Hello!  I’m so excited to share this Easter Banner with you today!  Remember my Easter Bunny Plaque from last year sitting on top of my mantel? ( You can click here to see how I made it).  Well I wanted to do a banner to match it!  I thought the mini “half circle” banner pieces kind of looked like  Easter Eggs so I paired those with the larger “oval” banner pieces to make a cute Easter banner.  I love how it turned out and it matches my Easter Bunny Plaque perfectly.  Well I’m ready for Easter, but I do have a handful of St. Patrick’s Day decorations.  So I better make a switch since my sons birthday is on St. Patricks Day.  But now is the time to start your Easter crafts since Easter falls at the end of March this year!
Supplies needed:
small wood letters spelling “EASTER”
scrapbook paper
1 yard of each ribbon/3 yards of bakers twine
paint: White and Crocus Yellow
First, lightly sand all wood pieces.
Then paint all the letters white and “oval” banner shapes yellow.
Before you paint the mini “half circle banner shapes, trace them onto your scrapbook paper.  Then paint all the edges white.  Cut out the paper and use the wood glue to adhere the paper to the wood, follow this tutorial.

After everything is dry use your sandpaper block on all edges of all pieces.
Then use the wood glue to adhere the letters to the “oval” banner shape pieces.
Before you string you banner together, you will need a needle or push pin to poke holes through the paper of mini “half circle” banner pieces.  Then you can string it all together with your bakers twine!  I got only 2 yards of bakers twine and it barely fit the banner on it, I suggest to buy 3 yards.
And last, tie some ribbon together to place at the ends of the banner.  I got a yard of each ribbon and then cut it in half to use some on each end.


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Color Trends – Lemon/Buttercup Yellow

lemon yellow chairs


***Post Authored by Carla


It’s me, Carla and it’s time to introduce our next color (gulp). Let’s put our hands together and give a warm welcome to… (drumroll)… BUTTERCUP YELLOW! It’s loud, proud and has been haunting the shit outta me since I saw it on the Top 10 Colors for 2016 list. Are you skeptical. So were we … until we started pinning for this post.


Wait. Backup.


The last time I wore yellow was Halloween of 2006 when I dressed up as the Morton’s Salt girl (costume complete with yellow rubber shoes and a yellow dress that my mom made for me and by the way I was 27, not 12). And while we have some bananas on our kitchen counter and a rubber ducky in our bathtub, there is no other trace of yellow in our home.


emily henderson color trend buttercup yellow


HOWEVER, once I started perusing the internets for yellow interiors, fashion and products to share with you, I found myself CONSIDERING this new hue. Here’s why.


modern yellow interior design emily henderson


If you live in a colder climate like myself (Minnesota), you probably agree that winter poses as a hard time of year to dress in a feminine way without freezing your bum off (stay with me here). Come winter and spring, all of my ruffly blouses and silk dresses get shoved to the back of my closet in favor of bulky fair isle sweaters and (fun fact for those who know me) wool long-johns that I wear under my jeans. Super sexy. Our 18 month old son  recently started calling me “DADA” (formerly I was known a “MAM”) and it’s probably because I’m starting to dress like one. Where am I going with this??? IT’S TIME FOR ME TO INFUSE SOME BRIGHT, FEMININE, ON-TREND COLORS INTO MY LIFE.


Buttercup Yellow Fashion Trend 2016


Look at how effortlessly these babes pull off buttercup yellow. As you can see, the key is to either introduce a small pop of color with an accessory or contrast one prominent yellow piece with enough neutrals to create visual balance. As you may have guessed, I will probably try something similar to the look Leandra is rocking (the tiny clutch).


Manrepeller Yellow Fashion Clutch




Yellow Fashion Trend


Infusing buttercup yellow into your home is obviously a bolder move than trying out a teeny yellow clutch or yellow nail polish. When it comes to bringing color into your home, there are two different methods to take depending on your taste, budget and ballsiness.


