What I Brought Home From Australia

What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-410


I didn’t get enough shopping time in Sydney. I visited exactly 1/10 of the stores that I wanted to and lamented that fact daily. If it were morally legal to cry because you didn’t get to go see Sibella Court’s store, then I would have. But I didn’t cry, because I’m not a total spoiled idiot. I have now realized that until the kids are 5 and 7 that shopping isn’t something I’ll be able to do so much on vacation and that’s ok. But I did get 5-6 hours of shopping in and like a lizard, without water for months who spotted a river nearby, I ran fast and gulped it up.


What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-409


The tricky part of shopping while on vacation is trying to get it home without adding another suitcase (I failed at this). So I have a general rule – if you can purchase this online in your own country, then don’t buy it. That sounds obvious but its not. When we were in Spain I went to Zara and had two carts full, mostly because it was so much cheaper and better than the Zara here. But ultimately I didn’t buy ONE thing because I realized how silly it was for me to schlep it all the way home when I could buy most of it online.


Enter my biggest problem: Citta.


What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-413


Citta is a New Zealand design house that makes such pretty things and they have a new store in Sydney (but is completely unavailable in the states). I bought a stupid amount there, including my new favorite blush linen bathrobe (similar found here) which is not-shown, because I only had time to photograph a few things and every time I tried to ‘model’ that robe it looked like I was trying WAY too hard to be in a 2016 blogger L.L. Bean catalog. That blanket (which I can’t track down online but similar found here) and the new blue patchwork pillow are both from Citta and I love them so much. The pink diagonal stripe pillow is from Rebecca Atwood which is amazing, the oversized blue pillow is from Target, and the blush pouf was from the Lulu and Georgia holiday sale for $50. HA.


What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-408


That mug, pink bowl and pouches are all from Citta. Its pretty affordable, like Crate and Barrel prices. Not cheap, but not expensive. The rest of the items are from Hay. You can buy some Hay pieces in the states but not enough and only in some random stores (they don’t have a direct site here). Those pretty pens/pencils, that beautiful glass covered dish and the gold nail clippers are all A+ hoards that are unique, easy to pack and were inexpensive. That rose gold locket I didn’t exactly buy there but its new and it has to be shown off.


What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-400


I went to only a couple clothing stores. One was this designer consignment shop called Di Nuovo, that had a STRANGELY good selection of clothing. That little ruffle skirt is so cute and fun to wear (similar found here), and those shoes (last year’s Acne) are so pretty, comfortable and flattering. All my social media feeds tell me that ruffles are happening, so yea, I’m pretty in these days.


What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-412


That denim shirt is my new favorite, from Vanishing Elephants (the shorts are from The Gap). I wish they had a stocker in the states because I love ALL of their clothes (for men, too). I bought those shoes in Spain (but you can get them here, too) and hadn’t worn them yet so it seemed like a good time to break them in. Also holding that pose was VERY difficult.  Not sure why I thought that was a good idea …


What I like so much about the shirt is the really wide stiff collar, the bell sleeves and the tent shape.


What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-414


It’s tailored, but comfortable. I bought a few more things, this dress (which is currently on pre-order) and a blush pink leather bag (I couldn’t find a picture of it but now I really want this bag).


Well, that’s what I bought while I was in Australia. Nothing too groundbreaking but all stuff that I really love. While I missed a lot of stores that I really wanted to go to, what I got to see/buy was really great. Next time, folks. Next time.


If you are an Aussie please leave your favorite stores in the comments so other travelers can see them and so I can google and ogle from afar. xx


*Photos by Tessa Neustadt. If you are curious about our Australia trip, check out this post. 


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