Digitizing Our Memories with Legacybox

How To Digitize Film Photos Legacy Box



I have a serious memory hoarding problem and I am all but convinced that unless a photo or video is taken I may not remember an occasion. This has led to me having 22,000 photos ON MY PHONE. This is a manageable problem now because everything is digital and I have backups, dropboxes, clouds and even straight to photo book systems in place. But my high school days, my 20’s, and my college years were all pre cell phone cameras, and so I enlisted Legacybox to help me with these memories. Back then we actually used film cameras to capture our lives and would frame photos as gifts. THANK GOD I was an active memory hoarder even then and I do have a lot of photos of those very important 15 years.


Emily Henderson Legacy Box Photo Digitizing



The problem with having them in a box is that a.) only I can see them (my friends/family that don’t live in LA can’t), and b.) if something happened to that box I’d be devastated. Kim Kardashian ugly cry version. I even started taking photos of some of my favorite pictures with my iPhone so that they are digitized somewhere. But, the quality is bad, they are usually distorted and blurry, and it would take days to get through a stack and get them online somewhere for safekeeping.



Well, now there is a company that will do this digitizing for you, and do a much better job than you would do yourself. Legacybox, the sponsor of the post, is an awesome company that takes your negatives, VHS family videos, photos, slides – ANY form of old memorabilia, and digitizes them so you have them all on CD’s and a flashdrive.


Emily Henderson Family Photos Legacy Box



Here is how it works – they send you a pretty box in the mail and you fill that box with photos/videos of your loved ones that you want digitized and send it back. Four to five weeks later you get all your original photos/tapes back PLUS the CD’s and flashdrive that they now are safely copied onto. It’s simply amazing.



The service takes a lot of man hours by some lovely people, so you can’t do EVERY SINGLE photo that you’ve ever taken or it will be really expensive. I had to sort through all my photos and just send through the top 250 that really meant something to me. It was a really good exercise on editing and figuring out why a good photo is a good photo.


Emily Henderson Saving Old Photos


Emily Henderson Legacy Box



My own wedding wasn’t digitized because I got married in 2007, where literally a year later Facebook was launched (or maybe that year?), and then digitizing of the world quickly followed. That is why I have never blogged about my wedding (an experience you will soon get to witness, since our 10 year anniversary is approaching and it’s time to talk about what we did, why we did it, and what we would do differently now).



Also Robyn, one of my best friends since we were 10 probably hasn’t seen this picture in probably 15 years. It was when we went to New York in junior high together on a school field trip. It’s a printed out photo and one that I love because we were all dressed up to go to a Broadway play, and I had even sewn that dress. It has princess sleeves and is hot pink. Shocking.


Emily Henderson Digitizing Family Photos



So you put in all your photos and send them off in confidence. I’m generally a very un-paranoid person, so I wasn’t too worried about the process, but I’ve mentioned this to other people and they were a bit scared. Don’t be. It’s like being more scared to get on a plane than in a car. You have MUCH higher risk of your photos/memories being destroyed in your own house (fire, flood, toddler water gun fight) than in the mail with their insurance and tracking. Just because it’s out of your hands doesn’t mean that it’s not being taken care of. Often it’s actually the exact opposite and they understand the fear of your precious memories being lost or damaged. That’s why they’ve built safety into every step, with heavy duty crush-proof boxes, packing materials, FedEx round-trip shipping with tracking, barcoding, and much more to ensure your precious items get to them, and back to you in one piece. Plus, they have over a decade of experience digitizing treasures, and have done so for over 150,000 families across the country, creating over 1 million photo filled DVD’s. Those are some hard facts I can stand behind.


Emily Henderson Preserving Family Photos With Legacy Box



There I was, right before sending them off. I did the family sized box which can accommodate up to 10 sets of 25 photos or 10 videos/tapes. That box would typically cost you $250 but they do have options for smaller boxes, or closet sized boxes for all of you photo hoarders out there. Turn around time for the boxes is between 4-5 weeks depending on the size of the box, and you can always track the progress of it online as soon as you ship it back to them.



Three weeks later this is just a small portion of what I got back:





That footage is from a family trip we took when I was 7. SIX WEEKS IN A MOTORHOME. So amazing. None of my family has seen the whole disk before and it’s family footage GOLD. So cute.


Henderson (4)


Henderson (29)


Henderson (55)


Henderson Prom



Now that I’ve got everything digitized I can put it on FB, and if I wanted to, on the blog easily. I found three more albums from college that I’m dying to do now, so I’m going to send them to Legacybox once more so that it’s all done. Everything pre-iPhone cameras will be in a safe spot for my more frequent trips down memory lanes.


Henderson (224)



I highly encourage doing this you guys. It feels really good to finally have it done, it was totally painless, and for anyone who doesn’t have an extra 25 hours to spare, it’s actually really affordable. So get out there and go digitize your favorite memories so that you can start to enjoy them again. Legacybox has been kind enough to give 40% off the first 25 people to order using the code EMILY at check out.



**Photos of me with Legacybox by Stephanie Todaro, and a big thanks to Legacybox for sponsoring this post. Thank you for support the brands that support us, which allow us to continue to bring original content to you every day. 



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New Kitchen Project and Design Plan




A new kitchen project (three of them, actually) is underway. A lot of you are fans of ‘The Lorey’s house’, as are we. We’ve done their master bedroom, tween daughter’s bedroom, son’s room, dining room, family room and guest room/office. They always had intentions of finishing the house and renovating the kitchen so 6 months ago they called us up and said it was time. It’s going to be absolutely beautiful if I do say so myself. Ginny is the lead designer on this project and she has done such a great job of designing and project managing this job.



Here is what this kitchen looked like before:


Lorey's kitchen before



It’s a decent sized kitchen with lots of dated finishes and fixtures. The house is a traditional 1920’s Silverlake bungalow. It has classic if not slightly regency finishes and fixtures throughout, with some pattern, color and a general feeling of fun and casual. They/we’ve done a really great job of making this house feel super homey, happy and family-friendly while modernizing its classic/traditional style. We pulled some of these kitchens for inspiration and general direction goes for the space.


