Spring Neighbor Gifts

Wood Co sent us these cute flowers and birds in the mail for being guest bloggers. They are the sweetest! Mindy and I decided we wanted to share the love and pay it forward. We stained, painted and glued paper on them to be super cute and then we gave them to the sisters we visit teach. We printed out cute printables and attached them to our creation. I can say the ladies I teach absolutely loved them! They could also make a great mother’s day gift!
Here’s what you do:
Flower Materials:
– Wood Stain
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Green embellishment stick ons
– sand paper
What to do:
1. Trace the flowers and leaves onto paper.
2. Sand everything
3. Stain the sides of the flowers and leaves and sticks. (Don’t stain the middles of flowers unless you want to)
4. Cut out the paper
5. After the stain is dry, glue the paper on. See the tutorial tab if you want more instruction how to do this. Also make sure your hands are clean so you don’t leave any stain fingerprints on the paper. I learned my lesson!
5. Either paint or apply paper on the middles. Glue onto flowers.
6. Put them together, add the cute green dots and you’re done! So easy!


Bird Materials:
– Paint (I used Delta seafoam and white)
– Wood Stain
– Paint brushes
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Blue embellishment stick ons
What to do:
1. Sand everything


2. With the two birds covered in paper, follow Jamie’s instructions from the flowers.  I did not have clean hands when I glued my paper on so I got stain on mine, but I liked it.  So then I distressed it a little more to make it look like I did it on purpose.


3.  For the painted birds all you have to do is randomly paint strokes going in the same direction onto the wood.  Make sure to leave some bare wood so the stain will pick that up darker.


4.  Once it’s dry then paint the stain on the entire bird and then immediately wipe it off with paper towels.  I also stained the wings.  (On the white bird after it was stained and dry, I used some sandpaper and softly went over the white to remove some of the stain, so the bird was a little more white).


5.  Use wood glue to glue on the wing.  And add the blue dots if desired.

(paint strokes before stain)
I love these birds and so did the sisters I visit teach!

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Shag Rugs Roundup

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan_Elliots Nursery_Pink_Green_Nursery


Shag rugs are like Muu-muus. When done right they are so comfortable and chic that you are convinced you’ll have a better life the second you commit. When done wrong they are very cheap, depressing and will ruin your social life. Almost every client we have right now, including myself (as seen above in Elliot’s Nursery), wants the perfect cozy shag rug so as we were shopping we figured we’d round up a big old post with our favorites for you.


In case you need some selling on the whole shag rug in the first place, feast your eyes on these ladies:

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 1

She could’ve gone cheezy but she didn’t.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 2

Justina designed some that are really beautiful, comfortable and of course easy to hide “imperfections” (read: play dough mashings), too.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 3

Shags, whether Morroccan in style or a simple solid are so inviting and become another piece of furniture on which to lounge. I witnessed this first hand/butt because my best friend splurged on a mohair shag rug and everyone, EVERYONE wanted to lay on it. Sure, it was fancy, but it was my first foray into “oh, right … rugs can be super comfortable in addition to being beautiful” land, and I want to go back to that world in every room in my house. Does this mean I’m becoming old or are you all into really comfortable rugs, too, these days?

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 4

Of course these rugs are higher maintenance. If they are white and high pile they can get dirty easily, and if they are in a high traffic area then think about a dark or patterned version. So no, they aren’t for everyone or everywhere.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 5

For instance, as much as I love this photo, trust me when I say this shag rug was styled just for the shot. You’d have to be a silly billy (that’s how I curse now) to put a white shag under a dining table that you actually eat on. But if its an entrance, then go for it with caution.

Best Shag Rug Roundup Patterned Solid Moroccan 6

So we dug deep, pulled hairs and twirled around the internet to find some of the coziest, prettiest, best shag rugs in the world at all different price points (all below are listed as 8×10 in size). Some are nuts, some are simple – let your butt and eyes decide.


Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson Patterned


1. Luna Rug  |  2. Indigo Fable Rug  |  3. Kodiak Rug  |  4. Samos Rug  |  5. Geo Shag Wool Kilim Rug  |  6. Salma Wool Shag Rug  |  7. Color Fields Rug  |  8. Indo-Natural Impressions Stripe White Rug  |  9. Marine & Gold Fable Rug


Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson Solid


10. Zoro Shag Rug  |  11. Salt N Pepper Greek Flokati  |  12. Manhattan Rug  |  13. Black Greek Flokati  |  14. Moda Shag Rug  |  15. Mason Shag Rug  |  16. Vitten Rug  |  17. Denim Blue Wool Flokati  |  18. Olive Flokati Rug


Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson Moroccan


19. Aquamarine Arrez Rug  |  20. Jaleh Moroccan Rug  |  21. Fusion Shag Rug  |  22. Bespoke Moroccan Wool Rug  |  23. Hand-Tufted Ourain Rug  |  24. Charcoal Azilal Rug  |  25. Blue Moroccan Diamonds Shag Rug  |  26. Melita Flokati Rug  |  27. Multi-Colored Saxon Shag Rug  |  28. Charm Wool Rug  |  29. Kate Rug  |  30. Spice Folklore Rug


In case you needed some help in deciding which rug size is best for you, or how to mix two different rugs together in the same room be sure to click through. Get them before they are gone folks, shag is here to stay.


For those of you who want them all on one board (yes, these are repeats) we put them together – go on, pin away. xx


Awesome Shag Rugs - Style by Emily Henderson_FULL


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Mothers Day Is Approaching …

Telaflora Floral Arrangement Mothers Day Flowers Pink Yellow White-8


The most important holiday in the universe is coming up: Mother’s Day. I’m allowed to say that because I am a mother of two kids under the age of 3. I need this holiday. I deserve this holiday, just like many of us do. It’s our day. I’m not a birthday person. I don’t need to be showered with gifts on my anniversary or Christmas, but Mother’s Day? OH. MOTHER’S. DAY. It’s my jam, and I milk it. I was trying to figure out why I turn all ‘diva’ for this particular day and here’s what I’ve come up with:


Telaflora Floral Arrangement Mothers Day Flowers Pink Yellow White-11


Regardless of whether you work outside the home and have childcare, or inside the home for your family, each child is at least a part (if not full) time job (depending on the child and the age). While this is a job that you knew from day one would be a volunteer position, sometimes the amount of actual WORK is shocking. I’m not talking about floating them around to fun playdates or choosing between the plaid or polka dot romper. I don’t want to get too into the daily insanity of being a mom because a.) the joys outweigh the stress by one million and b.) a lot of you already know how hard it can be. Each day is filled with not just minutiae, but so much physical and emotional work. Like any dream job, it’s work you love, but like any dream job, to be really good at it you have to work til you cry and pass out. Often.