Lemon Yellow Fashion Accent


Method #1


If you are unsure of a color – be it buttercup yellow or fiesta red (coming in a future post), try introducing small, inexpensive items like a vase or throw pillows (scroll down to the roundup for ideas). The key is to edit down the rest of your space to be neutral enough for the pops of yellow to feel intentional.


Another way to try out a bold color is with paint. Paint probably seems like a big commitment, but in actuality is a fairly small investment and if you hate it, you can just paint right over it. Pro tip: I typically hit up Restoration Hardware for paint swatches as their colors are tried and true and they have lots of nice reference pictures. I then head to Home Depot and have them do a color match with a less fancy (and cheaper) paint brand.


Method #2


If you’ve tested the waters and decided you want to up the ante OR you want to skip the first method entirely and just go balls to the wall (good on you but don’t come crying to us afterwards, but please send pics), consider introducing furniture or drapery. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, keep the rest of the room neutral (grey is a nice compliment). If you’re opting for a more fun, playful look (like in a nursery), feel free to introduce other small pops of color. Ultimately if your yellow is in the form of a major investment, be sure you love this color and have loved it for a while.


emily henderson buttercup yellow color trend


The Rachel Comey flagship store in New York risked three VERY on trend colors and killed it. This yellow is absolutely perfect next to that blushing blush.


The Loft Amsterdam Yellow Sofa


People with yellow sofas that look good deserve a parade. Brava.


buttercup yellow sofa and chair


Roundup time! Okay, so when I see all of these items combined on one giant mood board, I start to have a mild panic attack. TOO. MUCH. YELLOW. All of these items are meant to stand on their own and not be combined! I especially like the little yellow prep bowls and Ray-Ban sunnies. I wanted to give a shout out to this fancy little number which did not make the round up but made me laugh (NO JUDGEMENT if you are into furry yellow toilet seat covers).


So what do you think? Are you excited about buttercup yellow or does it make you a nervous pervous like me?


Buttercup Yellow Round Up


1. Planter + Stand | 2. Paint in Lemon Sorbet | 3. Tad Carpenter Print | 4. Mohair Pillows | 5. Wallpaper in Rosa | 6. Armchair | 7. Fabric in Pantheon | 8. Bar Stools | 9. Sunglasses | 10. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer | 11. Nail Polish | 12. Plaid Throw | 13. Rob Delamater Print | 14. Bedding Set | 15. Bud Vase | 16. Fabric in Citrine | 17. Blazer | 18. Luster Velvet Pillow | 19. Paint in Lemon Ice | 20. Cotton Throw | 21. Pouf | 22. Rug | 23. Mongolian Fur Pillow | 24. Instax Camera


As we were collating all this product there seemed to be two different yellows that didn’t necessarily look good together – Buttercup and Lemon. So as you are yellow-ing your house choose one tone – a warmer butter or a more acidic lemon, but nary the two shall mix.




1. Swatch | 2. Rug | 3. Vase | 4. Candle | 5. Skirt | 6. Chair | 7. Vase | 8. Key Chain | 9. Lamp | 10. Shoes | 11. Wallpaper in Otomi | 12. Pillow | 13. Swimsuit | 14. Headphones | 15. Spacetime by Julia Rymer | 16. Sunglasses | 17. Dress | 18. Stripped Rug | 19. Mixing Bowl Set | 20. Ceramic Crate Candle | 21. In The Boatyard by Jenny Prinn | 22. Rain Boots | 23. Sheet Set | 24. Clutch | 25. Varriables by Jenny Prinn | 26. Paint in Acacia | 27. Armchair | 28. Table | 29. Banana Flask | 30. Sofa


*Image Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 56 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 


***Carla Fahden is a Creative Director at a creative agency in Minneapolis with a focus on fashion art direction. Off the clock she devotes her time to writing her blog, designing wedding stationery and has an exclusive collaboration with Stone Fox Bride launching this spring. You can also find her decorating her recently renovated 100 year old home, watching her Felicity box set or writing rambling run-on sentences in the blogosphere. 




