My 27 Favorite Pieces For A Toddler Boy’s Complete Wardrobe



When I first got pregnant with Charlie I started stalking little boys clothes and here is what I found: It ain’t awesome. Definitely not as good as the girl’s roundup we pulled together a few weeks ago on the blog. Generally what is out there is designed to have them look like miniature frat boys – and not in a fun ‘Old School-Will Ferrell’ kind of way, more like douchey-guy-that-hazes-for-no-reason kinda way. Once we had that little nugget, Brian took over shopping/dressing Charlie almost immediately. While I went for bow-ties and suspenders, he went for basically tiny versions of anything that he wore – think chinos and baseball shirts, plaids and New Balance sneakers. So while Corbett helped pull together this post, Brian deserves the real credit for how Charlie dresses. Now, Elliot? She is all mine.


Emily Henderson Toddler Boys Fashion


1. Cadet Hat | 2. Knit Beanie | 3. New York Mets Baseball Cap | 4. Stripped Button Down | 5. Cardigan | 6. Utility Button Down | 7. Denim Button Down | 8. Knit Cardigan | 9. Striped Polo | 10. Gingham Button Down | 11. Coat | 12. Quarter Sleeve Tee | 13. Corduroy Jacket | 14. Navy Polo | 15. Vest | 16. Parka | 17. Baseball Tee | 18. Red Plaid Button Down | 19. Shorts | 20. Stripped Pants | 21. Grey Jeans | 22. Khakis | 23. Plaid Shorts | 24. Dark Jeans | 25. Navy New Balance | 26. Flannel High Tops | 27. Vans Slip On


We stuck to some major basics over here – skinny chinos (#22), New Balances (#25), with a polo shirt, cardigan and a Mets or Dodgers baseball cap (Brian was a huge Mets fan but now that he’s in LA he likes both). Charlie looks impossibly adorable when we actually put these things together on him. When I shop for him I ask myself ‘Would Brian wear that?’ and if the answer is ‘no’ then I usually skip it. Every now and again I go slightly more fashion-y with him and then I get in trouble for trying too hard to play dress up with our little guy. Ultimately the keys are: 1. Stay away from logo/characters unless they are vintage inspired (we once bought a vintage-style band t-shirt for him) and 2. layering always makes kids look like mini grownups which somehow is the key to ‘old man cute’.


What are your thoughts on the boy toddler clothing game? Anything we should add or take away?


In case you missed our first girl’s clothing roundup head on over here. It is much more bright, fun, and pattern infused than the more muted and masculine boys roundup, which I still love. Now if I could only find a way to stop him from growing up so fast, where did my little baby go?


***curated by Corbett Tuck for EHD, art directed by Me.




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