Interchangeable Spring Slat Door Hang

Hey everyone! Who’s excited that it is so warm outside and that there are blossoms everywhere?! Yay! I remembered that I had my bunny doorhang still up from Easter, so I needed to change that asap. I couldn’t decide what flower I liked from Wood Co, so I got both. The first one I made more Springy and the second looks more Summery. I’ll probably put that one up in June.
Anyways, here is what you do!
Note- this is just for the interchangeable part, to make the gold and white slat sign, check out this post.
Spring and Summer Doorhang Materials:
– Flower overlay
– Paper (Spring: pink and green, Summer: purple and orange)
– White Paint
– Sandpaper
– Paint Brush
– Wood Glue
– Pencil
First, trace your flower and middle on the paper that you like. Then sand the edges of the wood and paint white. While that is drying, cut out the paper.
Apply the paper with wood glue. Smooth out the glue using a brush. Make sure it goes to the edges and make sure you don’t apply too much so you don’t have bubbles.
Once the glue dries, sand the edges. Then apply the middle to the flower with the wood glue. After that dries, put the velcro on the back and put on your door hang!

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