There are days, as a mother, where I look like the crazy lady at the airport, running frantically to catch a nearly missed flight, with 6 carry-ons. All. Day. Long.


It’s super sexy.


Any other ‘job’ gives you days off (twice a week actually). Days you don’t have to THINK about your job. Not the case with motherhood. Even if you do get a free day once a month you still think about, worry about and even MISS those little nuggets back home. Don’t even mention the guilt, because you battle double self-imposed guilt from kids and husband anytime you take a day off just for you. You are never truly free and that is a wonderful thing as the familial bond is just so strong. Don’t get me wrong, If I told Brian that I was desperate for a Saturday all to myself he would absolutely say ‘GO!!’ but I want to be with my family more than I want a break. It’s as much jealousy as it is guilt.


Telaflora Floral Arrangement Mothers Day Flowers Pink Yellow White-10


Two years ago I decided that mothers day should be the day that I get to do whatever my little hormonal/frazzled brain wanted. I told Brian what my dream was and he helped me make it happen. Here is how it went:


My best friend, Corbett (who has a daughter the same age as Charlie) and I went to the Rose Bowl, sans kids to shop. Around 11am we met our husbands and kids at a beautiful nearby park where they had packed a picnic lunch, champagne and flowers. Then we took an uber to a spa and had a super relaxing massage, and afterwards Brian and Charlie met me for a quick bite and a glass of wine (Corbett did something separate with her family). It was perfect because I still got to see and play with Charlie but I didn’t have to do any “work” for the day. Sometimes taking the day off doesn’t necessarily mean quarantining yourself on the opposite side of town, it’s just only having to do the “fun” parts of parenting. No packing of the car, loading of the kids, putting down of the naps, making of the lunch … it was a day of having my cake and eating it, too.


And it was wonderful.


Telaflora Floral Arrangement Mothers Day Flowers Pink Yellow White-7


So that is my Mother’s Day’ fantasy and it is a doable one for our family. But we aren’t always around to shower our moms with such a relaxed day, certainly and flowers is always a good option. I just started sending flowers this year because I realized how easy it is. I used Teleflora a couple months ago for a big birthday that I missed (the gift wasn’t arriving til the next day) so I did a last minute online purchase and it saved me. Don’t get me wrong, I miss birthays all the time, but this one was a 70th so I needed to get that person SOMETHING that very day. When they later reached out to us about sponsoring a post around Mother’s Day, and my love of flowers, my recent experience with them made my fingers type, “YES. Let’s do it”. So we ordered some of their arrangements to shoot in the house (some from their Mother’s Day collection and some that we just couldn’t pass up). I’ll give my quick schpeal on this service, although it’s one you know well. You can order pretty, locally arranged flowers and send them SAME day anywhere in the US to be hand-delivered to your recipient. The sheer ease of it is extremely compelling.  Not all of their flowers are my style but I’m also a massive flower snob being in the styling business for the majority of my life. Often it’s more about the style of the receiver than the giver, but tulips and peonies have never made anybody anything except happy.


Telaflora Floral Arrangement Mothers Day Flowers Pink Yellow White-9


These pink and orange beauties are for your bolder mom out there – can she handle the hot pink?? My nanny freaked out about the Pop of Fun bouquet (above) when she saw it – she loved it and for the right space I think it’s awesome. Or if you need something a little more subtle and soft their Love and Joy bouquet (below) is a great option.


Telaflora Floral Arrangement Mothers Day Flowers Pink Yellow White-6


But my favorite is the spring arrangement (not available year round mind you as they are seasonal) below – with peonies, because every mother in the world loves peonies.


In a perfect world I would be that person that sends flowers or gifts to every mom I know. We all would get SHOWERED with flowers from anyone who gets the benefits of your parenting – most note-ably your partner or when they are much older, your kids. The true heroes out there are single moms (how do you do it??) and teachers that take over parenting 7-8 hours a day.  But, I suppose that is a different holiday for them and one that should be WILDLY more popular. Telaflora Floral Arrangement Mothers Day Flowers Pink Yellow White-1


Telaflora Floral Arrangement Mothers Day Flowers Pink Yellow White-4


While flowers aren’t really enough compensation for the year round work, and can’t represent the level of love involved, they are a lovely token for the love and effort put in, and when they are easy to send and pretty to receive – that is a very good thing for both parties.


Parenthood is a job with no paid vacation, no sick days, no health care, and yet it has the best benefits of any job ever. What you get out of it exponentially surpasses the work you put into it. Being “successful” is unquantifiable, and often you feel “richer” than anybody else in the world. Your year end bonus? The unsolicited ‘Mama, I love you so much’ JUST when you needed it.


*Photography by Tessa Neustadt




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How to Zen Out in Your Kitchen

Dark Wood Minimal Modern Kitchen

Remember the year that we threw out anything in our house that didn’t bring us JOY? Japanese Minimalism is having a moment (or a decade) and we are slowly getting on board and really analyzing what we need to house in our home and why. Minimalism is wonderful in a hotel or a guest room, but can be sad without texture and warmth – even in the kitchen. Today we are analyzing Zen kitchens with a roundup of what can make your kitchen go from boring and sparce to simple and warm.

Japanese Wood Kitchen

Zen doesn’t necessarily have to mean a sparse and minimal look in your home, it more loosely translates (especially in the kitchen) to everything having a place and everything being in its proper place. For that very reason, I love this S hook hanging system. These are the ideas that we are all looking for and wishing we could take credit of. What you have hanging from them has to be beautiful, as any random sippy cup won’t do and everything you own has to have a handle, but if you are this chic you can do your due diligence and shop with handles in mind.

