Dooce\’s Feminine and Contemporary Diagnostic

EmilyStyleBook_DecorStyles_Contemporary_Modern_Minial_emily henderson


Those of you who bought the book (THANK YOU) have seen and possibly taken the style diagnostic. It’s basically a series of questions to help help guide you to your style, or at least provoke a dialogue about it. To help promote the book I reached out to some of my blogger friends and asked them to take the quiz, and if they would post about it, I would do a custom inspiration AND product board – so they can really see what that style looks like. So, Heather Armstrong, of Dooce fame took the bait, probably because who doesn’t want to see how someone else would interpret their style? A few words about Heather: she started her blog in 2001 as a personal journal. But, since she is funny, smart and relatable in every way it became a big, nay HUGE successful blog. I met her a few years ago at Alt (after reading her blog for years) we commiserated on our former mormon-ness, as well as all the other things professional bloggers have in common. She has since started a consulting company for online sites – to strategize and help companies reach their audience. She still writes a few articles a month but has expanded her business as any smart business woman would do (kudos to you Heather).


When Heather took the style quiz (which you can find in the book) she got ‘contemporary’, which I know is a very controversial word. What ‘contemporary’ should mean is; current, modern and living in 2016. What the rest of the world calls contemporary tends to look generic and often cheap, referencing no real style eras or having very little personality. But for the style diagnostic we had to have 8 different styles, and four of them needed to be on the more modern and minimal side, so we threw in ‘Contemporary’ to see if we could make that work. It did. It’s kinda a combination of minimal, Scandinavian and modern with hits of color throughout but with white and black as a big foundation.


contemporary_pink_white_minimal_living room_inspiration


For Heather, her version of contemporary is definitely on the more feminine side of ‘contemporary’ which we also gleaned from her Pinterest boards. For inspiration we pulled rooms that evoked a soft, fun, minimal and feminine vibe with notes of Scandinavian, and contemporary design in them. It is very pretty in pink meets structured and minimal contemporary.


Dooce Moodboard_Contemporary_White_Pink_Minimal_Blush_Pastels_Modern_1


Dooce Moodboard_Contemporary_White_Pink_Minimal_Blush_Pastels_Modern_2


Dooce Moodboard_Contemporary_White_Pink_Minimal_Blush_Pastels_Modern_3


Dooce Moodboard_Contemporary_White_Pink_Minimal_Blush_Pastels_Modern_4


For her moodboard we pulled from items that she already loved and had pinned and then expanded from there to create a room that is contemporary, feminine, fun, and very family friendly. The only thing missing is a big glass of Rose.


Dooce_Contemporary_Moodboard 1


1. Pink Vase | 2. Geo Vessel | 3. Woven Pouf | 4. Pink Chair | 5. Black Table Lamp | 6. Metal Accent Table | 7. Black and White Pillow | 8. Pink Throw | 9. Abstract Art | 10. Arc Lamp | 11. Pink Velvet Pillow | 12. Faux Fur Pillow | 13. Gray Couch | 14. Lucite Coffee Table | 15. Shag Rug | 16. Standing Bookcase


Thank you, Heather, for being consistently honest, smart, unique and most importantly NOT GENERIC. Heather has opinions. Heather expresses them. Heather is the best version of my fate. If I am lucky.


***Image Sources: 1. David Tsay for STYLED | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


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