What I wore . . . May Edition

What I Wore Gif


Every day I look in the mirror before I leave for work and I say to myself in a creepy-culty-self-helpy-way dress for the job you want, not the job you have.


And then one of my two babies throws up on my tunic.


Sometimes being neither proud nor embarrassed of how you leave is good enough. So here is what I wore this month.


Emily Henderson What I Wore May1


Blouse | Flare Jeans similar


That shirt is already in heavy rotation in my closet. I know that everyone’s bodies are different but this shirt is flattering and comfortable. Plus that pattern/style pops on camera (even if that photo isn’t selling it). Those jeans are also my new favorite and are sooo comfortable for being high waisted because they have a lot of stretch.


Emily Henderson What I Wore May2


Lace-up Shift DressShoes


I love this dress. It’s shapeless and yet so cute and easy to wear. I must have been playing Peek-A-Boo with Sara (who was taking the photos).


Emily Henderson What I Wore May12


Denim Shirt DressMules


Huh. Apparently I did that again. This dress is another easy one that is basically like pajamas, but if you add pretty mules, a necklace, and maybe a hat, it gets turned into an “outfit”. Although now that I see it here, I’m WAY less convinced.


Emily Henderson What I Wore May10


Striped Shirt similar | Utility Pants similarMules


Glorified pajamas that I love. Not necessarily “meeting-worthy” but for a day writing in the office, I’m cool with it. I apparently took a break from “peek-a-boo” to instead cover my face with that brass skull. Cool.


Emily Henderson What I Wore May5


Felt Hat similar Chambray Shirt | Black Skinny Jeans similar | Black Heels similar


It hurts me more than it does you. Trust me. Drop your hands EMILY.


Emily Henderson What I Wore May6


Straw Hat | Shirt Dress | Sandal Heels similar


Oh good. I just bought this dress and hat, and this is feeling like a solid daytime outfit. It’s simple/comfy and yet feels pulled together enough to go to a meeting. 


Emily Henderson What I Wore May7


Stone Pendant Necklace | White Linen Blazer similar Plaid Top | Flare Jeans similar


That photo is not doing those jeans justice. They are so comfortable and flattering. The cute plaid shirt is fun (look! I’m not wearing just blue!).


Happy Friday. I’m off to San Diego with Brian’s parents and brother for his mom’s 70th birthday. We have a house on the beach and we are going to cook, watch movies, play in the sand, go on walks and just hang out. I miss those kids, despite this being a more mellow week. I had a Drs appointment for Elliot yesterday that ran over an hour and a half behind, and sadly those 2 hours were longer than I have spent with JUST her in weeks which made me feel terrible. It was actually really nice to talk, coo, play, and bond (also because no cell phones are allowed in the doctors office). This weekend I’m going to try to spend more time with just her. Charlie is insanely entertaining right now. And he’s also really needy – he asks me to cuddle and read to him all day long which is amazing. I oblige (so happily), but poor Elliot gets second hand attention. I read to her, too, but I’m definitely more focused on making Charlie laugh during those sessions. She is still nursing so we get cuddle time, but rarely is it ever just her and I.


Anyway, I’m sure many of you have been through this and I know that there is no answer, but man, the first kid gets/got so much more attention/obsession than the subsequent ones, right? I love that baby girl so much and am dying to squeeze them both this weekend, a lot. Lets hear it for easy, low maintenance family vacations. xx


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