White Marble Gold And Cork Kitchen

As we’ve discussed before black is big in kitchens this year – although it is best for a large kitchen that is part of an open floor plan. But, another trend that we haven’t talked about is no hardware on cupboards, which certainly keeps it quiet and zen. Both of these kitchens have beautiful marble instead of a ceasarstone or something plain which keeps these guys from going too stark and sad. This kitchen is achieving full zen as it is mixing a lot of finishes NOT patterns and wood is the #1 requisite.

Minimal Modern Bright Kitchen

I love this kitchen, especially that chic island shelf – without it that kitchen could go slightly contemporary.

Zen Kitchen Accessories Dramatic Black Wood

We see a lot of black and darker woods again in this kitchen but it works because it is part of a much larger floor plan and the light colored stools and counter help it from feeling too heavy and dark.

Zen Kitchen Accessories Light Wood and White

You’ll notice that there is a total lack of color in these kitchens, with black, white, cream, wood and metals creating a neutral story – a story that I’m very into.

Zen Kitchen Accessories Modern Wood Design

There is a decent amount of contrast amongst all the finishes but without any pattern or really ornate lines, all of these kitchens feel clean. Minimalism doesn’t mean not designed, or just uninentionally empty. instead it’s a delicate toying with finishes and tones, with an extreme eye for the exact right finish.

Zen Kitchen Accessories Modern Wood White Marble Tile

Here is a little product inspiration to get your Zen-gines started (I hope that pun came through). We have pulled together the first board if you are ready for a full zen inspired remodel, or if you just need a few little accessories to bring in the zen-inspired calm that we all need in our kitchen we have round those up for you below as well.


Zen Kitchen Accessories Furniture Minimal Wishbone Chair Indoor Plants Contemporary Modern Kitchen Design Moodboard


1. Brass Faucet | 2. Wood Countertops | 3. Handmade Tile | 4. Brass Pulls | 5. Black Cab | 6. Wishbone Chair | 7. Crest Chandelier | 8. Small Planter with Stand | 9. Large Planter with Stand


Zen Kitchen Accessories Furniture Minimal Wishbone Chair Indoor Plants Contemporary Modern Kitchen Design Accessories

Head on over to 13 New Kitchen Trends if you are craving some more info on what we think is hot this year. Or if your white kitchen is feeling dull and lackluster head on over to this post where we show you How to Bring Personality into Your White Kitchen.

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Favorite Pastel Paint Colors (For Grown-Ups)

Emily Henderson Picking Pastel Paints Green Velvet Chair


Pastels are having a bit of a moment (or decade, rather). While we are all comfortable buying the occasional mint napkin or blush throw pillow, there is still a lot of anxiety about choosing the right pastel paint color (if any) for your walls. The fear that it will look like a baby’s room is a legitimate one – it often can and will, forcing you to cry like that little non-existent baby whilst repainting it the safe gray that your husband/partner/lover begged you to in the first place. To prevent these divorces based on paint color, we tested and rounded up our favorite, most beautiful pastel paint colors that can live, maturely, in any room simply because they are standalone lovely colors. I love an all white room, and obviously I am a professional at painting rooms gray. But there is a world of color out there that we can use, we are just often so scared that it will look bad and not work. Well, off to the wizard, you Cowardly Lion because by the end of this post you will feel as confidant with that perfect lavender as you did with your standby taupe.


To remind you what a good pastel can do to a room …


Exhibit A: This was a girl’s bedroom but it is one of the more popular rooms I’ve ever done and yet it is a pastel. This is Quartz Stone by Benjamin Moore and I do love it very much. It didn’t make it into our top six for blue because it is fairly saturated and can go really young, but my goodness it worked here.


Emily Henderson Best Pastel Paint Rooms1


Exhibit B: Nicolette’s pink dining room which we painted Piroutte by Divine Color for Valspar. This color is fairly saturated (not a subtle tone of baby pink) so make sure you can handle that baby in your room. This didn’t make it into the final color because it is indeed too ‘pink’ to work universally, but Its a good inspiration for how pink can look grown-up.


Emily Henderson Best Pastel Paint Rooms2


Exhibit C: The beautiful Theresa’s Green by Farrow and Ball. This room color is even more gorgeous in person. So soft, soothing and happy. It made it into the top six unbeknownst to me (we didn’t look at the names while we were eliminating) and continues to be a color that I reach for often.


Emily Henderson Best Pastel Paint Rooms3


Lastly, my guest room which was painted Old Faithful by Dutchboy was definitely on the powdery, baby side but I loved it. Ironically I redid it when I actually turned it into Elliot’s room.


Emily Henderson Best Pastel Paint Rooms4


As you can see I love to paint non-kid/baby rooms a pastel but even I have been scared that the results would look too young, especially if that kind of California/fresh/bloggy/Pinterest world isn’t your jam.


Back in the day (the 80’s and 90’s) we painted walls soft colors and they did a lot for the ambience of the space. In the aughts (early 2000’s) we went for gray in every room and the last few years has been a huge all-white trend. We, the EHD design team, are both victims and perpetrators of these color trends love (and the subsequent saturation, no pun intended) and we long for some soft, pretty colors back on our walls.


So we bought 137 pastels from our favorite paint companies (all of them, really) and tested them out. Just recommending colors based on internet research didn’t seem right this time because they really often aren’t totally accurate on screen, plus your eye is being informed by the colors near them. We wanted the best colors that could stand alone next, naked, to white. How To Pick The Best Pastel Paint


Once we received them we got to work.


How To Make A Blog Post Emily Henderson


Brady and Jeff (our PA) painted two coats of each color onto large watercolor paper and labeled them.


Brady Behind The Scenes Pastel Paints


Behind The Scenes Blog Post


After they were dry we narrowed the colors down to our favorite 6 in each color family – pink (blush), purple (lavender/lilac), blue (baby/powder), green (mint), yellow (er, really light yellow) and orange (peach). We didn’t look at the brand or the name so that our usual preferences didn’t inform the vote.


Emily Henderson Picks Pastel Paints


Decision time. Since our intent was for the walls we had to put them up against the wall. By putting them together as a family we could really discern what was going slightly too ‘bright’ or even too ‘dull’. They each had to be able to be by themselves as well as compare to others. But much like The Bachelor first impression rose, a lot of it also came down to gut reaction.




Before I reveal the winners, let me make a number of important disclaimers here.