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Design Plan Rejects: A New Nursery For An Old Friend

Ian Brennans House Living Room Emily Henderson


Design plans get presented, accepted, and edited, but rarely outright rejected. But, it happens. So instead of throwing away a perfectly good design, I figured we’d blog about it so maybe one of you could use it. You all know this house above, right? It belongs to my friend Ian who now shares it with his fiance (a good friend), and soon to be son. Six years ago I designed it for the pilot episode of Secrets From a Stylist, and it is still one of my favorites. And since I feel style ownership over my/their house I hijacked the nursery and am designing it for them as their baby present.


Emily Henderson Ian Brennans House Family Room


The whole house is a blend of antique comfort mixed with a mid-century cool guy vibe. His fiance has since made it more feminine, adding her touch but it’s mostly the same as you see here.


Emily Henderson Ian Brennans House Living Room


So, when it came time to do the nursery I decided to started on the design plan without consulting them on what they actually wanted. Again, it’s practically my house, after all.


Emily Henderson Ian Brennans House Dining Room


Here is the room in question. It was the old guest room and needs to be turned into a baby room in the next couple months.


Ian Brennan Guest Room


That certainly is the worst photograph ever. But it hasn’t really changed much since I styled it 6 years ago. The room is challenging because it is really small, doesn’t get a lot of light and has gray carpet – which is fine but means that we need to make sure the walls contrast enough, so it’s not a gray cave (how it is now). We can’t go dark on the walls because it would turn into a cave, and we can’t bring in too much pattern or it will feel really busy and small. So there are the challenges – we need to lighten it up, without being busy or boring.


So, on Sunday mornings I would spend an hour or two sourcing and putting together a design plan. Trilby (Ian’s fiance) told me she wanted blue, white, and gold, and maybe some big pops of color. Here is what she pinned to help guide me:


Client Inspiration Muted Colors




It was muted but happy. Then she also pinned these more poppy images: Client Inspirations Bright Colors


I liked it, but it wasn’t what I was picturing, so I pretty much just ignored it and went with what I wanted to do.


This is the plan I put together:




1. Wallpaper in Walnut | 2. Crib | 3. Solar System Mobile | 4. Lamp | 5. Zebra Head | 6. Gold Basket | 7. Dresser | 8. Wall Pockets | 9. Window Shades | 10. Cubbies | 11. Bear Pillow | 12. Camp Fire Nightlight | 13. Nightstand | 14. Whale Pillow | 15. Storage Bench | 16. Glider + Ottoman | 17. Ride On Elephant | 18. Side Table | 19. Laundry Hamper


They were like “Uh . . . that’s cool but not anything that we were picturing.”


Fine. But back to me for a sec . . .


I went for gender neutral, vintage-inspired, and modern, with a bit of rustic nursery. I love that Moby Dick themed wallpaper (called Melville), and thought it would be great for them as they are both big readers. I liked the idea of keeping the walls warm, cozy and neutral, while adding olives and navys to keep it feeling happy and just “boy” enough. It’s very adventuresome and explorer-esque, which I think fits their personalities, and most likely their little munchkin.


We all wanted a pattern but it couldn’t be too high contrast as the space is so small and she really wanted something that made the room look brighter – which admittedly the Melville paper didn’t do. So we went through hundreds of papers which you can see on this pin board. She wanted regency, bright, and feminine, and Ian wanted more antique, and masculine. And I wanted it to be cool, collected, unexpected but work with the style of the house.


We ordered 40 samples of wallpaper, which they narrowed it down to a few that we all really liked, and I pulled together a couple plans. Ultimately they both said that regardless of the style they want it to feel really magical, soothing, happy (and bigger). I can certainly get behind that. Stay tuned for one more rejected design before we settled on the real plan that we are currently installing.


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How Window Film Changed My House (and life)



The thing that I love most about this house is also the thing that has caused me the most stress (and damage, and money), up until just recently: The beautiful west facing California sunlight. It made the house unbearably hot in the afternoon (almost year round), and it faded out all furniture, textiles and wood in a very bad, sad way . . . until I met LLumar Window Films.