Nicole Lorey Emily Henderson Design Kitchen Inspiration



After the general look and feel was approved by the client we moved onto the finishes and detail ideas. Here is the product board that Ginny presented:


blue ceramic tile



They liked it but it still got tweaked. This option had a more traditional tile and more grey-grey’s for the cabinet color.



Sources: faucetbrass knob, brass pull handle, fireclay sink



Along with that board we presented a lot of options. Some clients can handle this many options, some can’t. Howard and Nicole are two that have really good taste and are fairly decisive but they like to know options and pricing. So we do these boards for each one.





Next up was the hardware. We all knew that they wanted a gold tone because A) its beautiful and, B) that is the finish they have throughout their home. The questions became – lacquered, unlacquered, aged, shiny, matte or satin?? There are a ton of options out there and a lot of price points. So we broke it down for them.





Ultimately because their house is traditional and has a classic feel to it we went with unlacquered brass that is shiny now but will patina and will get more beautiful (and darker and more matte) with age. This was a hard decision because matte brass is technically more trendy now, but we went with the style of the house  which wanted classic, not hip. Also classic is always hip, so there’s that.



Next up was sinks:





I love how Ginny includes the ‘what to consider’ at the bottom. It’s not just a question of ‘farm style’ or inset. There are lifestyle questions that each client has to answer to make sure that they are getting the product that makes the most sense for them functionally – not just aesthetically (same with the faucet and knob/pull conversations above). Can you handle the double handle on a faucet or do you like to do a quick cold-to-hot motion with one hand? With each renovation approximately 9,457 decisions are made. We try to make as many recommendations or even answer a lot of them for our clients, but they still have to approve them. I don’t know if they like to soak their pots in one side of the sink or if they are a straight-to-the-dishwasher people.



Meanwhile we worked on the layout. This was in conjunction with a contractor. You can’t just draw up a fantasy layout – there are many things that have to be considered and calculated into the plan.



Here is the existing layout:





The questions we had were:



1. Do you want to open the kitchen up into the dining room (which is the left wall in the photo)? We all agreed that while we love the open concept idea, it wasn’t right for this house. This is something that I’d like the world to really think about – do you want your kitchen seen from your more formal rooms? The dining room is a really beautiful focal point in the house – the room that you see very first when you come through the foyer. Having it shared with the kitchen would ruin that lovely classic formality that we had created. We are doing another full renovation right now where the homeowner has told us blatantly that she doesn’t want her kitchen opened up and we absolutely agreed. She doesn’t have young kids anymore, and she loves to make a HUGE mess while cooking dinner parties, so she wants her kitchen to be her kitchen and her dining room to be this formal beautiful space of its own. It’s something to think about, for sure.



We did however want it to flow more into the breakfast nook (that was shared with the family room). So we were going to open up that wall a bit and create more counter space there.



2. Do you want to create more space by opening up the pantry and have it become part of the kitchen? We all decided YES.



3. Do you like where are the appliances are both aesthetically and functionally? Not all. The fridge and oven were to move, but the sink and stove stayed in place.



Our contractor worked with Ginny and our cabinet guy to come up with this plan:


kitchen layout



We have created so much more storage, counter space AND eliminated some upper cabinets so it feels bigger and more open despite it being narrow.


kitchen 3d


kitchen 3d



Ginny refined the design plan with the actual finishes and fixtures that were chosen that were approved. It is going to be GORGEOUS, folks.


graphic cement tile



For the final plan we chose a more graphic cement tile with a slate blue/gray for the cabinet color.  We ended up going for a 33″ sink instead of a 30″ which works much better with the size of their kitchen and we went with a blue for the cabinets to bring the floor color up into the space.



Sources: faucet, bin pulls, cabinet knobs, farmhouse sink, pendant lights – Baldwin 6″ fitter in unlacquered brass with 12″ Deco stepped shade, wall tiles from Fireclay tile in Blue Spruce, floor tiles from Cle Tile in Big Al and cabinet color Wolf Grey by Benjamin Moore.



The kitchen renovation is underway, but we have a few more weeks. In the meantime, the custom cabinets are coming along very nicely:


Nicole Lorey Emily Henderson Design Kitchen Workshop Progress



At the same time we have demo’d the existing space all out in prep for everything new coming in. The whole project should take 6 weeks, CROSS YOUR FINGERS.


Nicole Lorey Emily Henderson Design Kitchen Demolition



While cabinets are being produced the floor tile went in. YOU. GUYS. IT. IS. STUNNING.


Nicole Lorey Emily Henderson Design Kitchen Flooring



Up next … the cabinet install. Quick note about the cabinets – although this could be its own 10 part series. You have a few options as far as cabinets go – readymade (Ikea, although i’m sure the Home Depot/Lowes have their own) or custom. Ikea is very, very inexpensive, less customizable and ultimately not as good quality. Custom is very expensive (I believe these were $25k) and they will be PERFECT in both style, size, finish and quality for the space. If you are updating your kitchen I would suggest going for Ikea cabinets or repainting or simply refacing your cabinets. But, if you are hiring a designer and contractor to completely renovate your kitchen, then get the cabinets of your dreams. This is a once in a lifetime job and something you will live with for a long time – INVEST or you may regret it later down the line.


Nicole Lorey Emily Henderson Design Kitchen Cabinet Instal



A few things you may notice – we took the cabinets to the ceiling. There used to be a soffit above all the cabinets which was completely empty and useless so we removed it and greatly increased the height of the cabinets which meant more storage and a better use of space. To avoid a trend (even though we currently love it) and to keep it classic, we painted the uppers and lowers the same color, while the open shelving on the other side will be either white, marble or wood – it’s TBD.



Stay tuned for the full kitchen reveal in a couple months (it has to get finished, shot, styled.) I’m sure you have some questions/comments so go for it and we’ll try to answer or update the post if there are large chunks of info missing.



See the rest of the Lorey’s home here: Living Room progressTween Girl Bedroom  | 5 Tips to Design a Timeless Boys Bedroom | Dining Room | Office Turned Guest Room  | Bright and Airy Family Room  | Master Bedroom 



*Design Boards by Ginny Macdonald for EHD. 