1. While any/most colors can be BEAUTIFUL in the right space, with the right light, our goal was to choose more muted, easy to mix pastels that we considered even SAFE. We eliminated many more saturated colors that we love and might use otherwise, based on this criteria.


2. Paint colors vary a lot from room to room depending on a few things: 1. Your light (or lack therof). 2. The other colors you have in your room or 3. even the color you have underneath it. If you already have a color on the wall and you are testing a new one, the original wall color underneath and around the new one will drastically change your perception of that color. Paint on a piece of paper, like this, so you have at least some white around it.


3. Since these colors can vary in many ways, please sample these before you commit. These were our favorites but it doesn’t mean that they are going to work in everyone’s home.


4. We didn’t test every color in the world so yea, yours might not have made the cut simply because we didn’t try it.


Here you are, folks. Our favorite colors in each color family. We tried to get a variety of shades and tones of each to give you variety, but we stand by each one of these whole-heartedly.


Favorite Pastel Pink Paint


Sugarcane | Parasol | Orleans Violet | Sweet Pastel | Calamine | Organdy




Topsail | Dusky Blue | Skylight | Blue Frost unkown brand | Glass Slipper | Streetwise


Favorite Pastel Orange Paints


Setting Plaster | Pink Moiré | Coastal Cottage | Nautilus Shell | Pink Ground | Love Story


Favoirte Pastel Green Paints


Teresa’s Green | Window Pane | Mint Spritzer | Quiet Mint | White Mint | Green Cast




Pernod | Caribbean Walk | Flashpoint | Banan-appeal | Calla Lily | Pale Hound


Purple Pastel


Nosegay | Soft Silk | Violet Tinge | Unknown | Violet Dusk | Calluna Sorry that we didn’t write the fourth one’s name dark enough and now have no idea what it is. Hopefully it wasn’t your favorite. “Soft Pastel” is a generic name we made up.


While I could tell you what I love about each of those 36 colors above, it would surely get wordy, redundant and unnecessary. They are all beautiful because of the tones and pigments that make up the ultimate color – whether they go slightly redder or cooler is obvious.


However … not giving you our strong editorial expert bias seemed like a missed opportunity to fully control your opinion (and thus your home). Here, we present to you, our favorite pastel colors of each family all together as one happy, light, trendy family.




Quiet Mint | Parasol | Caribbean Walk | Coastal Cottage | Glass Slipper | Nosegay


What you might find funny to know is that we all agreed on those six colors. After staring at so many you’d think our eyes would be unable to decifer the difference, but we truly all gravitated towards these colors. They look really colorful up here, sure, but they are all so soft and beautiful that I believe they have enough sophistication and variance of tones to have real longevity on your walls. In other words – while these are ‘colors’, you won’t get sick of them like you might with other pastels.




There you have it.


Now, stop staring at that mesmerizing gif and figure out what room in your house you are going to take your pastel plunge in. Craving more color recommendations and trends head check out, 4 Colors from the 90’s that You’ll Want In Your House Right Now, Brady Picks A Gray, and some of our color trends: Powder Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Lavender and Fiesta Red.


*Pastel Mint Chair from West Elm


**This was our first color testing post and we sure had fun. Now that we’ve got the system down we are happy to do more so let us know what you want next and we’ll put it into production. Best darker/moody tones? Best bright/happy colors? Or simply Best blues? I think a ‘Best warm but not beige’ white post might be in our future because I just had to choose one for the outside of my house and man it wasn’t easy (p.s. I chose this one and I love it). 


***Photography by Jess Isaac






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How A Blog Post Gets Made

Emily Henderson Creating A Blog Post


Blogging started out as a hobby – a way to curate inspiration and share to the 14 people that read it in 2010. Almost 7 years later this site is not just a job, not just a career, but has now turned into a full blown business with hundreds of thousands of unique readers a month. There are now four full time people, 6 market researchers and 2 contributors. Somehow still saying the word “blogger” sounds so young and silly but it shouldn’t because turning your hobby into a full-time company is something not to be ashamed of (and we are not). That said, many of you may not know what really goes into creating each and every post. It might seem like all we do is pin cute pillows and speak in bloggy colloquialisms, but hours, days, and hundreds if not thousands of dollars in man hours and props go into most posts. It’s both a lot of fun, and a lot of work. So fun in fact that we even made a video documenting the process for your viewing pleasure.



So. Consider today “Career day” on the blog, where we answer the question: How does a blog post get made?


To start, we have 3 content goals with each post we publish – to have them be beautiful, inspirational or informational (obviously both if possible), and personal – meaning written mostly by me and with every post having a bent that makes it unique to this site. We battle generic posts on the daily, making sure that it really is something you couldn’t get from another site. We try to have a universal appeal in a unique way. We also try to make money, as this is a business, so we think about what potential ways we can monetize each post (with roundups) and how each post would do traffic and popularity-wise to keep readers (you) enjoying the content. We try to make it something you would engage with, share, and comment on. Four years ago I just threw up pretty photos that I found on the internet with a “don’t you love this drum table?” sort of copy. But now, we really try for at least 4 posts a week to have a real intent, a lesson and a unique payoff.  But, then again last Friday I rounded up some outfits I’ve been wearing, so yes, we do some random off the cuff things too.


In fact that brings me to another goal: to be consistently unpredictable. I personally don’t like when blogs feel like machines so while things are scheduled and we have an editorial calendar, we tend to not do the same thing on the same day of the week. Sure, I post the most personal stuff on Fridays (because it’s the lowest traffic day on the internet) but other than that, we like the “you never know what you are going to get” feeling. Actually, not everyone agrees with that, but it’s my blog so it’s my rules 🙂


That’s the overview. Now here is the breakdown of how we make each post from start to finish.


Emily Henderson How A Blog Post Is Made WordPress


1.) We Brainstorm: Once a month (sometimes less, sometimes more) we get together to throw out ideas. It’s like one of those scenes in newsroom where everyone is pitching their best – some ideas make it through and are applauded and others get boo’d and b*tch-slapped. Our ideas are based on what readers have suggested, what has done really well traffic-wise, what the zeitgeist tells us, what trends are happening, what we feel is missing on the internet, and of course my unpredictable whim. Sometimes I want to write about how I feel about breastfeeding in public and there is nothing you can do about it. Maybe Ginny has been scouring the internet for sconces for a client which can be turned into a post, or maybe Brady or Sara saw or came up with something that could be useful to younger readers that we are trying to tap into. Whatever it may be, it might have to do with our current design service clients or just be something we find culturally interesting.


