!
Supplies needed:
lots of paint
alphabet stickers or Cricut
2 yards bakers twine
First use your sanding block to smooth all rough edges on all sides of the banner pieces.  Then paint them white on both sides and all edges.  I did 2 coats where the letter would be showing through.
If you have a Cricut you can cut out your own letters (this is what I did), but you can also buy alphabet stickers at your favorite craft store.  Starting with the “celebrate” side, stick your letters on and paint a light coat of white paint over the top of them.  This will help prevent bleeding when you paint your next color.  That way you will have nice clean lines when you pull up the stickers.
Then paint each banner piece a different color.  Here is the list of colors I used:
Bittersweet Orange
Crocus Yellow
Apple Green
Kelly Green
Sea Foam
Tahiti Blue
Navy Blue
The paint colors I used for this side are Sea Foam and Charcoal.
When you flip your banner pieces around to do the other side make sure you do it the right way.  The “E” on the end of “CELEBRATE” should become your “S” at the beginning of “SIMPLIFY”.
Now for the “Simplify” side.  Put your letters on first and apply a thin coat of white over the top to help create clean lines.  Then paint your top color part way down.

Next, tape off the top and again apply a coat of the Sea Foam blue this time over the tape line to again help create a clean line.  Then paint Charcoal over the whole top, making sure you don’t paint on the sides.  Once it’s dry you can peel off the letters and the tape.


For the end pieces apply your favorite paper with the wood glue.  String the whole thing together and you’re done!  To help string it together, I used a wide eye needle to pull it through.  It makes it much easier!


Now I have a cute banner that stays up all year long and I can just flip it anytime there is a reason to celebrate!  I love it!!!


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