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Spring Plank Sign

Hello! Hello! It’s Melanie and Steffany from Find it, Make it, Love it, here to say- Happy Spring everyone! It’s totally official that it’s Spring now, even if the weather here in Utah doesn’t show it……at least not everyday. I have to remind myself every year that snow, rain, and some sunshine are all normal parts of Spring here…. whether we like it or not. So in honor of those warm Spring days, Steff and I are excited to share this super cute Spring framed plank sign.Framed Plank Spring sign (5)


These framed planks are coming out at the Wood Connection this Thursday. They are brand new. Are you dying?! We are–they are so awesome! We have so many ideas for these things! They come in a few different sizes and are just so perfect. We are so excited to get our hands on a few more!


Let’s get started with what you need to make this SPRING version:

    • Framed plank
    • Small letters to spell SPRING
    • 5 different paint colors for the letters
    • Stain
    • White paint
    • Masking tape
    • Glue
    • Foam brushes
    • Paper and bakers twine (for the banner)

Framed Plank Spring sign (1)


Start by giving the framed plank a light sand to remove any rough corners or edges.Framed Plank Spring sign (17)


Next, tape the inside so you can stain just the “frame” part of the sign.Framed Plank Spring sign (16)


Now, use a rag or a foam brush to put a light coat of stain on the frame.Framed Plank Spring sign (15)


While the stain is drying, let’s paint the letters.Framed Plank Spring sign (12)


We went with bright, fun rainbow colors for our letters. (The colors we used are: Think Pink, OJ, Crocus Yellow, Leaf Green, Sea Foam, and GP Purple.)


Once the stain is totally dry, remove the tape from the inside and tape off the stained frame part. Paint the inside white. We did two coats.Framed Plank Spring sign (13)


Set that aside to dry.


Now for the paper banner. So easy to make, but we will show you exactly how we got the perfect triangle in the perfect size, because I sure as heck can’t free hand a dozen triangles. Or even one that looks right-haha! Start by cutting a square of paper that is 1 1/4″ by 1 1/4″. Framed Plank Spring sign (10)Fold the square in half. Framed Plank Spring sign (9)Then cut from corner to corner, be sure NOT to cut the folded side. When you open it, you’ll have a perfect little triangle for a banner! Framed Plank Spring sign (8)Use that triangle as a template- trace and cut each one out.Framed Plank Spring sign (6)


Using a small hole punch, punch two holes into the top of each triangle. String bakers twine through each one creating a tiny paper banner.


Use wood glue, or hot glue to attach the letters to the framed plank. Secure the banner to the sign, we just used good old tape.Framed Plank Spring sign (3)


Framed Plank Spring sign (4) Framed Plank Spring sign (2)Framed Plank Spring sign (5)


Isn’t it bright and cheerful?! And are you crazy excited to get your hands on a couple of these framed plank signs too?! Head on over to Find it, Make it, Love it to enter our Wood Connection giveaway! You could win a $25 gift card to the Wood Connection!


Here’s hoping for some sunny Spring days!

Color Crush : How to Rock Fiesta Red

Red Velvet Accent Couch



Hola amigos! It’s Carla here, writing from Arizona where I’m enjoying spring break with the fam. I am happy to report that all of the ladybirds who live in my in-laws’ retirement community are embracing the hot new hues we’ve been posting about this Spring including today’s color . . . FIESTA RED!



Red has gotten a bad rap all these years. When I close my eyes and think of red, I think of Lee Press On Nails (tacky), the convertible Christie Brinkley pulls up in next to Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Vacation (sexy), and half of the outfits Samantha Jones wore in Sex and the City (flashy). When it comes to decorating, the use of bright red reminds me of “modern” 90’s interior design – again, flashy and tacky.



As a color swatch, red is vibrant and fun – why can’t it be the same in fashion and interior design? Well guess what . . . it CAN. Take a look at the modern new silhouettes and color pairings below, which look anything but tacky.


Fiesta Red Fashion



Unlike the other trend colors that work best paired with neutrals, or sported on their own, there are roughly a gazillion ways to mix fiesta red into your home. Let’s start simple with some subtle pops.


Emily Henderson Fiesta Red Living Room



I love how this super sleek, modern chair is paired with an eclectic mix of patterns and textures.


Rustic Living Room Red Accent Chairs



Again, these chairs have such a refined silhouette – they could go 90’s “modern” fast – but the embroidered pillow and unexpected floral print make for an overall interesting mix.


Emily Henderson Pop Of Red



If you’re new to red – try an easy solid pillow as shown here . . . such a simple way to make a statement.


Childrens Playroom Red Apple Art



Red is a fun gender-neutral color to incorporate in a nursery or kid’s room. Without this apple print, this room might be a snooze-fest. That apple adds the perfect amount of color and fun.


Modern Red Office Chairs



These chairs look a WEEEE bit seductive, don’t they? But when countered with a solid wood table the overall look is balanced.


Red Accent Arm Chair



Mixing a bold color with a bold silhouette seems like overkill, but by keeping the rest of this room simple, it’s the perfect mix.



Alright. Party time. While collecting inspiration for this post, I starting finding street style looks that paired perfectly with similarly outfitted interiors. While home trends usually follow fashion trends, it’s hard to tell from the pairings below which inspired which. I love how each of these seven looks and spaces incorporate fiesta red in a totally original way.



1. Fiesta Red + Teal Blue


Teal And Red Fashion Combination



Pairing bright red with an equally bold teal blue surprisingly looks balanced and chic. Imagine this space below without the pop of red. While the wallpaper obviously stands on its own, the accent chair takes it to a whole new level. This color combo can easily get all “southwestern motif” pretty quick, but when the right shades are chosen, it looks modern and fresh.


Forested Farmhouse Wallpaper Modern Wood Pendant






2. Fiesta Red + Girly Pattern


Cherry Dress Red Fashion Accent



Mixing a bold color with a sugary-sweet pattern seems like overkill, eh? But as you can see in these two examples, it actually works. This chick is keeping her look streamlined and cool with minimal accessories and perfectly imperfect hair. Walking around with your mouth slightly agape doesn’t hurt either. As for this breezy corner below, floral wallpaper + heart art + stiff cocktail = happiness.


Hearts art gold barcart red and pink floral wallpaper



3. Fiesta Red + Dark Green


Green Midi Skirt Red Sweater Stree Fashion



Oh come on now, gurl. You are just too cool for school, with yer little green bow, flower pin, and armful of books. How is she pulling off red, green, AND a bow without looking like a Christmas present? Likewise, this space below is a crazy-good mix of red and green, and green and red – somehow the symmetrical arches, plants, and patterned floor keep the mix of colored walls from looking like a funhouse.


