Our Favorite 48 Pieces for A Toddler Girl\’s Complete Wardrobe



Playing dress up might not be the reason that you had kids, but it was in the top five…. AMIRIGHTTTT??? My best friend in LA, Corbett, has the coolest, hippest dressed 2-year-old daughter, in a unpretentous way. She just always look so fun, comfortable and strangely fashion forward. So, I tasked Corbs with curating a 48 piece wardrobe for her daughter (which Elliot will inherit, obviously). You should also know that Corbett and I dress almost identically – it was funny the first time we both showed up to a restaurant wearing identical outfits, but by the 10th, it was proof that we would be good (and bad) fashion influences on each other. So, if you like my style, you’ll like hers. And since she is also a very good/hilarious writer she not only pulled together this roundup buy also wrote this post, too. Win, win, WIN for me (and you). Take it away, Corbs.


Why can’t I dress a mini-me in a secretary shirt without a fight? It makes me wonder what kind of hell a fashion blogger goes through to stuff their children into those clothes? I mean, I thank Disney every. single. day. that Elsa wears a cape, because I have gotten a lot of mileage out of an adorable “Elsa-like” cape.


Point being . . .


You get ONE golden shot at throwing together the perfect ensemble, you gotta get it right the first time because there are no redo’s with a toddler. So how do you get through the nightmare that is dressing a little nestling? Stick to neutrals on the major pieces, and bring in the whimsy with colorful ears, a hat, a wild printed harem pant, or striped tights, so the outfit is not too serious. This roundup is a one-stop-shop of mixable pieces that you can nail in the first try, and they are all budget friendly and you’ll get a lot of use out of them on your little rugrat.


Corbett Fashion_Girls_Grid


Hats: 1. Navy Beret | 2. Yellow Beanie | 3. Wide Brimmed Hat


Tops: 4. Striped Yellow Peplum | 5. White Blouse | 6. Striped T-Shirt | 7. Blue Shirt | 8. Navy Blazer | 9. Chambray Shirt | 10. Black Jacket | 11. Yellow Cardigan | 12. White Tunic | 13. Striped Dress | 14. Grey Cape | 15. Green Striped Shirt | 16. Blue Shirt | 17. Yellow Dress | 18. Grey Dress


Bottoms: 19. Blue Shorts | 20. Skinny Jeans | 21. Pleated Skirt | 22. Pants with Suspenders | 23. Plaid Skirt | 24. Sequin Pants | 25. Navy Quilted Skirt | 26. Black Leggings | 27. Rainbow Skirt | 28. Black Skirt | 29. Striped Shorts | 30. Grey Skirt


Shoes: 31. Black Mary Janes | 32. Gold Boots | 33. Purple Clogs | 34. Leather Sandals | 35. Hunter Rainboots | 36. Blue Ballet Flats | 37. Silver Loafers | 38. Leather Sandals | 39. Gold Oxfords | 40. Black Boots | 41. Yellow Sandals | 42. Brown Boots


Accessories: 43: Leggings | 44. Heart Sunglasses | 45. Polka Dot Tights | 46. Striped Tights | 47. Striped Navy Tights | 48. Cat Ears


Almost everything here is curated to be mixed and matched – we’ve done the work for you so you can sit back and google how to convince your child that a meal is just a REALLY big snack.


Let’s take one of my favorites, like (#12). I’ll never recover from not having one in my size. Pair it with the gold boots (#32), and tie in the gold shoes with some gold ears (#48) and your toddler will go from librarian to barbarian in two seconds. Take (#16) and pair it with (#22), (FYI, the shirt comes from a Spanish website that has an English translation button. Don’t be intimidated. You have to go down unfamiliar roads sometimes in search of the perfect outfit for your child. We are solving world hunger here. Do what you have to do!). Now, brighten it up with some fun yellow shoes (#41), or the rose-gold oxfords (#39) and if it’s chilly, add “Elsa’s cape” (#14). For that matter, put the cape with everything! Even if your kid is sweaty and listless. It’s worth it. Please ditch those crocs in favor of wooden clogs (#36). Just do it. Elsa does…probably. And a tip: Rain boots (#35) unexpectedly elevate almost any ensemble rain or shine. Put them with (#19) and (#7) for “jumping in muddy puddles.” Change into (#37) or (#31) while the rain boots are drying.


A good rule of thumb is “would I wear this?” OR “would my husband hate me if I wore this?” If the answer is no, then for the love of Pinterest, don’t buy it. You know . . . unless its striped leggings that would make me look like a clown that escaped from the state hospital, but looks like a magazine ad on my toddler. But that “Frozen” hoodie that you passed up at Toys R Us? Keep walking . . . unless she has a meltdown in which case do what parents do best in public when your kid is throwing a tantrum – anything. Literally. ANYTHING.


*And for all of you who are wishing this were for toddler boys – stay tuned, she is prepping that one now.


**In case you didn’t catch it, that post was written by Corbett, my best friend and child style guru.


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