My relationship with these windows is as long as they are tall. Let’s go back to the beginning when we bought the house.




A lot has changed, folks. They were big and opened up the space, but they were dark and tinted.




After we moved in it looked like this (below). Definitely airier and brighter but that tint was a problem.




Why someone would buy a house like this, then darken it was beyond me at the time, and being the sucker for natural light that I am I was so excited to rip that stuff off. We had it removed, then the windows washed, and let the light flood in. It was magical from December through April. Every instagrammers dream. I’m sure you know where this is going. Come springtime the house was HOT. Like unbearably hot. We installed these automatic roller shades to help combat the heat.




These blocked the harsh light while still letting in a ton of light, and it provided great privacy at night. But these shades clearly weren’t as fun to stare at as the view was, and they really didn’t help much with the heat. So then (and here is a real riveting story) we had our AC checked, and it needed thousands of dollars of work to bring it into working order – new ducting, new intake vents, blah blah. Once we got that fixed the house stayed SO much cooler. But on those hot days with the sun blasting in, it was still pretty arresting.




We normally shoot this room either in the morning, when it’s cloudy or when the shades are down. But here is how it actually looks during the day. Super streaky, harsh and generally very hard to photograph. See how the sunlight is barreling into all my furniture and textiles? It was doing damage as I was innocently playing with my baby in the other room.




It was slow, but sad.


The leather in my sofa has been almost completely faded except for where the pillows were blocking the sun from hitting it.




The flooring is even worse – as you can see there’s a pretty severe line where the rug is. It’s crazy. And it’s probably happening to your poor floors as we speak. So we had three problems:

    1. The heat
    1. Furniture fading
    1. The sun glare and EXTREME brightness in the afternoon hours.

So I met with LLumar, a company that manufactures window film for your windows that is professionally installed by a local dealer that can address all of those problems. At first I was wary, having removed a window tint 2 years before. I didn’t want anything to affect the quality of light in my house.


But they convinced me that window tints have come a long way since 1992 when those tints were installed, that I would never notice a visual difference – and that those major problems would be helped. They showed me a few different tints that of course looked blue against white but the second we held them against a window they were totally clear. There is a broad range of window film available from practically clear to dark with up to 99%+ UV ray protection (this has a tint you might notice). I chose to go with Vista by LLumar products on the lower windows and AIR80 on the upper. I had them put up a sample before they did it, and I honestly couldn’t see a difference in the amount of light that came through for one, and just barely for the other. If I hadn’t been so scared of the light going away I probably would have done Air80 everywhere (which is what Bob, the installer from Solar Art Window Film, suggested).


So here’s how the process works:

    1. A local installer comes to give you a quote and show you your options.
    1. You choose the window film you want based on your needs. They have window film to help with privacy, UV ray protection, heat reduction, fade and glare protection and also security (more to come on that later) But basically, within each series, there is a range of coverage options.



3. A week later they come back and install – which takes a couple hours for each window. They put it on with water and a squeegee.




The process was super fast and painless. The installers were professional, friendly and total pros. When they were finished it was like nothing ever happened.




It’s hard to shoot this product because it is literally designed to be unseen, but in the below photo you can see the slight tint that it has.




We did our master bedroom windows as well because it was also west facing and insanely bright and hot.




You can’t even tell where the film starts and stops, which I was so impressed by.




So how much exactly does it cost to install the window film? Well, it varies widely depending upon:

    • Your film selection
    • How large your windows are
    • The complexity of the project
    • Where you live/cost of living in your area

Of course, I selected two of highest end window films possible. The living room windows were 183 square feet, and the cost could be $1100 – $2000 depending on the film chosen. Mine were around $2k because the windows are huge. If they are more standard like my master bedroom they can be more in the range of $400 – $600. Another big selling point on this window film is that every film (no matter the tint) acts as a security film if the window were to shatter and holds all the glass in place rather than have it fall all over the floor or heaven forbid a loved one.