Red Accent Wall



4. Fiesta Red + Crisp White


Nouveau Grunge Red Fashion



Similar to how I paired every flannel or sweater I wore in high school with a crisp white turtleneck (class of ’97), this gal has chosen to complement a fun fiesta red skirt, lip, and heel with a simple white tee and handbag. Similarly, the fun red fridge below takes center stage when paired with all-white cabinetry and walls.


Red Smeg White Minimal Kitchen



5. Fiesta Red + Head-to-Toe Pattern


Red Pattern Jumpsuit Street Fashion



No need to flag down that taxi, woman… I’m pretty sure he sees you in your head-to-toe patterned jumpsuit and bright red bag. While on a hanger, this outfit would look like a clown costume, but I must say she looks perfect with her chic sandals and simple little ponytail. She is probably headed home to the cute little tot who inhabits this super sweet little nook. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen two patterned wallpapers paired together – especially not with MORE pattern on the floor. I can’t get enough of this room. It’s just magical.


Red Built In Bench



6. Fiesta Red + Cobalt Blue


Red Box Sweater Blue Midi Skirt



This looks comfy and polished at the same time. Pairing two bold colors together can work when the silhouettes are clean and simple. Adding fun pattern through shoes and a little clutch brings personality and visual interest. We’ve got some similar color blocking action going on in this fancy shmancy space below. You would think the floral sofa and leopard pillow would be the showstoppers here, but the bold use of red, blue, and green actually steal the show.


Bright Red Laqured Walls Living Room



7. Fiesta Red + Neutrals (and a cute hat)


Red Knit Sweater Modle Off Duty



If you’re new to red (like me), this here option is the one for you. When trying a new color, you can’t go wrong pairing it with neutrals. The key is to walk around nonchalantly eating a very small serving of frozen yogurt, with a subtle scowl on your face, like this gal. Speaking of subtle scowls, this bold photograph of Kate the Great shines in this otherwise neutral abode.


Gray Living Room Red Artwork



And now it’s time for a little ditty called “Get the Look.” Below is a round-up of my fiesta faves. But you guys, it was really hard to edit it down to just these items. Much like the fashion and home inspiration I found, there is no shortage of fun fiesta red apparel, accessories, or home stuff out there right now.



Sooo, what say you? Are you on board with fiesta red? Is it too loud and proud for your liking? Do tell. And if yer keeping track of the top ten colors for Spring, be sure to check out Powder Blue, Buttercup Yellow and Lavender.



Time for this mama to get back to the pool. Adios muchachas!


Fiesta Red Color Trends Red Housewares Fashion Accessories grid




1. Sunglasses | 2. Red Dress (sold out, but similar found here) | 3. Couch | 4. Campaign Dresser | 5. Bandana | 6. Purse | 7. Blouse | 8. Tassel Pillow | 9. Outdoor Chair | 10. 4 Poster Bed | 11. Kate Spade Tassel Pillow | 12. Leopard Rug | 13. XOXO Keychain | 14. Baseball Cap | 15. Pendant | 16. Tea Kettle | 17. Rain Boot | 18. Danske Casserole Pot | 19. Ruffle Jumper | 20. Purse | 21. Scallop Bikini | 22. Desk | 23. Accent Chair | 24. Pitcher | 25. Smeg Fridge | 26. Maxi Dress | 27. Abstract Painting | 28. Platter | 29. Strap Heels | 30. Eames Rocker



Image Sources: Red Velvet Sofa | Red Trench Coat | Red Hat | Red Leather Jacket | Red Sweater Dress | Red Womb Chair | Vintage Italian Red Chairs | Red Throw Pillow on Blue Chesterfield | Red Apple Play Room | Modern Red Chairs | Red Velvet Arm Chair | Teal & Red Street Fashion | Red Dining Room Chair | Cherry Dress | Gold Barcart | Green Midi Skirt | Red Hallway Accent Wall | Printed Tee & Skirt | Red SMEG Fridge | Printed Jumpsuit | Built In Window Bench | Red Box Sweater | Red Walled Living Room | Red Knit SweaterKate Moss Art






*Post authored by Carla



 **Carla Fahden is a Creative Director at a creative agency in Minneapolis with a focus on fashion art direction. Off the clock she devotes her time to writing her blog, designing wedding stationery and watching her Felicity box set. 









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DIY Spring Birds

Hi I’m Paula with The Housewives of Riverton and I was so excited when I got this cute little bird trio from The Wood Connection. I loved how round they were and was so happy to be working on a spring craft!




These little guys were super easy for me to put together, I honestly think it only took me about a half hour total! Here’s everything you’ll need!


Bird Trio


paper in desired colors (I thought the bright green, yellow, and pink were perfect for spring!)


Paint – I used Delta Creamcoat in Apple Green, Crocus Yellow, and Think Pink!


Wood GlueEmbellishments of your choice


Embellishments of your choice


To start, make sure you sand any rough edges on your birds and then dust them off. Trace any outlines you need for the papers. Paint your birds and their wings.


The Wood Connection Bird Trio | www.housewivesofriverton.com


After the paint is dry, use your wood glue to adhere the paper your birds and wings. Make sure you don’t use too much wood glue or else your paper will bubble and warp.


The Wood Connection Bird Trio | www.housewivesofriverton.com


Next you are going to glue your wings on and add your embellishments.


The Wood Connection Bird Trio | www.housewivesofriverton.com


For the large green bird, I added a few cute sticker button embellishments and added some sparkly tulle to the tail.


The Wood Connection Bird Trio | www.housewivesofriverton.com


For the medium pink bird I wrapped some pink yarn around the tail. I loved that it gave it some texture!


The Wood Connection Bird Trio | www.housewivesofriverton.com


For the small yellow bird, I added a cute bow of baker’s twine.


Like I said these were super easy to put together and I love the fun, spring feel that they bring to my living room decor! I highly encourage you to check out these and all the other cute, spring projects at The Wood Connection!