Emily Henderson Team Brainstorm


We refine the ideas, honing in on what we can do to make them different and bring our bent to them. In a digital age where everything has been done the question becomes “what can we do to make this interesting, blog-worthy, and clickable?”


Emily Henderson How A Blog Post Is Made


We take the 15 – 20 best ideas and start producing them. For the sake of this post we’ll produce one blog post – all about curating the best pastel paint colors for grown ups (which is coming up very soon). We settled on this because A.) I didn’t know the answer and wanted to find out, B.) I figured if I wanted to know what the best pastels were then maybe there were tons of readers who had the same question, C.) It would look pretty and therefore get repinned, etc driving back traffic to the site and our resources, and D.) Nobody else has done this post (or at least that we know of). Sure, people might recommend a certain paint color but they didn’t test out over 100 like we did.


The rest of this post will be following along in the real process of creating that post. It’s pretty much a docu-series – much like Serial or Making a Murderer, only involving a bit less murder and a bit more happy paint choices.


Emily Henderson Blog Brainstorm


2.) Prep the Post: After brainstorming and deciding on the finalists we start prepping. Prepping normally involves pinning and general interest research. We not only have to ideate on the best way to show the post, but also create boards to help us make sure it’s going to look good. Most posts require a lot of shopping or out of office footwork.


How To Pick The Best Pastel Paint


In this case we went to all of our favorite paint decks and ordered as many pastel paint colors that we could without getting arrested. Turns out this number is 137. We ordered A LOT.


Emily Henderson What Goes Into A Blog Post


Mounds and mounds of tiny and not so tiny paint cans from all different vendors and companies for just one blog post. Are we crazy yet?


How To Make A Blog Post Emily Henderson


Picking those colors and placing the orders at the various sources took a few hours. Brady (and Jeff, who is our trusty PA) picked them up from all the different stores and then they started painting them on simple white paper so that we could see how the colors would look when painted.


Pastel Paints Behind The Blog


Behind The Scenes Blog Post


We gave each of them two coats to make sure that they would indeed look like the true color of each paint sample. This took a day and a half.


Testing Paint Colors For WallsEmily Henderson Behind The Scenes


The next day, after everything was dry we started choosing our favorites in each color (don’t worry, you’ll get WAY more information on all of this tomorrow). Sometimes posts include a makeover, sometimes it’s a lot of market research, sometimes it’s me writing like 9 pages of my thoughts on marriage that I end up editing back and then not even posting. Point being – the stage between idea and production is long and nuanced.


Emily Henderson Choosing Pink Pastel Paints


3.) Next we Shoot: This involves booking a photographer, finding a location or shooting in our studio depending on the post, collating all the props and coordinating a lot of moving parts. Sometimes we hire extra assistants or a stylist if I can’t be there. Brady/Ginny can style (and do), but they are also really busy with their own jobs (Brady manages the blog, and Ginny manages the design firm.)


Photographing A Blog Post


We have a few photographers that we work with who we love (and who constantly get poached from us!!), so we try to book them in advance to make sure we are working with someone who we trust will produce some good quality images.




Often Brady and I style the post, and most posts take a full day to shoot although sometimes we try to combine them if we can to save time and money. Styling it is always the most fun part. We try to create original gifs or depopulate the space to create mini-movies.


4.) Lay It Out: After we shoot, it’s time to format the post – to lay it all out so that Brady and the rest of the blog team (Sara and our newest addition to the EHD team, Rebecca) can upload the right photos, edit them, create the gifs, plug in the resources, etc.


Emily Henderson How A Post Gets Put Together


Every post is different. Sometimes I draw it out like so, and other times I create a draft in WordPress and write bullet points that represent the order of the photos and content.


Emily Henderson Outlining A Blog Post


5.) Prep the Post: Then Brady/Sara/Rebecca pull it all together. This takes days and a lot of computer skills, photoshopping, drafting, sketchup-ing, and even illustrating or hand rendering at times. We have all our photos on a huge server and every single photo is archived, tagged, categorized, and optimized as we go.


Emily Henderson Behind The Blog


I don’t want to bore you with that part of the process, but trust me that the stage from shooting to writing is super time consuming. Some photos need copy on them, some need to be put in a collage, some gifs need to be sped up then slowed down in order to be seen properly. Sometimes we need to make a “get the look” product board and sometimes it’s a more organic mood board that looks best with the products. Maybe it’s a collection of pins to show inspiration or a floorplan. Every photo has to be resized, renamed, and then put through a exporting program that makes it look high res but not slow down the site with its file size. Then we upload them all (and save both the raw and the new versions in the server). ARE YOU ASLEEP YET???


Emily Henderson How A Blog Post Is Made WordPress


After all of that is done, after the post is “prepped,” it’s my turn.


6.) Write: Normally if its a DIY or a something more step-by-step Brady will write in all that information. But I write the majority of most posts and end up tweaking a lot of the photos, etc as the blog post comes together through the writing.


Emily Henderson Writing The Blog


I have a couple contributors now (Carla and Orlando) and my team writes their own #makeovertakeover posts but unless it says it’s written by someone else, it’s by yours truly. Every now and again Brady will write a post if I’m on camera shooting something and simply can’t get to it and we are on a deadline, but it’s pretty rare.


Emily Henderson Writing Pastel Blog Post


After I’m done writing (which can be anywhere from 3pm the day before to 5am the day of) I hand it off to Brady to finish and finalize it. If it’s a sponsored post they usually like a draft a few days prior to make sure the language is correct about them and that we are writing all the proper legal stuff.


7.) We Edit: Oh I know, you don’t believe that we actually do this, but we do. Both Brady and Sara read through each post (after I’ve already read through it) and catch 90% of my mistakes. This includes everything from simple grammar problems to eliminating redundancies, extra words, too many “buts,” “sos,” “actuallys,” and “basicallys.” Then there is the “that might get taken the wrong way” conversation which are a daily battle (more on that later), as we have a desperate desire to avoid unnecessary negativity. We clearly work hard to make sure that it will serve as a successful blog post, but at times we do get negative comments and its a bummer. While most are directed at me, personally, they do affect the whole team and can ruin our morning (but we thrive on positive comments, shares, and constructive conversation/dialogue and even criticism).


