Simple Interchangeable Holiday Frame

Happy early Easter! I can’t believe it comes so soon this year. When I was trying to think of what to do for this project, I kept thinking I wanted something simple and not too bright so it would blend in with my other living room decor. I came up with this chalkboard plaque with a frame overlay. And guess what?! I made these frames INTERCHANGEABLE. I’m probably the queen of interchangeable things. I like to use decor all year long! So this is what I did:
Materials you need:
– rectangle plaque (11×15.5)
4 overlay frames (you can buy more or less if you want to)
– chalkboard paint
– paint for each frame (I used terra cotta, blue danube, white, and tompte red)
– paint brushes
– screws and screwdriver
– sandpaper
– easel
For the Easter Banner:
– paint (I used white and terra cotta)
– twine
– hot glue
First sand all the wood.
Next paint the plaque with the chalkboard paint. The directions are on the bottle. I painted 3 coats on the plaque letting each layer dry for an hour. Then you have to wait 24 hours before drawing on it.
After that I painted my 4 frames. The first one I painted blue. This one matches my living room decor, it also could be used for Easter or Spring. To add a different element to it, I white washed it. To do this you mix a little bit of blue and white paint together. Then you get a bristle brush, dip it in the paint mixture, and then you wipe off almost all the paint. With only a small amount of paint on the brush, swiftly paint strokes on the frame. You get the cool white washed effect. Repeat until it’s the way you like it.

I painted the other frames red (for Valentines Day, Christmas, and 4th of July holidays), orange (Halloween and Thanksgiving), and white (General, Valentines, Winter, Summer, etc). I didn’t white wash these ones, but I think it would look cool if you did!


Next, I worked on my Easter banner. I painted the bunnies white and the carrots orange. Then I sanded those after they dried. Then I wrapped twine around them and glued the twine on the back with hot glue. I plan on doing this for each holiday as they come. Wood Co always has these mini holiday overlays.


Before doing this next step, decided if you want to hang this on the wall or place it on a easel and if you want it horizontal or vertical.


If placing it on an easel: I had my husband screw in these screws on the back of each frame on the bottom. We found some screws that were sturdy enough to rest the plaque on top. Be careful that the screws don’t come through the front! Then place the frame on the easel and the chalkboard behind it resting on the screws.


If hanging on the wall, I would find some shorter nails or screws first and then screw them into the top of each frame. Hang the plaque on the wall first, and then rest the overlay frame on the top.




Here is how they turned out! Have fun coming up with your own chalkboard designs. You’ll get good at chalkboard art if you want to change it for every holiday or season!






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