<a class=a Rafflecopter giveawayhttps://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js” width=”1024″ height=”473″ />


Now it’s giveaway time!! Make sure that you enter below so that you can win a $25 giftcard to The Wood Connection AND a $25 Target Giftcard!


a Rafflecopter giveaway





Styling A Dark Eclectic Bedroom

Mike Andrews Styling Gif Nightstand Blue Masculine Antique How To


Despite being part of the lifestyle mafia, Mike Andrews from Inheritance and his partner Paul don’t necessarily keep their surfaces perfectly styled 24 hours a day. They are a disgusting excuse for a fashionable gay couple, I know (that was a joke, friends). This bedroom had a lot of great elements, certainly, so when we photographed this space for the book we pulled them together to make the nightstand, bed, and even the floor tell a story, to illustrate some styling ideas for the readers. While you don’t need to keep your house styled all the time, there are times when you want things to feel/look prettier than normal, either for yourself or your guests. That’s what we do here.


Their bedroom, of course, has a lot of super interesting elements – a huge canopy bed that dominates the space, with a map hung on the headboard, all on a brick wall, with some navy paint on a few walls. It’s weird, off-beat, and totally interesting. The space was tight so they had a smaller nightstand, and while I’m sure they do sleep with pillows, the before shot had none.




What we did: We steamed the bed to give it the perfect “I just crawled out of it” soft and cozy look, and added the following – a rug, pillows, books underneath the bed, a piece of art to help break up the lines, and accessories for the nightstand. You can see it all in action:






I know what many of you have going through your heads right now, so I’m just going to address it now rather than have a comment battle – “there is NO space on the nightstand for anything you actually need.” True. Styling for editorial photographs is meant to tell a story about a person. For real life I would just put flowers on the nightstand, with maybe a ring dish, but to create a narrative of the people that live here (imaginary or not), we wanted it to be more engaging full of “moments,” and sometimes these moments overshadow function. Sometimes I agree with editorial styling, I want to see an aspirational story with a perfectly lived in/styled room. And sometimes I’m on the opposite where I’m like “there is no way that those people live like that, so just stop.” On this blog we do try to do a healthy dose of both. On Sara’s post yesterday you saw her free-standing closet, and yes, that was so perfectly styled with the right colored purses and jackets, everything draped in a lovely way, and even I was like “I’ve got to get one of those in my room” despite the fact that I KNOW that it wouldn’t look like that in real life after 10 minutes.


In the case of the “too crowded nightstand” I think it’s up for debate, and I’m on both sides. I love how this overall picture looks but I’m annoyed that I have no place to put one of my 15 glasses of water that I need every night. I styled that shot by the way (I think Scott and I were both there that day, so I don’t remember who exactly did that dirty deed).


Thoughts? Are you down for editorial storytelling or do you get annoyed by stylists tricks? Or like me, BOTH?


Meanwhile get that look:


Emily Henderson Nightstand Styling Get The Look




1. Pull Down Wall Map | 2. Side Table | 3. Blue Chenille Rug | 4. Linen Pillow Sham | 5. Male Life Study Painting | 6. Porcelain Box | 7. Vintage Books | 8. Kilim Pillow | 9. Belgium Linen Sheet Set | 10. Indigo Quilt | 11. Glass Decanter | 12. Denim Quilt


For more about the book, behind the scenes, and a few more peeks inside the pages look here: Book Title And Cover Options | The Real Book Cover | Behind The Book – Styling The Perfect Shot | Styled On Shelves Now | Styling the Perfect Window Shot | How To Add Personality To A White Kitchen


***Photography by David Tsay, Styling by Scott Horne and Me


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Sara Updates Her Childhood Bedroom – The Reveal

Sara Tramp Childhood Bedroom Makeover


Finally friends, the moment some of you have been waiting for . . . the very first Makeover Takeover Final Reveal. It’s time to peek inside my updated childhood bedroom, so take my hand and let’s go.


Sara Makeover Takeover Before Emily Henderson


This is where I started, back in November. Let’s not lie – it was a hot mess. I had just moved back into my parents home, and my room was ready for an overhaul. What you see above was a combination of “styling” exactly as I left it when I moved out for college in 2008, the subsequent use of the room as a dumping ground for anything I didn’t want in my apartments during those college/post college years, and the culmination of moving back in.




I pulled inspiration images and put together a layout for the rest of the team to look over and approve. Once we settled on a design plan, the real projects got underway.


Sara Makeover Takeover Emptied Emily Henderson


I started by getting myself an actual storage unit and making the room livable. The first things to go were those green tea-colored walls and all the ticket stubs/photos/magazine clippings I had taped to my closet doors. If you want to get a better sense of what a horrible idea it was to tape countless keepsakes to my expensive, custom closet doors check out this post.


Sara Make Over Takeover Closet Doors Repapering


Fast forward through months of painting, work, and tears, to the fun stuff – styling & decorating.


Sara Makeover Bed Styling Emily Henderson


Getting my bed set up first was a priority, since I was still living in the room through all of this. I knew I wanted the room to be bright, fun, and minimal, but obviously those are three very broad spectrums. So I styled out my bed and nightstands two ways, clean & bright and soft & feminine, to help me get an idea of what I actually liked. I loved elements of both, but overall ended up going more pink and feminine (despite having said I preferred clean & bright in the bed styling post. C’est la vie).


And here it is now . . .


Bright Minimal Boho Bedroom


My room has two light settings – Dungeon dark (every hour of the day, except 3-5pm) and extreme, blinding, golden sunburst (between 3-5pm), so I was a little nervous about painting everything white (see why here; my room isn’t small, but oddly shaped and very dark). But in the end, white was the way to go. It really does help brighten up the space during those darker hours, and it makes the room SO happy during those golden hours. Apparently it was near impossible to photograph, but Tessa is a magician, so feast your eyes on this bright, happy room.


Emily Henderson Bright Reading Nook


This little reading nook is a tiny oasis – which I am now responsible for taking care of and watering (I also spent a small fortune of these little guys, so any care suggestions would be welcomed, as I have a sad history of murdering my leafy friends).


That chair is a combination of two Citizenry chairs, which we had used in a few other shoots. I loved the wood base and the color of the cowhide, so I asked Em if I could combine the two, which ended up being the perfect size/shape/color for that corner. The blush leather pouf from Lulu & Georgia is the prettiest girl at the party, and I have a serious crush on her – I sit with her to put my shoes on in the morning, she holds my feet up when I’m relaxing, and I steal chaste glances at her from my bed. Another thing I love staring at is that poster. It’s a very de-stressing mantra to read first thing in the morning. This little corner is my meditation garden.


