It’s in the Bag

Emily Henderson Blue Leather Purse


I’ve always considered handbags to be like wedding dresses – don’t start shopping for the real thing because you will fall in love, and then you’ll be sad that it can’t be yours. So when Trendlee inquired about collaborating on a post I didn’t know what to do. I love the idea of luxury items (like most folks), but they are often so expensive that it’s hard to really talk about them here. But, then I was chatting with my staff and they reminded me that just because expensive purses historically haven’t been my thing doesn’t mean that a.) it’s off limits, and b.) we can’t make good content with them. ESPECIALLY when that content is about an affordable way to acquire them. So I started looking at the site, and now I’ve officially hopped onto the top of that “luxury handbag” slippery slope.


Emily Henderson Fashion Trench Celine Bag


I received this bag in the mail, opened it, and liked it. Two days later I had a fancy meeting on the West Side with a new high end client, and I wanted/needed to look good. Extra Good. So I grabbed for my bag, stuffed it with my goods and looked in the mirror. It was a very “Hello, Lover” moment and all of a sudden I thought “oh . . . I get it now. . .”


Emily Henderson Fashion Post Purse


I went to the meeting and I did feel good. A good handbag can do what a really good pair of jeans, or even a good coat can do – it can help manufacture a bit of confidence. It’s not genuine, deep, life-long confidence obviously, and not actually tied to your worth, but it makes you feel pretty darn good, which is fun.


Navy Celine Purse Emily Henderson


It’s not that I don’t have my splurges because I do. I splurge on art, rugs, and the perfect sculptural lamp – just up til now handbags weren’t one of my ‘things’.


This is all to say this, friends:  IF handbags are your jam, then I have a new great resource for you.


Emily Henderson Navy Celine Bag


Trendlee is a high end, preowned handbag, online reseller. It’s highly curated and specializes in mostly luxury brands (Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton . . . but also has a ton of other great brands) at much more affordable prices than those you are used to seeing.


Emily Henderson Vintage Celine Bag Trendlee


When I started perusing their shop I noticed that virtually all of them look like they are brand new – and mine (that gorgeous blue Céline) was practically new when I received it.


I wore it a couple days later with my new boho top from Doen and it looked equally as cute.


Emily Henderson Trendlee Navy Trapeez Celine


What sets Trendlee apart is that they buy from normal folks and then handle the reselling themselves – so it’s very curated as they only buy what they feel is beautiful and on-trend enough to sell (even if it’s seasons old).


Navy Celine Trapeez Emily Henderson Trendlee


I also borrowed this one (below) which is more sophisticated and professional. Still timeless, for sure, and that pony hair is so pretty, but it’s no cobalt Céline. Nothing compares to my cobalt Céline. Oh dear God, am I going to start shopping for handbags now? I can’t have another vice, I just can’t.


Emily Henderson Reed Krakoff Chunky Sweater


They are big on authenticity (because the designer handbag obsession has spawned an even greater obsession of knock-offs), and they guarantee each of their bags authenticity.


Emily Henderson Trendlee Consignment Vintage Purses


Alright, so there you are – pictures of me with my first beautiful handbag in our home, in outfits that I actually tried to care about. Sometimes you need an excuse to care enough to pull together an outfit. For me handbags are something I can see myself splurging on every now and again – to reward myself for a particularly hard job that I have finished. I now see the appeal . . . it’s just how to handle my new love . . .


If you are into handbags – I get it now, and Trendlee has hundreds of luxury bags ranging in every price range. If you aren’t into handbags, or that’s not something you want to/can splurge on then hopefully you enjoyed some pretty photos taken in my house. Here is the the collection I curated from their site featuring a handful of my favorites. They are giving 5% off for all Emily readers, so get on over there and enter code EMILYH when you check out.


Now, your thoughts on luxury pre-owned handbags – Are you in? Or not your thing?


*This post is in partnership with Trendlee but all opinions are my own. I know a handbag post may not be for everyone, but I thank you for supporting the brands that support the blog and keep us creating daily, interesting, and free content.  


*They also give free returns (in the US only), whatever the reason, international coverage with flat $50 fee anywhere in the world. Usually ship same day. 


**Photography by Jess Isaac for EHD, Hair/Makeup by Danielle Walch 


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