It’s “winter” in LA but it was in the 90’s 2 weeks ago, and while we had the AC on, Brian and I both noticed a difference in the living room. Normally you can’t really sit in that room because it’s so warm when it’s that hot outside, but it was so much better with less heat, glare, and hopefully unseen furniture damage – which will come in VERY handy because we are probably replacing that sofa with a big navy linen piece.




I love the light in this room even more because I can actually sit in here during the day now. I write, play and can watch the sunset without my eyes being cooked. The message here: if you are in a situation like this and are looking for a solution, the LLumar tint film is one that I absolutely recommend. It’s an investment at the beginning, and kind a boring way to spend money, but the enjoyment we get year round out of that room is going to be worth it, as well as saving our furniture and art. The sun, as much as we love it, is a wonderful and powerful force. So, we can finally keep the happiness inside, and keep the heat and damage outside, where it belongs.


***I was compensated by LLumar for this post, although all words, ideas and opinion are mine.


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My 13 Favorite Time Saving Apps



I need more time. Everyone could use more money, and sure, I could use more help but more than anything I really need more time. With two tiny, needy, unpredictable children and a demanding career, I’ve come to realize that my time is the one thing of which I am SUPER protective of. Luckily, Silicon Valley and all their VC backers know that I’m not alone, and the inundation of time saving apps has filled our phones, to the point where grocery shopping seems like a nostalgic event – especially in LA where traffic makes a quick trip for a gallon of milk a 3 hour situation. So I’ve made a list of all the time saving apps that I’ve used – sometimes I even call them my diva apps because a few of them have to do with beauty needs. Most of these are luxuries, but they are good to have in your arsenal when you look at your week and realize you barely have time to brush your teeth, let alone your hair.


Handy.com – It’s a handyman and cleaning service with vetted dudes and ladies. I’ve used this once for an electrician/tv mounting and he was great and will continue to book him. It was $60/hour which ain’t nothing, but electricians are way more expensive so it was a really good option. He mounted my TV (hooked it all up) and hung drapery hardware and drapes in 3 hours. It’s like hiring a husband without the marital argument. But we also use them for our office cleaning every two weeks!




Taskrabbit – Taskrabbit and Handy are probably in competition, but I use them for different things. I use Taskrabbit to clean the leaves on my tree (I’m not kidding, each one has to be wiped off individually because it has a stupid virus), put together furniture, and move furniture around my house. I found my go-to dude from Taskrabbit, and now I just book him directly. Everyone is a different price, ranging from $25 – $60 an hour based on experience and the task. They will do literally ANYTHING – put together Ikea furniture, paint, pick up your rugs for cleaning, grocery shop, run random errands . . . anything. 




Thumbtack. This service has everything from photographers to private yoga instructors to contractors to life coaches. I haven’t used it but I know people that do and they love it.


Porch – Porch is more about experts in a home service. I’ve used it to find a good window washer, gardening services, and to get quotes from contractors. Yes, even I find it EXTREMELY hard to find the right contractor and am constantly trying out new people. 




Blow Me – Calm down, it’s just a blow out (of the hair). I’ve done this now twice, right after I had Elliot when I felt so schlubby and ugly (as you do when you are spending 49 hours a day in pajamas and only showering every third day), but I couldn’t really leave the house because I was breastfeeding. So some dude/chick comes to your house and blows your hair out. It’s not as good as Dry Bar, but it’s at your house and sometimes you just need someone else to brush your hair in your own home – words of a true basic bitch, right there.




Saucey – Booze/wine/mixers on demand. I think that the warehouse is located near me because it takes like 20 minutes from order to delivery (I’m sure it’s not the same everywhere). It’s more expensive than the stores, but you are paying for convenience. It’s perfect for those dinner parties where you see your stash dwindling, or those lazy Sundays with friends, when no one is volunteering to go to the store. 