Bright Scandi Inspired Reading Nook


Sara Tramp Emily Henderson Makeover Takeover Bedroom


The vintage dresser was a welcome hand-me-down from Emily, which I gladly accepted. You might say, “Sara, there are handles missing,” and Emily might say, “Sara, I thought we agreed you were going to fix that handle situation before the shoot,” but to all of you I say, “I preach a message of self love and acceptance, no matter what extra handles you may, or may not be missing. Also, handles in the right size/shape/color to fit that cutout are very hard to find.” In a dream world, these are what I would have used, but I haven’t been able to find the same variety in both sizes needed.


Emily Henderson Bedroom Dresser Styling


While I do most of my primping in the bathroom, like a normal person, there is something I find really elegant about having a little vanity set up on a dresser. Plus, I think perfume should always be applied in the bedroom, so your room smells as good as you. I’ll break your hearts right now and tell you that the tray, jewelry stand, mirror, and bust vase are all vintage. The brass cup and pink vase, however, are not.


Midcentury Bright Home Office Emily Henderson


Shelf styling, as I have come to discover, is really really hard. Do I have too much stuff? Too little? Is the right side too heavy? Will people judge me based on my book collection?! It’s very stressful. It was 2am the night before the shoot, and I was still struggling with these shelves. So, after panicking I tried actually following Em’s “3 Steps To Styling Your Shelves.” Guess what folks, it works. Sure, it takes some jujjing after the fact, but it really does help to take the process in smaller steps (it also helps to send Ginny several hundred pictures of your shelves as you style them, like I did). And, as always, less is more.


Emily Henderson Makeover Takeover Bright Minimal Shelf


Bright Cute Bedroom Desk


I wanted to keep a good balance between useful items, personal items, and decorative items when it came to my shelves. I’m not really one for functionless decoration, so yes, all those boxes and bins are holding “things.” I had a few art pieces of my own (find that cute yoga print here), but in general there was a serious lack of “pretty.” I popped over to Minted and ordered some art to help fill my shelves (and dresser, and nightstand).


Sara Tramp Custom Wood Built In Shelves


Styling Personal Keepsakes


Emily Henderson Bedroom Office Shelves


Here’s another unwarranted tip: Framing a polaroid instantly gives it a cool, vintage, fine art quality, which in turn makes you seem cooler. I took that pink cactus polaroid months ago, and had it float-mounted by Framebridge. Now it’s gallery ready.


Sara Tramp Childhood Bedroom Makeover


There is just so much making me happy in this photo right now. Let’s start at the top – that handmade macrame hanging is giving me life. The original plan was to make one myself, but that didn’t happen. Instead I borrowed (and then bought) this one made by talented human, Rachel Kaminek. Despite offering me several other options (that are for sale!), I needed that one, which until very recently had been hanging in her own home. Sorry Rachel, but look how happy it is in my new room!


Then there’s my vintage, 1960s, teak bed frame from the Vintage Supply Store. I’ve gushed about this guy plenty, but he just holds me in his arms so sweetly every night that he really can’t ever be talked about enough. I’m not kidding when I say that two people have now told me that they were “this close” to buying my bed frame from the Vintage Supply Store site. Obviously, it was destined to be mine.


Finally, that rug. It really brings the party to my otherwise subdued living space. It’s bright, cheerful, and most importantly, it’s super resilient to any attacks from Lady the cat. No matter how much she rolls on, bites, or scratches at it I have yet to see a pulled thread or tufted fiber. 10 points to the wizards who created this rug.


Emily Henderson Boho Macrame Hanging


I feel like my pillow game is very strong right now. The embroidered eye pillow makes me feel 19 and hip, while those hand dyed patterned pillows remind me I’m 25 and refined. It turns out that I also really like sleeping with a bajillion pillows on my bed, so everyone wins.


Bright Feminine Minimal Nightstand Macrame Hanging


I ended up sticking with these brass task lamps for my night stands (again, check out my bed styling post for more background on this decision). At first I thought they were far too big, but after learning a little about scale I realized Ginny was right all along, and these were the lamps for me. It doesn’t hurt to have that bold pop of brass against my white walls either. I styled one night stand a little more feminine, with hits of pink and a few more delicate objects, and the other a touch more masculine, with more leather, brass, and neutrals.


Masculine Minimal Midcentury Nightstand


Updated Childhood Bedroom Bright Refresh


I decided that hanging band posters from thumbtacks was a little “early 2000s” for me, so I had my favorite screenprints float-mounted by Framebridge instead.


Minimal Pet Friendly Bedroom Gold Garment Rack


This is the last little corner of my room. I’ve wanted a freestanding garment rack For. Ever. I love the idea of displaying the prettiest pieces of a wardrobe as a styling element, rather than keeping them hidden in a dark closet. And that garment rack from Urban Outfitters is gold. GOLD. With hangers to match, which I bought here. It’s also the little corner where Lady eats out of that vintage, pastel pink ceramic bowl. She agrees that a gold garment rack was the perfect addition to her dining nook.


Gold Garment Rack Brass Hangers


Bright Minimal Boho Bedroom


There it is! All shiny and new. Now, while you shop the “get the look” I’m going to go snuggle back into that bed of mine and soak it all in. Stay tuned for more Makeover Takeover reveals on the way from Brady, Ginny, and Jessica!