Emily Henderson Team Putting Together A Blog Post Emily Henderson Pastel Paints For Grown Ups Post


8. Link it Up: When we are done with the copy it’s time to link up anything that can be linked. This is another extremely boring (and LONG) but important step. This is where we link to photographers and artists, or credit any photos we are posting, but also where we link to older posts (called “back linking”), and obviously all product and resources so that you guys can have access to the products/items/sources that we are writing about. We also have to go back to some posts and “forward link” if its appropriate.


Brady Scheduling A Blog Post


8. Schedule It: Now that Brady has taken over managing the blog (as of 6 months ago) he manages the editorial calendar and then schedules the following days post before he goes home from work. We usually schedule to have the post go live at 5am PST, which means that it gets published in our sleep.


Emily Henderson How We Social Facebook


9. Socialize: Pushing publish is not the finish line. Sara, who is in charge of implementing social media pushes out the posts and promotes it via all our social media channels. We Facebook, Tweet, pin, and Instagram everything. We are constantly trying to figure out what works best on which platform, and at what time. We are now even pointing Instagrams and blog posts to Snapchat where we may give you some extra insight into the post (my personal favorite pastel, for instance). And if it works with the post, we even Periscope or Facebook Live about it.


Emily Henderson How A Blog Post Gets Made Twitter


We might Instagram a gif (which takes a while to create) or Facebook a video (which again, is extra production). Then we have to make sure to tag, credit and link to anyone we need to (plus link back to the blog). GEEEEESSHHHH.


Emily Henderson Posting Social Media Instagram


And then. THEN. We are almost done.


Emily Henderson Behind The Scenes Of A Blog Post


The only thing left is reading the comments and responding to commenters. Some days we are extremely on top of this, and some days less so. But, we do read every single comment and appreciate 99% of them (that 1% is those negative comments that we aren’t so fond of). So thank you very much, seriously. If you have ever shared on Facebook, retweeted a post, or even pinned it out know how much we appreciate it (and encourage you to, you know, do that more). We respond strongly to what you respond to, and we produce posts based on your reactions to each.


Behind The Scenes At Emily Henderson Design


It’s kinda insane. Nobody trained any of us how to do this. It’s the wild west of careers. And we are forging our way through it, with a weedwacker that sometimes feels like a dull butter knife, learning so much along the way. We switch gears constantly, come up with new “get traffic quick” ideas weekly, and generally are all just throwing our creativity and media know-how into the air in the studio, hoping that it lands in a way that grows the site in an organic way. Sometimes its successful and sometimes its a total fail. We assess, adjust and move on.


We have big plans for this site – ones that don’t include losing the soul of the blog but instead growing it to create even more content and give more resources in a way that we hope you want.


It’s clearly a team effort and nobody in the world has a better one than I do. They are smart, creative, and CARE about the business. They even care about my feelings, helping me get over negative comments faster and reassuring me when I need to be. They also do a great job of telling me when one of my ideas won’t do well, or helping me adjust it to make it more popular.


So, a huge thanks to Brady, Sara, Ginny, Remi, Melanie and Paul for all your help. And welcome, Rebecca, to the team.


Wait, that’s not it: Our favorite photographers are Tessa Neustadt (going 4 years strong now!), Jess Isaac, David Tsay, Zeke Ruelas and Stephanie Todaro. Danielle Walch does my hair/makeup for all big shoots (man I wish I had booked her for this one) and Project M Plus designed the new site. FlyWheel Agency helps us in every digital way (online marketing ideas, IT support as well as helping us to adapt to more traffic, building new pages, creating new pop-ups, and lots of other marketing and monetization ideas). Scrunch Media does all our videos, and helps us come up with new innovative video content.


Obviously (why is this now feeling like either an oscar speech or an obituary???) YOU, the readers, are the most important people, here. And I thank you so, so, so, so much. There are so many of you who have read for years and who have been supportive through every move. You defend us when we are attacked and generally give positive feedback just because – which makes all of us feel VERY good. When you share it with your friends we feel even better. I wish we had a general thumbs up, thumbs down or “meh” button for every post because getting daily feedback is a really interesting, wonderful, if not totally stressful thing (so maybe we shouldn’t).


In short – we work hard, using our design, media, and general creative brains to produce content that makes us all really happy. We create a blog that we love to read, and we are constantly trying to make it better. But through it all . . . WE HAVE FUN.


Emily Henderson Team Working


In case you missed our post about how we create a design plan head over HERE, and to see some more of our behind the scenes fun be sure to follow us on Snapchat: emhendersonsnap, and Pariscope: em_henderson.


***Photography by Jess Isaac


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Spring Scooter

Hi everyone! It’s Melanie and Steffany from Find it, Make it, Love it. Today we’re so excited to be sharing a step by step tutorial for our version of this Enjoy the Ride Scooter: Enjoy the Ride Scooter craft-The Wood Connection (6) We are totally in love with this cute thing! Do you love it? It is just so playful and bright and full of good vibes. This project has a lot of steps but don’t worry– we have it all broken down for you. So let’s get to it!


Here’s what you need:

    • Scooter with block and vinyl
    • Tiny flowers (ours are from Hobby Lobby)
    • Paint, we used: Sea Foam, Straw, Tompte Red, Quaker Gray, Black, White

Enjoy the Ride Scooter craft-The Wood Connection (1)Step 1: Paint the scooter body blue (Sea Foam.) Everything except the headlight, tail light, basket, wheels, seat, and handlebars is blue. Feel free to tape parts off as desired. You can see we have the seat taped off here. Also, paint the two fenders blue.


Step 2: Trace the front fender above the tire so you know how high to paint black.Enjoy the Ride Scooter craft-The Wood Connection (15)


Step 3: Paint the seat, handlebars, and hubcaps gray. Also, paint all 4 sides of the base block gray.


Step 4: Paint the basket, the detached basket piece and the top of the base block yellow.


Step 5: Paint the tires black.