Washio – Now, I haven’t used this one yet because I’m too lazy to even collate all my dry-cleaning into one bag, and instead I opt to wear the same clothes over and over and over, BUT I hear this is wonderful. We are redoing our laundry room in the next few weeks, so while it’s under construction we’ll be using this app, I’m sure. My friends that use it love it, and if it stays successful it will make going to the dry cleaner obsolete – which is not good for dry cleaners, but might be good for moms.




Instacart – Grocery delivery within a couple hours. I do this everyday. It’s rather financially irresponsible because it is more expensive than going to the store. But taking those two kids to the store is almost impossible, and using my free time to do that seems absolutely ludicrous. The pluses are that you get your groceries delivered from anywhere you want (Whole Foods, Ralphs, Costco), the minuses are that sometimes you think you ordered 3 carrots when instead you ordered 30 pounds of carrots. Or often it’s hard to find “chicken” at Whole Foods on the site, even though they obviously carry it. Despite all that, it is what we’ve chosen to do because I hate grocery shopping with a mad passion and between work and those kids, this is the only way I can keep fresh food in the house so we aren’t ordering take out every night.  




Soothe.com – Massage on demand. I’ve done this now three or four times. There is something weird about it, I’m not going to lie. You feel both bougie and dirty at the same time, but sometimes you just want someone to pet you with oil in your own home. Two of my three massages have been decent but not amazing. But I keep coming back because the service is so convenient and it’s the same cost as a spa, although much more expensive than going to your local Thai massage joint. All in all, sometimes on a Friday night (again if you have kids and didn’t book a sitter) it’s the perfect treat. I did those mostly when I was pregnant, while everyone else was at happy hour and it did give me something to look forward to at the end of a long week. 




Amazon Prime Now – It’s only on your phone and it means you can get many things to you within hours – at least in LA. It’s crazy fast and easy. I couldn’t find an image of it (it took me forever to realize it’s JUST on your phone). 




Postmates – Restaurant delivery. I think they do other things too, but mostly we order take out through them. When we first moved from New York to LA we were horrified at the lack of takeout. Seven years later we finally don’t need to leave our own home to eat bad Chinese. 




Door Dash – More restaurant delivery, very similar to Postmates, but often they do have different restaurants in their arsenal. 




Care – While most of our sitters are through word of mouth, every now and again we’ve been stumped. Care.com vets the nannies, sitters, and mother helpers. You interview them, and we stick around the first time with them, but then we have a new sitter to call on when The Bachelor invites us back for the “Women Tell All” episode. 




Doctor On Demand – I’ve done a couple sponsored posts with them because it’s a service that I really like. We use it once a month (and no, I don’t get it for free), for random little things that are more serious than a Google search, and less serious than immediately going to a doctor. Read this and this post to see how and why we’ve used it.




So what am I missing out on? When you look at this whole list together, it looks as though we rarely need to leave our homes, or that we don’t do anything for ourselves anymore, but I think that the world (Silicon Valley) is responding to our basic need to not be oppressed by minutiae of day to day living – especially in a city that takes FOREVER to run 1 errand. So while we can’t outsource every single annoying thing in our lives, it’s good to know that we have more options so we can spend more time with our kids and friends and less time waiting in line for a parking spot at Trader Joes.


***feature image by Stephanie Todoro


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Pillow Fort Kids Decor Collection



Hold on to your toddlers folks, because its finally here. Target has a kids decor line called PillowFort, and its very good, stylish, fun, and extremely affordable. It officially launched yesterday, so we thought wed highlight our favorites and show some of them styled in my house (with a sneak peek into Elliots nursery). Part of my job with Target is receiving advance pieces of their new collections and playing with them. Its just terrible.


Here are some of my favorites that I got to play with, as well as pictures and links to the whole collection.




That white/gold ball lamp. Its simple and graphic (it could go anywhere in your home, actually), and perfect scale for a nursery. When I drafted this post I had only seen about 1/8th of the product, and now that Im perusing it online there are so many more pieces that I love. Check out the full lighting collection there is even a gold heart lamp shade.


