Spring Neighbor Gifts

Wood Co sent us these cute flowers and birds in the mail for being guest bloggers. They are the sweetest! Mindy and I decided we wanted to share the love and pay it forward. We stained, painted and glued paper on them to be super cute and then we gave them to the sisters we visit teach. We printed out cute printables and attached them to our creation. I can say the ladies I teach absolutely loved them! They could also make a great mother’s day gift!
Here’s what you do:
Flower Materials:
– Wood Stain
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Green embellishment stick ons
– sand paper
What to do:
1. Trace the flowers and leaves onto paper.
2. Sand everything
3. Stain the sides of the flowers and leaves and sticks. (Don’t stain the middles of flowers unless you want to)
4. Cut out the paper
5. After the stain is dry, glue the paper on. See the tutorial tab if you want more instruction how to do this. Also make sure your hands are clean so you don’t leave any stain fingerprints on the paper. I learned my lesson!
5. Either paint or apply paper on the middles. Glue onto flowers.
6. Put them together, add the cute green dots and you’re done! So easy!


Bird Materials:
– Paint (I used Delta seafoam and white)
– Wood Stain
– Paint brushes
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Blue embellishment stick ons
What to do:
1. Sand everything


2. With the two birds covered in paper, follow Jamie’s instructions from the flowers.  I did not have clean hands when I glued my paper on so I got stain on mine, but I liked it.  So then I distressed it a little more to make it look like I did it on purpose.


3.  For the painted birds all you have to do is randomly paint strokes going in the same direction onto the wood.  Make sure to leave some bare wood so the stain will pick that up darker.


4.  Once it’s dry then paint the stain on the entire bird and then immediately wipe it off with paper towels.  I also stained the wings.  (On the white bird after it was stained and dry, I used some sandpaper and softly went over the white to remove some of the stain, so the bird was a little more white).


5.  Use wood glue to glue on the wing.  And add the blue dots if desired.

(paint strokes before stain)
I love these birds and so did the sisters I visit teach!

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