Sara Make Over Takeover Get The Look Emily Henderson


1. Oh I Don’t Know Poster framed in Irvine Slim Float Mount | 2. Brass Ring Holder | 3. Black & White Polka Dot Pillow | 4. Brass Task Lamp | 5. Blush Leather Pouf | 6. Cat Planter | 7. Hide Butterfly Chair | 8. Gold Garment Rack | 9. Going For A Swim by Whitney Deal | 10. Embroidered Eye Pillow | 11. Nightstands | 12. Boy Girl Vase | 13. Elodie Rug | 14. Ceramic Desk Organizer | 15. Brass Planter | 16. Herringbone Throw in Blue Pond | 17. Pink Tuber Rose Candle | 18. Linen Sheet Set | 19. Custom Macrame Hanging by Rachel Kaminek | 20. Woven Basket | 21. Blue Diamond Pillow | 22. Diamond Glass Box | 23. White Hot by Erin Beutel | 24. Mint Beach by Alexandra Feo | 25. Ceramic Desk Tray | 26. Ceramic & Faux Leather Planter | 27. Nightstand Pulls | 28. Floor Pillow | 29. Faceted White Table Lamp & Lamp Shade | 30. Mirror | 31. Gold Hangers | 32. Office Space No. 3 by Texture Design Co. | 33. Blue Cactus by Wilder California | 34. Faux Sheepskin Rug | 35. Glass Box Tower


* Photos by Tessa Neustadt, styled & written by Sara Tramp (with styling assistance from Ginny), & art directed by Emily Henderson.


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Cures For A Maple Orange Kitchen


Navy Kitchen Bar Stools


Unattractive 90’s style maple cabinets are a pesky problem, like that last 5 pounds that you just cannot seem to shed. You hide it with a good top, or maybe distract from it with a new statement necklace, just as those 5 pounds can be shed without a trip to the local lipo center, so can your kitchen cabinets be saved without a total rehaul or remodel.


We recently introduced a new section on the site where stumped homeowners like you (or me) can chime in and ask your hardest questions or what we like to call your “design agonies”. These Design Agonies are not full service design solutions or even e-design options/layouts, but more a quick design related question from you that you cannot seem to tackle on your own. We recently had someone ask what she could possibly do to minimize the enormous expanse of orange maple cabinetry in her kitchen among other problems without renovating, so let’s check it out, to see the real severity of the issue.




In her words, “Talk about agony. Ugh. Totally willing to paint the cabinets and walls something fresher/brighter and remove some cabinets in exchange for open shelving (although my husband will put up a good fight, God love him). Replacing black appliances not an option at this point and I have major insecurities about the gap between my cabinets and the ceiling so I don’t want to emphasize that. I love a tuxedo kitchen but need help figuring out how it will work.”


She was right, it was agony but we had a few suggestions for her to easily update her kitchen without having to remove what she already had. Here is what we came up with and sent back to her.


grey kitchen


PAINTING THE WALLS: One of the first things we notice about your kitchen is the nice natural light that floods in through the kitchen window and sliding door. Right now your kitchen feels dark and we can see how your cabinetry feels overwhelming. One of the first suggestions we have to make your kitchen feel fresh and bright is to paint the walls. The dark red color is making the cabinets feel more orangey than they actually are and painting the walls a lighter color such as a warm white or a light gray will help alleviate that problem. Also, once you paint the cabinets and the walls a lighter color the feeling of a gap between the ceiling and the cabinets won’t be as obvious. Because your countertops and the walls in your living area are warmer, we would stick with warmer shades of white and gray. See the inspiration board for color ideas.


PAINTING THE CABINETS: We do like the idea of painting the cabinets, and it is a rather inexpensive fix to what you currently have. We think white is a good choice if you are looking for something bright and fresh. Or you could even try a warm light gray color (again picking something that would contrast nicely with your countertops). Taking into consideration the layout of your kitchen, we suggest painting all the uppers white and the lowers a darker color such as a dark gray or black (as you suggested) or another option might be to paint the uppers and lowers all white (which will really brighten the kitchen) and then paint only the lower cabinets on the island a darker color to make it stand out. A third option could be to paint the uppers white and the lowers a darker gray and then paint the island white and add some black hardware.


black shelf brackets


OPEN SHELVING: Removing some of the upper cabinets and putting in open shelving would help your kitchen feel more open and less cluttered. We do think there are quite a few uppers and you could probably sacrifice a few if you can talk your husband into it 🙂 If you’re worried about removing too many cabinets, we recommend removing the uppers above the desk area like in the inspiration photo. This location for open shelving would make the most sense and wouldn’t affect the other functional areas in the kitchen. Another idea would be to replace some of your cabinet doors with glass cabinet doors to make it feel more open. However, we do think once you paint the cabinets lighter and remove some of the uppers you will feel a dramatic difference. If you do remove some of the cabinets, there might be some patch up work, but your painter should be able to tackle it and patch up those areas. We love these small arched shelf brackets, as well as the small strap shelf brackets to hold up your shelves as you can see in the inspiration board.


HARDWARE: Another thing we noticed is you don’t have any hardware on your cabinets. To give your kitchen some personality, we suggest adding hardware to your cabinets. It will help finish off the space and add a nice touch. You could do a polished nickel, a matte brass, or we like the look of an oil rubbed bronze with a gray and white color scheme. Both Schoolhouse Electric and Rejuvenation have some great hardware options. We like these knobs and these pulls if you wanted to go for the oil rubbed bronze.


ROMAN SHADE: To further complete the kitchen, we suggest a roman shade. It’s also a way to add color or pattern to the kitchen! We recommend taking down the art above the kitchen sink and having a roman shade custom made to fit your window.


BACKSPLASH: Another way to finish off the kitchen is a backsplash. We’re are not sure if changing the countertops is in your budget, but if so, we would suggest a light colored caesarstone, maybe not bright white, but something with some slight veining. If switching out the countertops is not in the budget, we would suggest a super simple backsplash (to keep things from feeling too busy) such as a marble/cararra/caesarstone with a slight veining to complement the tiled countertops.


All in all, this kitchen has some major potential with a few updates, so we are excited to see what she ends up doing. If you have a similar design issue or something that you just cannot seem to tackle on your own then we are here to help. Head on over to this page and fill out our questionnaire to get the process started.


*Opening Image Source


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A Playful, Budget Hand-me-down Bedroom for Twins



Welcome to these twins’ playful, casual, and extremely budget friendly bedroom (the famous lake house twins). Three years ago I designed the lake house, and one of the projects that was emotionally important (but not financially) was the twins’ bedroom. It had a lot of potential, without a lot of dough – like most of us when we were 22. Here is where we started:




Technically that wasn’t even the “before.” The “before” was beige walls and bad flooring. I just can’t find all those photos. So jump forward 6 months, to when it looked like this. We started with a simple gray on the walls. I believe it’s Windham Gray by Pratt & Lambert (it’s absolutely insane that I remember that).




