Home Decor Arrows

Hi Crafters! Now that Christmas is over and all put away, I’ve been having fun decorating my home for the first time since we moved in. I’m not quite ready to decorate for Valentine’s Day yet. I’m just enjoying the simplicity of my home and finally having something hung on my walls! These wall arrows were perfect to add to my decor. As you can see my colors for my kitchen/dining area are neutrals, blue, and a touch of mustard.
Here are the supplies I used:
3 wood wall arrows (in the Valentine’s crafts)
paper cutter
paint- White, Sea Foam, Charcoal, & Quaker Grey
3 patterns of scrapbook paper
First, I lightly sanded all the edges.
Then I traced half of the arrow shape onto the scrapbook paper and used my paper cutter to cut it out so I could get straight lines.
Then I painted the sides of all three arrows white.
Next, I painted half of the arrows Sea Foam, Charcoal and Quaker Grey. It doesn’t matter to paint a line straight down the center because you will be covering the other half with paper.
Then use your wood glue to glue on the paper.
Use THIS tutorial to glue on the paper.
After everything was dry, I sanded all the edges again.
Then… (the set of arrows comes with wall hangers), hammer those to the back.
And last hang them up on your wall!
It was the perfect touch to my collage wall! This wall makes me happy!

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