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In my quest to not go to work nude, I put clothes on my body before I leave the house. And because I’m a voyeur and I like to know what OTHER people are actually wearing (not necessarily styled out photo shoots full of free clothes), I thought maybe some of you would want to see what I wear on a normal work day. We started taking quick shots on the days that we remembered to, and if you are into it we can do quick posts every few weeks.


Of course I want to give you like 45K disclaimers here: I’m not a fashion stylist, these are not crazy pulled together outfits that I would wear if I were to say, meet Obama or anything, I’m not a model, and these weren’t planned outfits or shots in any way. It’s just me and some basics from my closet that I seem to really like.


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing1


Shoes | Sweater similar | Dress similar | Necklace similar


That dress was from the Who What Wear for Target collaboration and it is VERY GOOD (not available online anymore, but might still be in some stores). It drapes really well and I find myself wearing it constantly (the shirt is equally good). Those shoes from Intentionally Blank are my #1 shoes right now for comfort, and because they are so flattering (they make my legs look longer because they are a light skin tone). The sweater isn’t available anymore but I’m a pretty big fan of layering boxy sweaters over my dresses. It’s a thing.


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing2


Shirt similar | Shorts similar | These are my new favorite shoes similarHat similar


Ever since I had Elliot I have been rocking the “tent-shirt-mini-short-high-heel” look, for reasons you can probably figure out. Those shoes aren’t available any more, but don’t worry because I just ordered my new favorite shoes.


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing3


Jacket similar | Pants similar | Shirt similar | Shoes similar | Hat similar


Boxy striped shirt, tight jeans, oversized linen jacket – this is my jam. And you hat-haters will have lots of ammo because I certainly have found a friend in these two hats. Yes, it’s because my hair is long and annoying to do every day because I have two tiny children. I’m fine with that.


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing4


Jeans similar | Cape no longer available | Shirt similar | Shoes similar


The bummer is that almost NONE of these clothes are available anymore. But we found some similar items that I liked a lot. Meanwhile, why yes, that shirt is a maternity top that I still wear. It’s ok (it’s Gap maternity which is very good).


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing5


Blazer similar | Dress | Necklace similar | Shoes


AH. This dress is currently sold out, but you can get notified when it comes back in stock. When it does, get the small. Doesn’t matter what size you are, get the small. It’s by a friend of mine’s new LA based fashion line called “Dôen” and the colors and patterns are so pretty. It’s just fairly oversized, so make sure to go small. The blazer is good too.


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing6


Shorts | Shoes | Shirt


Those are my new favorite shorts (they have these cute little pleats) and shirt – which I got in Australia. Those shoes arrived yesterday and I’m still breaking them in, but we all decided in the office that they are amazing.




So there you have it. There is clearly a common thread – blue, white/cream, stripes, tight on the bottom, big on the top, and hats. Seeing it like this is really interesting. It makes me want to try harder and also to experiment more. Some day, some day I’ll make it to a store.


My favorite of all those outfits? The top middle was the most presentable for a fancy meeting, the bottom left is the simplest and cutest, and the top right is probably the most “me.”


Thoughts? If I tried a bit harder would you be into more everyday, real outfit posts? I still want to do more styled out fashion photo shoots, but I always like seeing what bloggers are wearing to the office so I figured maybe you guys would, too. LMK. And HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!


*Want more of my favorite fashion? Check out my other fashion posts: What I Bought Over Break | Black Friday WishlistThe Best Skinny Jeans | Maternity Fashion


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