They already had the beds and the dresser which were fine but you know, not amazing. But since it was their weekend house, and these weren’t pretentious fancy people, we figured they were good enough to use. So we tried to make them work the best we could.


Things started to get pulled together. The room lent itself to two different niches, and those tents were the perfect opportunity to add in a bit of imagination play.




Let me be clear – I shot that and it was not my intention for it to be the after.  I knew that we would eventually shoot it for a magazine, but what I forgot was that magazines only take like 2 photos per room, whereas we bloggers take 119 different shots in the same room. I thought all the angles and details would be covered, so I didn’t properly shoot this space. My little iPhone photos aren’t exactly cutting it, but that doesn’t stop me from blabbing about this bedroom . . .






We had one fun idea – making the two niches into tented areas for the kids so they could have their own fort. We bought 6 dollar-a-yard cotton that looked like thin denim from the fabric district, then used Ikea hospital tracks to install them on the ceiling. It was DIY and budgety for sure – stuff that honestly I don’t do anymore and I leave to the professionals (like my nursery ceiling mount curtains). But we went for it. It looks cute until you get to the top, where it got messy. The problem was that where you attach it to the drapes is a few inches down on the ceiling fixture, so the fabric sagged a bit. It wasn’t that big of a deal, and the client knew that it was us trying to save them money, but if I were to do it again, I would hire a pro to do that kind of work.


The tent idea though is a very cute one if I do say so myself. Those plug-in sconces were from Ikea that we spray painted orange.




Not having more actual professional photos kills me. How annoyed are you guys of me disclaiming that when I don’t have good photos? VERY????




The following two professional photos are what ran in Country Living Magazine a couple years ago.




If I remember right the kids helped me pick out the art for the little gallery wall. All Etsy, except that always lovely Sharon Montrose whose twin bunnies were certainly appropriate.


The light fixture was from a vendor on Etsy and it is EXTREMELY adorable. I wish there were more people who turned really cute kids toys into  one of a kind chandeliers. Trust me that there is a market for it.


These two nuggets are now 6 (3 here, I believe), and live in LA only 4 miles from me. It’s a blast from the past, but one that I couldn’t help but share. Better late than never, right?




I’ll call this “playful hand-me-down chic.” For Twins. Now go get an even better version of “the look.”




1. Outer Space Poster | 2. Dinosaur Comforter Set | 3. Rocking Chair | 4. Giraffe Head | 5. Navy Dresser | 6. Red Stripped Rug | 7. Grey Drapes | 8. Baby Bunnies Print by  Sharon Montrose | 9. Airplane Pendant Light | 10. Navy Bed Frame | 11. Red Wall Sconce | 12. Rocket Sheet Set | 13. Whale Pillow | 14. Wood Rocking Horse | 15. Bulldog Lamp


To see the Lake House project from the beginning take a look here: Lake House Post #1 | Lake House Post #2 | Lake House Post #3 | Lake House Post #4 | Lake House Post #5 | Lake House Post #6 | The Lake House Makeover – Kitchen Edition


*After Photos by Björn Wallander for Country Living.


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How To Style Your Shelves in 3 steps

Emily Henderson 3 Steps To Styling Your Shelves



Maybe you’re someone blessed/cursed with built-in shelves in your home. Or maybe you can’t throw a book away. Or worse yet, an object hoarder in need of shelving to house your collection of vintage baby doll heads. Either way, making the shelving in your house look pulled together, interesting and stylish is challenging and poorly styled shelves are a problem riddling America. In the book, STYLED, (yes, its been a while but surely some of you haven’t purchased it yet) the secret to styling the shelves (as well as every single surface or piece of furniture in your house) is outlined and the daunting tasks of making your home look pulled together and beautiful is broken down in very manageable ways. 



Before you begin there are some universal rules to styling any surface or room in your house that I need to go over: 1.) Have a clear consistent color palette and 2.) Edit out what you don’t need or like. That sounds obvious but it’s not. If your pieces aren’t a.) Functional, b.) Sentimental or c.) Beautiful then please donate them. That’s just a universal rule for the styling of any surface (and one that I expound on in the book).  



*Let me add a disclaimer – there are lots of ways to go about this (first off being that just having books can be good enough) but we wanted to show another option or method of styling shelves that could be helpful. 


Emily Henderson Pink Shelf Styling Step 1



1. Start with your books – maybe it’s only a few books (like this) or a library full of dusty old novels. Stack them both vertically and horizontally and pepper the colors around evenly for a more collected, yet pulled together look. In other words don’t throw all your darker books in one corner and your lighter books in another UNLESS you are doing that color coding thing which is more for a proper bookshelf, less for a collection of pieces and objects like this.


Emily Henderson Pink Shelf Styling STEP 2



2. Add art – Not all shelving can house art but if it can, DO IT. Incorporating art into your shelves does some really good things: 1.) It adds personality, obviously, as art is one of those purchases that we make based on what we like, not based on function. 2.) It draws your eye to the back of the shelf, thus making it look deeper and bigger and creating a sense of layering. 3.) It takes up a lot of visual real estate that is otherwise hard to fill with smaller objects.


Emily Henderson Pink Shelf Styling Step 3



3. Mix it up – This is where you add all your pretty things – your objects, sculptures, vessels, collections and even lighting. Mix up the textures, sizes, styles and tones but stay within that color palette so it doesn’t look like a thrift store.


Emily Henderson Pink Shelf



A lot of people don’t know where to start when decorating their own home, so in the book, STYLED, I break down the smaller concepts, each vignette, each art wall and if you read the book and implement the ideas you will, someday soon, look around and magically (it will seem) your home will have come together to look like the best version of your personality possible.


How To Style Your Shelves Emily Henderson Pink Shelf Styling Guide To Styling Your Shelf Henderson Emily Henderson Pink Shelf Styling Pink_Shelf_Gif



***All photos by Tessa Neustadt for EHD, check the design/build of my bookshelf, and how to style 1 bookcase four different ways for more shelf styling fun. 



**Here’s a secret. We made the red in the rug more pink to work with the shelves. Did you catch the difference? Also we shot this when we shot this bookshelf styling post but saved it for spring what with the happy color palette and all. My shelves are back to normal although I loved seeing them this way. 



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