Why Having A Case of The (Powder) Blues is a Good Thing This Year



If you woke up today not only wondering what the top colors for Spring are gonna be but also hoping one of them would be powder blue and then proceeded to freak out a little because, while you love the color, you aren’t quite sure how you would incorporate it into your wardrobe let alone your home, YOU ARE IN LUCK, BUTTERCUP!


Carla Fahden is one of our newest potential collaborators here on the blog, and I promise I am gonna let her take it away. But, in case you are wondering who this new stranger is, here is a little bit about our new friend. Carla Fahden is a Creative Director at a creative agency in Minneapolis with a focus on fashion art direction. Off the clock she devotes her time to designing wedding stationery and has an exclusive collaboration with Stone Fox Bride launching this spring. You can also find her decorating her recently renovated 100 year old home, watching her Felicity box set or writing rambling run-on sentences in the blogosphere. Take it away Carla.


Every Spring (and Fall), new trends hit the runway and for the most part I admire them from afar while proceeding to outfit myself (and our house) in straight-up neutrals (to make them feel special, I call them “nifty neuts”) including navy, white, grey, black and more navy. Well it looks like this Spring is gonna be different because I AM OBSESSED WITH BLUE (typically darker shades) so introducing this hot new color won’t be that big of a stretch for me. And while I can assure you that people I see on the regular are gonna be like “YOU’RE WEARING A PASTEL?” I am absolutely going to pull it off because it pairs so wonderfully with nifty neuts.




As you can see from these pretty ladies, the trend isn’t about turning yourself into a smurf (actually, smurfs are more of a royal blue but I generally find that a good smurf reference usually wins people over). Instead, find a way to incorporate powder blue in a simple, timeless way that works with your existing style. It’s like my grandmother used to always say “style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” Actually Ralph Lauren said that but it’s fun to imagine I have a classy grandmother who wears pearls and red lipstick and gives me wise advice like that.




Okay, so you can’t exactly run out and buy this coat wrap thingy, but this image was too purdy not to share. It’s just so soft and natural and simple. Like my grandmother (or Coco Chanel) used to say, “simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance.”


Knowing fashion trends usually make their way into the home (I assume that’s why my parents owned brown corduroy sofas in the ’80s?), let’s take a look-see at varying ways to incorporate powder blue into your casa.




Powder Blue_Color Trend_3






We’re starting simple here (sans the unattainable high ceilings, and elaborate crown molding). An easy way to introduce a new color into your space is through furniture. All it takes is one sofa or a matching set of chairs to make a statement since these pieces are such focal points in a room. The key in these examples is that the rest of the room is full of nifty neuts (come on spell-check, neuts is a word).


I think it’s safe to say that incorporating powder blue into a kitchen is a pretty unexpected “damn-I-wish-I-had-done-that” kind of move. In these next examples, the absolutely perfect shade of blue was chosen to not feel overwhelmingly saturated but rather subtly unexpected.




Is it just me or is it kind of weird how that high chair is just hanging out angled directly at the camera?


Oehlenschlaegersgade 60, 6tv.1663 Kbh.V.+45 40822786


Powder Blue_Color Trend_2


Powder Blue_Color Trend_1


FACT : You don’t have to be a baby boy to have powder blue in your bedroom. Whether you incorporate powder blue into the walls or mix in just a hit of the color through your sheets, powder blue is the perfect color to introduce into your bedroom because it’s so stinkin’ calming.




Powder Blue_Color Trend_5




So if you’re not a big neutral nut like myself and you actually have color and pattern in your space, fear not. As you can see in these next examples, powder blue actually almost serves as a neutral itself and takes the back seat when paired with bolder colors and patterns.


Powder Blue_Color Trend_4




Now it’s time to pick out some pieces for Spring. And while I’m not going to go into elaborate details about all 21 of them (no one likes a new girl who gets too comfortable too soon), I do wanna call out a couple of my faves. The frayed chambray short-sleeve top (#1) is an absolute must for me. I love that it’s casual and simple but not just a basic tee that would cling to my post-baby belly. The iridescent loafers (#8) are surely something my classy grandmother would wear. While I dream of having posh upholstered chairs in our dining room, the space is much too small… so the lacquered powder blue bentwood chair (#12) from Target could be a perfect option. And lastly, the sneakers with a hit of neon yellow (#18) are the kind of thing I wear when bopping around on the weekends as they are not only comfy as hell but also give off the appearance that I’m athletic and may have just come from the gym (which I can assure you is most likely not the case).






1. Frayed Edge Chambray Top | 2. Striped Infinity Scarf | 3. Sunglasses | 4. Metal Frame Upholstered Chair | 5. Ottoman | 6. High Rise Skinny Jeans | 7. Denim Backpack | 8. Loafer | 9. Art | 10. Large Satchel | 11. Sleep Top | 12. Dining Chairs | 13. Wrap Tie Midi Skirt | 14. Toaster | 15. Mid-Century Upholstered Stool | 16. Dinnerware | 17. Sheet Set | 18. Sneaker | 19. Miniskirt | 20. Side Table | 21. Pinstripe Shirt


There you have it poptarts . . . a powder blue sensation that’s gonna sweep the nation!


Craving more of our color predictions check these out: Kitchen Trends, 90’s Color Trends.


***Photo crediting – Image Source: 1 | Grid: Top Left | Top Right | Bottom Left | Bottom Right | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15


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