Be Like A Pineapple

Hello friends, Staci here from The Potters Place and I am so excited to show you how my girls and I made this darling Pineapple sign. I am sure most of you have heard this saying, “Be like a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.” Well, that pretty much sums up how I want my girls to act so I thought, why not make something for them to see daily?




Start out with the pineapple in a box kit.


You will also need:


Paper (pick your favorite)


wood stain


an old rag to rub the stain into the wood and wipe off excess stain


wood glue


sanding block


light ivory paint





IMG_2248Stain your box. All of it.IMG_2251Next, paint the edges of the pineapple shape (the area that has been cut out) to finish off the edge! You don’t have to paint anything else because that is the only painted surface that will be seen.IMG_2250After your paint is dry trace the back side of your paper with the pineapple shape and then cut out the shape.IMG_2256Using the wood glue, apply a thin layer on the wood and then apply your paper. IMG_2260Allow to dry then sand the edges.


IMG_2449I sure wish I loved my handwriting but I don’t, so I am taking you all back to good ol’ elementary school. Take a pencil and on the back of the paper you simply scribble all over it and then when you turn it over and write on the letters it traces it for you! Pretty simple, right? Download this paper and print it out to use as your guide.IMG_2451If you lay the paper under the bottom two pieces of wood and line the top of the paper up with the top of the wood pieces, it should be perfectly centered (see picture below). IMG_2450I used washi tape to hold my paper in place! Now, I do have to say it is hard to see so make sure you go over it a few times. I also found that if I sat by a window a little glare helped me see the letters. This is not going to be perfect but take your time and don’t be too picky.



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