18 No Fail Pillow Combos

Pillow Mix And Matching


I restyle our pillows more often than Trump applies his spray tan. I’m actually not kidding. I switch mine around or add some pillows at least once a week, and a spray tan lasts at most 6 days – I should know. The Donald and I could easily go orange-neck to orange-neck on how many spray-tans we’ve had. ALSO, to really hit the metaphor home, much like a spray tan for your body, a good pillow restyling can completely refresh and renew your space. It takes just a few minutes, but you (and your space) will instantly feel pulled together, prettier and feel five pounds lighter.


Here are our easy, tried and true steps to styling your pillows together – with a big old roundup of our some guaranteed-to-look-beautiful combinations at the end.

Modern Throw Pillow Mixing
Nicolette Mason’s Weekend Makeover

1. Pick a color palette, then purchase and style within that palette. Leave room for neutrals and deeper/lighter tones of your palette. If you do this you are already 15 steps closer to success. Don’t skip this step or you will fail.

Banquette Seating Pillows
My House Tour with Good Housekeeping
How To Pair Throw Pillows
How To Choose, Frame, and Hang an Art Collection

2. Vary the sizes of pillows – Buy large square, medium and smaller rectangles (this is key) and layer it up. Like so:

Masculine Accent Pillows
My Guest Room/Office Update

This is a slightly more formal styling – Brady taught me this, and we use it when we want things to look less lived in, more polished.


3. If you are mixing solids then go for variety of textures or some pillows with interesting details – like above. I have suede, stitching, a raw hem, and denim all on one bench and they look simple and lovely together.

No Fail Accent Pillow Combinations
Floral Glam Nursery Reveal

4. Balance out colors evenly on the sofa or bench – see how both greens flank the bench? If they were both on the same side it would feel unbalanced. So make sure your colors and pillows are peppered around evenly.


For my nursery I wanted it to be more tonal and quiet, like so:

Pretty Pillow Styling
Elliot’s Nursery Reveal

But you see there is still a lot of variety in tone, texture and shape.


Throw Pillow Combinations


4. Vary the scale of the patterns – make sure that they are both large and small scale patterns, because if they get too close then they can be competing and create visual chaos.

My Old Living Room

Now that you know what to do you should be golden. Congrats you’ve finished our pillow styling course. Remember that video I made on that 4 years ago? It’s an oldie but a goodie.


BUT just in case you want to take all the thought/work out of your weekend, here are 18 pillow combinations that we think look pretty darn great together.


Emily Henderson Pillow Combinations That Work1. Embroidered Diamond PillowIndigo Ikat PillowNavy & Cream Lumbar Pillow | 2. Tasseled Camel Pillow, Velvet Lumbar Pillow, Jute Braid Pillow | 3. Pink Geometric Pillow, Pink Silk Lumbar Pillow, Printed Linen Pillow 4. | Blue Potato Print Pillow, Textured White Lumbar Pillow, Tribal Ikat Pillow | 5. Geometric Motif Pillow, Pompom Pillow, Tasseled Lumbar Pillow | 6. Deco Fan Pillow, Tasseled Lumbar Pillow, Leopard Velvet Pillow | 7. Watercolor Printed Pillow, Chunky Quilted Red Lumbar PillowRed & White Print Pillow | 8. Hand-spun Silk Lumbar Pillow, Pom Pom Embroidered PillowBeige Print Pillow | 9. Triangle Patterned Lumbar PillowPom Pom Tasseled PillowZapotec Woven Pillow | 10. Golden Velvet Pillow, Cobalt Pattern Pillow, Multi-Colored Lumbar Pillow | 11. Blu Dot Pillow, Blue Ikat Lumbar Pillow, Block Print Pillow | 12. Buffalo Plaid PillowAbstract Lumbar PillowMongolian Lamb Pillow | 13. Patterned PillowNavy Leather PillowDhurrie Striped Pillow | 14. Hand-Spun Gray Silk PillowPom Pom Pillow, Painted Stripe Pillow | 15. Tasseled Corner Pillow, Golden Boucle Pillow, Textured Lumbar Pillow | 16. White Grid Pillow, Square Pattern Pillow, Kilim Pillow | 17. Lake Motif PillowGray Rectangle Pillow, Silver Gray Lumbar Pillow | 18. Linen Stripe PillowMini Triangles Lumbar Pillow, Floral Pillow


I honestly have so many favorites it’s like choosing children. In this case I have 9 children. Here they are listed in no particular order: #1, #4, #5, #8, #9, #12, #13, #18. But even pairing it back to that was really hard.


Which one is your favorite?? HURRY!!!!


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