This family room is my dear friend Ian and Trilby’s who are very quickly adding a little one into the mix, as you know. I know it seems like I’m a professional nursery designer these days, but really I’m just that age and so are my friends. And friends don’t let friends with no designing experience or market knowledge decorate their own nurseries. I gave my friend’s nursery a shot before actually finding out what they wanted, here, and they wanted something a little less in that direction. So I gave it another shot, this time with more blue, whimsy and magic – as per their request.




They weren’t into this plan either, but it seemed crazy not to post it as I really loved it (enough to order that wallpaper for my laundry closet, actually).


Don’t worry, this was the last “reject” from this project, and the next time you read about this room it will be the reveal. The wallpaper is up and most pieces of furniture are installed, getting ready for that baby. And in case you are wondering if this is the normal process (two reject design plans before the approved one) the answer is “no.” They are very good friends, it’s all pro bono, and so I took liberties and designed what I wanted before I even asked them. We obviously don’t waste such time with paying clients 🙂


Great Wave Wallpaper | 1. Floor Lamp | 2. Woven Bamboo Roman Shade | 3. Navy Tufted Glider | 4. Polished Brass Wall Sconce | 5. Origami Pendant | 6. Crib | 7. Striped Hamper | 8. White 3-Drawer Dresser | 9. Oval White Table Lamp | 10. Gold Circle Shelf | 11. Woven Gold Basket | 12. Shark Head Wall Decor | 13. Whale Pillow | 14. Octopus Throw Pillow | 15. Blue Woven Basket | 16. Jersey Lumbar Pillow | 17. Chenille Throw | 18. Textured Cream Rug | 19. Navy Nightstand | 20. Spoonbill Table Lamp


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