Enjoy the Ride Scooter craft-The Wood Connection (14)


Step 6: Trace the fender pieces onto the blue paper. Trace the seat onto gray paper. Trace the basket onto yellow paper. The seat is the most tricky to trace because there’s not a detached piece like the others. Lay the scooter on the paper and just to do your best tracing the seat.


Step 7: As long as the paint is dry at this point, place the vinyl on the front of the block. Enjoy the Ride Scooter craft-The Wood Connection (13)


Step 8: Use wood glue to attach the paper pieces to the fenders, and seat.Enjoy the Ride Scooter craft-The Wood Connection (12)


Step 9: Paint the headlight, the flower part of the basket, and the wheels white. The wheels are the larger circles. We know there’s lots of names and parts to the tires-haha! So the tires (attached to the scooter) are black, the wheels (the larger wood circles) are white, and the hubcaps (the smaller wood circles are gray.)

What I Wore This Month



In my quest to not go to work nude, I put clothes on my body before I leave the house. And because I’m a voyeur and I like to know what OTHER people are actually wearing (not necessarily styled out photo shoots full of free clothes), I thought maybe some of you would want to see what I wear on a normal work day. We started taking quick shots on the days that we remembered to, and if you are into it we can do quick posts every few weeks.


Of course I want to give you like 45K disclaimers here: I’m not a fashion stylist, these are not crazy pulled together outfits that I would wear if I were to say, meet Obama or anything, I’m not a model, and these weren’t planned outfits or shots in any way. It’s just me and some basics from my closet that I seem to really like.


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing1


Shoes | Sweater similar | Dress similar | Necklace similar


That dress was from the Who What Wear for Target collaboration and it is VERY GOOD (not available online anymore, but might still be in some stores). It drapes really well and I find myself wearing it constantly (the shirt is equally good). Those shoes from Intentionally Blank are my #1 shoes right now for comfort, and because they are so flattering (they make my legs look longer because they are a light skin tone). The sweater isn’t available anymore but I’m a pretty big fan of layering boxy sweaters over my dresses. It’s a thing.


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing2


Shirt similar | Shorts similar | These are my new favorite shoes similarHat similar


Ever since I had Elliot I have been rocking the “tent-shirt-mini-short-high-heel” look, for reasons you can probably figure out. Those shoes aren’t available any more, but don’t worry because I just ordered my new favorite shoes.


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing3


Jacket similar | Pants similar | Shirt similar | Shoes similar | Hat similar


Boxy striped shirt, tight jeans, oversized linen jacket – this is my jam. And you hat-haters will have lots of ammo because I certainly have found a friend in these two hats. Yes, it’s because my hair is long and annoying to do every day because I have two tiny children. I’m fine with that.


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing4


Jeans similar | Cape no longer available | Shirt similar | Shoes similar


The bummer is that almost NONE of these clothes are available anymore. But we found some similar items that I liked a lot. Meanwhile, why yes, that shirt is a maternity top that I still wear. It’s ok (it’s Gap maternity which is very good).


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing5


Blazer similar | Dress | Necklace similar | Shoes


AH. This dress is currently sold out, but you can get notified when it comes back in stock. When it does, get the small. Doesn’t matter what size you are, get the small. It’s by a friend of mine’s new LA based fashion line called “Dôen” and the colors and patterns are so pretty. It’s just fairly oversized, so make sure to go small. The blazer is good too.


Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing6


Shorts | Shoes | Shirt


Those are my new favorite shorts (they have these cute little pleats) and shirt – which I got in Australia. Those shoes arrived yesterday and I’m still breaking them in, but we all decided in the office that they are amazing.




So there you have it. There is clearly a common thread – blue, white/cream, stripes, tight on the bottom, big on the top, and hats. Seeing it like this is really interesting. It makes me want to try harder and also to experiment more. Some day, some day I’ll make it to a store.


My favorite of all those outfits? The top middle was the most presentable for a fancy meeting, the bottom left is the simplest and cutest, and the top right is probably the most “me.”


Thoughts? If I tried a bit harder would you be into more everyday, real outfit posts? I still want to do more styled out fashion photo shoots, but I always like seeing what bloggers are wearing to the office so I figured maybe you guys would, too. LMK. And HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!


*Want more of my favorite fashion? Check out my other fashion posts: What I Bought Over Break | Black Friday WishlistThe Best Skinny Jeans | Maternity Fashion


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48 Budget Friendly Kitchen Hardware Knobs & Pulls

Budget Friendly Kitchen Hardware_Brass_Copper_Black_Silver_Chrome 2


“How do I refresh my kitchen without renovating?” is a question that we get asked every single day here at EHD, and it’s a very good one my friends. Renovating your kitchen is not budget friendly by any means, but there are a few things that you can do quickly and easily to give a facelift to that rather boring kitchen without breaking the bank. Not everyone has the budget for waterfall countertops, a custom backsplash, and brass barstools with legs to die for like this kitchen above, but by simply swapping your outdated hardware for some new pieces you can go from drab to fab in just a few hours. So we have round up some of our budget friendly favorites for you to get that kitchen in tip top shape before the in-laws come in town next weekend for Mothers Day.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Hardware_Brass_Copper_Black_Silver_Chrome 3

Brass is having a major moment right now and for a very good reason, so lets start with those:


emily henderson budget hardware 48 Edited_final_gold


1. Hampton Bar Pull | 2. Peggy Brass Knob | 3. Mid-Century Brass Knob | 4. Brass Barrel Knob | 5. Boulevard Pull | 6. Light Brass Knob | 7. Fagleboda Handle | 8. Faceted Ory Knob | 9. Amerock Brass Manor Pull | 10. Allen + Roth Aged Brass Knob | 11. Liberty Brass Pull | 12. European T-Knob Pull

Budget Friendly Kitchen Hardware_Brass_Copper_Black_Silver_Chrome 5

Black is classic, simple, understated and will always be in style. It also works with almost every color of cabinet and style of kitchen so here are some of our favorite black beauties:


emily henderson budget hardware 48 Edited_final_black


13. Blackrock Round Knob | 14. Modern Metro Pull | 15. Oil-Rubbed Knob | 16. Threshold Sven Pull | 17. Marcio Knob | 18. Cup Bin Pull | 19. Faceted Glass Knob | 20. Flat Cup Pull | 21. Hammercraft Round Knob | 22. Drawer Pull | 23. Cone Knob | 24. Hammered Pyramid Knob


