Love Note Slat Sign

I remember I received my first love letter when I was in fifth grade. It was given to me by my best friend’s older brother. He was a sixth grader I barely knew…and his affectionate gesture TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT!


I love Valentine’s Day and I always see “the holiday of hearts” as an extra special opportunity to write a love letter. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving sappy, Hallmark sentiments in the mail?! Love letters were the inspiration behind this adorable project.


You will need:


vertical slat sign


jumbo pencil


wooden heart


couple of pieces of scrapbook paper


paint in White, Paradise, Pop Pink, Skintone, Metallic Silver


pink glitter


white wood glue


paint brushes


painters tape


glue gun


wooden letters (found at Target)


scrabble tiles


red ribbon


black Sharpie



Step 1 — I started by painting my slat sign white. Be careful not to get any paint in the grooves or “lines.” Let it dry completely.


Step 2 — Once dry, I put painter’s tape along the edges of the grooves to ensure clean lines. I used a tiny brush and the “Paradise” paint color to paint inside the grooves. This step will give the appearance that your slat sign is “lined.” (ie lined paper!)


Step 3 — Using your hot glue gun, glue the red ribbon along the left-hand side of the slat. Set it aside for now.


Step 4 — Paint your heart pink! Once the paint is dry, use white wood glue to apply a coat over the top. Sprinkle pink glitter in a paint tray or on a paper towel and “stamp” the heart in the glitter, glue side down.


Step 5 — Trace your wooden pencil onto the pieces of scrapbook paper and cut it out. Paint the tip of the pencil metallic silver and the portion below the tip the skintone color. While that is drying, paint your letters metallic silver.


Step 6 — When your pencil is dry you can use the white wood glue to glue your scrapbook paper onto the pencil. (I cut the top of my paper in jagged lines, to look as though the pencil had been sharpened.)


Step 7 — Assembly! Using your hot glue gun, glue the letters and the heart to the board. I used “Scrabble” tiles from Hobby Lobby for the word, “write.” Arrange and glue everything on the front of the board; put it together they way YOU like it!


Step 8 — Lastly, I used a nickel to trace the holes on my board. I simply traced them with black Sharpie and then colored them in. (You could also use a circular sponge brush and some paint if you prefer that way.)


And my love letter is FINISHED!!! Wouldn’t this be darling displayed with a tin mailbox from the Dollar Spot at Target? Or with some framed valentines around it? You could do a whole mantel display all around the love letter theme!


(Side note: This project is versatile and would be darling to use during other times of the year. You could make the giant piece of paper for your Back-to-School decor. You could recreate this one in a Christmas style and have it be a letter to Santa. CUTE, RIGHT?!)


I’d like to write The Wood Connection a love letter! “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Your projects are perfection, And I love you!” A big THANK YOU to The Wood Connection for giving me this opportunity to guest post.


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