How to Add Personality To a White Kitchen

Modern White Kitchen Color Pop Emily Henderson Before


Many of us want (or have) all white kitchens. It’s certainly the trend of the decade, and for good reason – it feels big, open, and easy to manage. The more color, pattern, and style contrast that you bring in to any space, the busier it feels. Kitchens already get really busy with people and sometimes those people actually “cook” with “ingredients” and produce “meals.” Doing such a thing can REALLY make a kitchen messy, and therefore even busier. So yea, I understand starting out white. But if you have a white kitchen and you want more style for either a special occasion, or just to look pretty on an everyday basis, we came up with some tips to help.


Introducing Color To Modern White Kitchen Emily Henderson


1. Bring in color –  It’s not a groundbreaking tip, but adding 1 – 2 colors won’t make it feel busy and will instead help it start to come alive. We brought this in via the pots/pans, fruit, and cookbooks. It’s curated, but doable if you want the lived in look that has restraint.


2. Add fruit/flowers – No need to set up a whole tablescape on your island, just buy or pick some seasonal fruit (leaves on preferably) and put them in, say, a 19th century dough bowl. If you have misplaced said bowl a simple, pretty, low-profiled bowl will do (but will not grant you admission into the lifestyle mafia like a $400 dough bowl will).


3. Display the utilitarian – Bring out your prettiest oils, salts and spices. Hang your prettiest pots and pans. You don’t go to Whole Foods for your health – you may as well leave that $29 salt out on display.


4. Kitchens deserve art, too. The kitchen gets neglected when it comes to art, with nary a wall space in sight. But there are places to bring it in – the counter and even inside the cabinets, if it’s small (behind a collection of clear glasses is a fun/unexpected place to put it).




For a photo don’t forget to give it the “someone beautiful was just here” look by splaying open a cook book with a lovely tea towel strewn just so.


If you hadn’t seen the before, I don’t think you’d realize how much you can actually do to your kitchen to add life. The kitchen was stunning before, and now it’s stunning AND it looks like a place I actually want to be in.


Introducing Color To Modern White Kitchen Emily Henderson


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*** Photos by David Tsay for Styled




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