Silver, chrome, and nickel reigned as king in the early 2000’s but it is still very relevant and making a big comeback. We predict in a few years that silver will be just as popular as people and the market get too “brass saturated”, but then again don’t quote us on it.


emily henderson budget hardware 48 Edited_final_silver


25. Streamline Knob | 26. Satin Nickel Knob | 27. Atlas Roundabout Pull | 28. Canfield Chrome Knob | 29. Ella Thin Pull | 30. Decca Nickel Knob | 31. Center Cup Pull | 32. Attest Knob | 33. Brushed Rectangular Knob | 34. Cosmas Round Knob | 35. Brainerd Satin Pull | 36. Brushed Nickel Knob

Budget Friendly Kitchen Hardware_Brass_Copper_Black_Silver_Chrome 1

Let’s not forget about copper. We predicted earlier this year that copper would be a big kitchen trend and we are still very much into it. Keep in mind with copper that if it is unfinished or raw that it will patina over time, although that is part of its charm.


emily henderson budget hardware 48 Edited_final_copper


37. Jessina Zinc Knob | 38. Century Polished Pull | 39. Copper Mushroom Knob | 40. Copper Wire Pull | 41. Glinted Prism Knob | 42. Amerock Brushed Copper Pull | 43. Amerock Copper Knob | 44. Pennysavers Copper Pull | 45. Marcio Knob | 46. Siro Designs Pull | 47. Dynasty Antique Copper Pull | 48. Siro Round Copper Pull


And for those of you that want the ultimate pin-able roundup of budget friendly kitchen hardware we have it below for your pinning pleasure.


emily henderson budget hardware 48 Edited_final


What budget friendly roundups are you dying to see next? In the meantime head on over to:


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How to Mix Multiple Rugs In The Same Room

Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs3
Image Source

There are certain design dilemmas I’ve been in denial of for a while – mostly because the answer is super tricky. But, after thinking, staring, pinning and of course shopping I’ve finally figured out how to mix two rugs in a shared space and have furthermore provided you with 20 pretty darn good pairs (that are EHD approved).


Let’s start with the easiest option –


Use the exact same solid or simple rug, TWICE. Duh.

Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs9
Image Source

This is a conservative, safe and yet totally classic and acceptable option. I didn’t round this one up for you because you simply double your order and you have succeeded in this look. You can also mix two solid rugs in different colors very easily in the same room. That’s just a matter of choosing both in your color palette.


The rest of the combinations are trickier. Let’s keep going shall we?

Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs8
Image Source

Mix different patterns in the same color family. Now this photo, above is more about layering rugs but if these were in different areas of a shared space they would work just as well. I think one of the reasons it works is that they are all similar weights visually, and the styles of the rugs are bohemian which lends itself well to mixing and matching. But, if you are not into bohemian then make sure that the rugs both work with the color story of the room, like so:

Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs2
Image Source
Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs6
Image Source

Now what about this??? (This pic may look familiar as it is from The Fig House which I designed a few years back)

Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs5
Image Source

Ha. That’s trickier to do, but doable. The reason these work is that they are all the same style and virtually the same pattern (1930’s deco) and are all very saturated in color, even though they are different colors. If one of them had been an oushak for instance or a calm Persian style rug it wouldn’t have worked.


You can always pair a solid with pattern. We do this all the time (see below) and its not only legal and safe, but it allows for more flexibility and prevents it from being too busy. Check out Cup of Jo’s whole makeover HERE.

Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs7
Image Source

Here’s the deal – you can mix any two rugs together if they share the color palette of each other and definitely the palette of the room. I find that burgandy persian rugs are hard to mix with others (so best to play with solids there) and you should know that two bold patterns are fun, but will make your room feel busier/smaller (and more energetic which isn’t a bad thing). Also, virtually ANY rugs look good combined with a cowhide or a sisal rug. So if you are totally stumped with your rug, just bring it to a carpet store and get a simple carpet bound into the size you need or grab a cowhide. Pull the color from the busier rug and call it a day.


But for those of you who are in the process of buying two rugs right now, feast your eyes on these couples (which all come in various sizes, but we have priced them out as 8’x10′ on the roundup):


Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs


1. Sumack Rug + Ardabil Persian Rug | 2. Skyline Rug + Dash and Albert Wave Sisal Rug | 3. Geo Tufted Wool Rug + Flokati Fluff Rug | 4. Thea Wool Rug + Gold Cross Hatch Wool Micro Rug | 5. Half Stripe RugMonroe Hide Rug | 6. Sahara Sand RugFringe Hand-Loomed Rug | 7. Desert Dhurrie RugCrush Rug | 8. Changes RugDollop Rug | 9. Grand Canyon Faux RugHand-Loomed Shine Rug | 10.  Kajal RugSeagrass Rug | 11. Boho Textured Rug + Textured Rug | 12. Mali Indigo RugCut Stripe Silver Viscose Hand Knotted Rug | 13. Masinissa Hand Knotted Rug + Citra Hand Knotted Rug | 14. Arlequin RunBarkley Silver Rug | 15. Palani Rug + Hadley Jute Rug | 16. Faded Shag RugScallop Hide Rug | 17. Kalpana Kilim RugMangrove Rug | 18. Wool Kilim Rug + Sisal Chenille Jute Rug | 19. Desert Tribal Print Rug + Harper Denim Rug | 20. Anice Hand Knotted Oriental Rug + Gray Cross Hatch Wool Micro Rug


I own #13 and I LOVE IT. I wanted to own #14 but when I was shopping for the guest room it was out of stock, so I just stared and stared at my sample wishing I could get it. Of course now it’s back but I already have another rug. I also love #1, #13 and #14 and have them in my house. Deciding between them for a favorite would be VERY hard. Check us out on Snapchat today where we each announce our favorite in a fun office game we are playing ‘Rapid Fire Styling’….


Craving more roundups design mistakes and dilemmas… check out: The Generic Sofa Roundup | Rugs That Are Too Small | Painting a Small, Dark Room White | How To Hang Art Correctly | How to Hang Curtains


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