We are Headed to Australia



As only truly insane people would do (i.e. me) the whole family is headed to Australia in a couple of weeks. Brian’s company was hired to do a few videos there and I’ve always wanted to go – mostly for design, but also for vacation. Part of me wants to just hang out, write, and be with the kids, while the other part of me wants to really utilize my time to make connections, have book signings, create Australian content, do a makeover, and really connect with any and all readers there.


So this is my official call for ideas, connections, sponsors, stores (for signings), bloggers, media, etc. I know virtually no one there so it feels daunting to try to book work, but I also don’t want to miss opportunities and I figured that one of the 300,000 people reading this would know someone.


We’ll be staying in Sydney (Bondi Beach) the whole time, but I’m going to sneak away sans family for at least a day to go to Melbourne because I know that design-wise it’s great.


So help an American out. Who wants to collaborate either on some brand stuff (sponsored makoever?) or maybe a quick speaking engagement? Video content? Blogger brunch? Party? Book Signing?


The dates are March 20th – April 4th (we arrive the 22nd as it takes 94 hours to get there). God help us on that flight with those children . . . 🙂


xx – E


*Photo via FanPop


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