Target Spring Summer Preview

Emily Henderson Target Spring Summer 2016


Every season most brands do what they call ‘Editor Previews’ which showcase the upcoming season’s line. It’s a home decor runway show, which basically makes me Gigi Hadid. They have ‘long lead’ which is for print magazines and ‘short lead’ for websites/blogs. As Target’s Home Style Expert I get to go, see the pieces in person myself, chat with editors and pitch story ideas. We haven’t documented these for you before, but since they were taking photos I figured why not give you guys the same editor sneak peek? Plus a lot of it just became available so you can get your hands on the goods before they sell out.


Emily Henderson Target Spring Summer Preview


Target has a studio space in Chelsea that they use for various events and this time they transformed it into a pretty intense spring wonderland with moss carpet and fern chandeliers. Then they used basic (non-Target) white furniture to prop all their featured items on.


Emily Henderson Styling Target


They chose about 1/3 of the upcoming pieces as their ‘feature items’ to style out here. So while there are a lot of pieces here, there are a TON more coming out which are not shown. Some that I don’t even see until I stumble upon them in the store or online.


Here I am chatting with a couple editors about how we thought that Caila was going to be the next bachelorette and how bummed we all were how the 70’s are trending and how we feel about the comeback of shag rugs. Emily Henderson Target Preview NY


There were a few major design movements this season – first Mediterranean, because the product design team went on an inspiration trip over there last year and came back with a few motifs, color palettes and styles. They have a terrible job, one of which I want in on badly.


Emily Henderson Target Table Scape Preview


Nate’s collection was there as well and it’s looking VERY good per usual.


Nate Berkus Target Spring Line 2016


Target Spring Summer 2016 Nate Berkus


I will be buying that awesome chunky vase and that lidded box accessory.


Target Spring Summer Preview Emily Henderson


I love those pots on their teak stands (there are multiple sizes) and that lantern will don my deck. It’s hard to see the tabletop pieces in this pic, but if you are into bright blues and whites with hits of gold then we’ve got you covered.


Target Spring Sneak Peek Emily Henderson


One of my favorite pieces is that gray pillow that you see front and center because I feel like it could go with anything  – please note the tassels. Speaking of tassels my other favorite pillow is the colorful tassel piece right next to that one, and the series of kilim pillows on the sofa. The lamp on the far side table is also AWESOME with black dots on the shade.


Emily Henderson Target Spring Sneak Peek


What you see below is ALMOST a well rested person. I flew in for 23 hours (a 36 hour trip total) which was almost perfect because I got to sleep in a hotel room … by myself. I had dinner by myself in the hotel bar, drank a martini, put on some tanning lotion, wrote a blog post then put myself to bed at 10pm. It would have been so wonderful if I hadn’t woken up at 3am convinced that I lost my baby somewhere. I searched the hotel room (I’m a sleep walker) and then talked myself down, reminding myself that I was in New York and that I hadn’t brought the baby. It was terrifying and then such a relief. The amount of times I’ve done this since I’ve had kids is too annoying to count. Despite that, I still got 7 hours of much needed sleep. The plane ride to and from was almost as pleasant as nobody asked me questions and no toddlers were grabbing my legs. I wrote 5 posts and slept. I always say thatI get more work done on a flight than anywhere else. With the lack of distraction I could go back and forth 2 days in a row I would write the months worth of posts, I swear.


Emily Henderson Target Home Decor Spokesperson


I have rounded up a few of my select favorites, but it is all so good you might as well just head to the store and hoard it all. This stuff sells fast, and once it is gone it is gone unless they decide to reintroduce it. So, call a babysitter, record your favorite show, clear your schedule and head on over to target to scoop it all up.


Target Spring 2016 Get the Look Grid


1. Pink Glass Lamp | 2. Oversize Striped Lumbar Pillow | 3. Marble Top Side Table | 4. Rattan Basket | 5. Round Yellow Vase | 6. Tassel Throw Pillow | 7. Navy Pom Pom Pillow | 8. Red Runner | 9. Short Planter Stand | 10. Large Striped Vase | 11. Swing Arm Sconce | 12. Yarn Dyed Lumbar Pillow | 13. Wood & Marble Coffee Table | 14. Embroidered Striped Pillow | 15. Woven Lounge Chair | 16. Carved Wooden tray | 17. Brass Cylinder Drum Table | 18. Modern Wood Table Lamp | 19. Oversized Chambray Pillow | 20. Wood Task Lamp


I’m wearing a Who What Wear for Target top (which has pleats in the back and drapes WONDERFULLY, the blazer was from Bloomingdales but I couldn’t find it online, but I like this one. The skirt is one of my favorites in blush pink faux leather that looks like real leather and the cut is EXTREMELY flattering, what with the flat front and front pockets. The shoes are sold out but I’m OBSESSED with these. 


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