Great Designs in Wood (66) – Fabulous Furniture

Jeff Wartluft forwarded an email with these pictures attached. No details with them, but they are all so unique they’re worth posting just for inspirational purposes.


This first table looks like it was harvested from the Lord of the Rings forest.

Remember the post on the reciprocal frame roof? Well, here’s a really, really big one.
Love the symmetry of the legs and the table top.
Welcome home.
For the forest child who has everything.
Wonder what this guy would do with a redwood?
Elegance with function.
Does anyone else see “grub” when you look at these chests?
Absolutely awesome staircase.
What a great conversation table…for wood scientists to bore their guests.
The ultimate trophy room gun cabinet.
Now here’s one I can afford…and would use.
As my daughters would say….Ahhhwwwwwwwwwww.
OK, now this one I want. Pass the rum and be quick about it, matey…arrrrgh!
Far better than a metal hook…
Very popular with first-time mothers.
Now that’s what I call  a wood turning.
What a great way to save an old heart for posterity.
The end stool makes it.
Not sure what the slide is for…kids, or bowling ball?
What a great way to end…with a hot soak in a magnificent wooden vessel. 

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