In general PillowFortis full of whimsical, happy, fun textiles, accessories, and decor that is easy to throw around and certainly cute enough for adults to love, too. The color palette is fresh and modern, and the patterns channel our inner tween (flamingo bedding, panda wall mounts). Its less nursery and more kids room or playroom (we are doing a makeover with all of it soon, so stay tuned). Charlie inserted himself into a couple shots, like the proper blogger child that he is (we are in the showing less of his face in social media phase these days, by the way).




That pineapple pillow is ridiculous. As you can see its kid-tested by Charlie Henderson himself, and it has his stamp of toddler approval.




We threw that gold unicorn lamp into Elliots room (reveal coming soon!). Its the perfect side table scale for a kids room (or could certainly go on the shelf of a unicorn-loving grown-up). It comes in white too if you cant handle the magic of both gold and unicorn in one lamp.




Our changing table (we took the top off for the shot) is by Babyletto from Target, and can be found here.




Elliots room is mostly green with accents of a soft pink, so that unicorn head is gosh darn perfect. We will be ordering more pieces now that the collection is available (we just had a couple samples), so youll start to see it peppered in a lot of our nurseries we are designing. But you should snag what you want as things might sell out. This line is permanent its like another Threshold or Room Essentials, so while new pieces will be introduced every season, its not a collaboration that will go away. Instead its going to grow, and grow, and grow.


Now for the reveal of the whole PillowFort Collection.




Charlie loves that bearand sleeps with it in his crib, along with 15 other stuffed animals. I dont know how he actually lies down, but its not a battle Im fighting these days. My mom (who had 6 kids) told me good advice once that we should only really fight battles that are going to matter in 5 years. When Charlie pushes or steals toys from another kid YES, we make a point to talk about it and work through his thoughts, apologize, blah blah. But Im not concerned with the fact that his crib looks like one of those carnival games where you grab the prize with a big claw. Check out whole collection here.




He is rather obsessed with dinosaurs lately, and makes us each crawl around and act like them every night dictating who is a stegosaurus, and who is a brontosaurus . We recently went to an event at the Natural History Museum where he was introduced to a few puppet dinosaurs which both TERRIFIED him and solidified his obsession. Point being I want that string art and that dinosaur head. Whole collection here.




I love that bean bag chair and wish we had a spot for it. It comes in mint, too and is going to grace many a playroom in America this year. Also I didnt know that Zebra was an option, but man its cute.




For the Pacific Northwest in all of us. I love the styling of the road on the floor its a pretty fun idea to do with your kids, right? Charlie makes us sit down and race each other (as if we are in mini cars) and he yells READY, SET, GO! and randomly dictates the winner. Shop the Explorer Escapeshere.




I can imagine most little girls (even up to tween age) would love that butterfly shelf for their tiny collections, and that side table is extremely cute. Also I didnt see this bunny nightlight before, but its so cute and Im going to get it for Elliots room. See everything from theFloral Field collection.








This is probably my favorite shot from the catalogue, as those chairs, table, and canopy are so good. The last ten years has really been a big emergence of cute kids decor, certainly, but its so great that Target has joined the ranks and made it wildly more affordable. See the whole Marvelous Manor collection(and please get this canopy).




For the older kids, they have this desk and chair which I love, and is very deserving of the porcelain cat lamp. Check out the whole Mirage collection here.




Peek the whole Ocean Oasis collection here.




That mounted cat head. So cute. Step inside the Sprinkle Suite.




See the whole Stellar Station collection.




Check out the whole Tropical Treehouse collection.


Its happy and fun for both us, and our kids. And most importantly its available at our favorite national retailer (and online), Target.


When I made this roundup I had only seen some of the collection so if I were to do it now, after seeing every single piece online, I would add 20 things. So dont just go off of what my favorites are below, check out everything here. Its all so very good.




1. Lamp 2. Flamingo3. Flamingo Sheets4. Tropical Bedding 5. Unicorn Head6. Plush Blanket 7. TeePee 8. Pillow 9. Mint Chairs 10. Cactus Pillow11. Fossil Sheets 12. Dinosaur head13. Shark Head 14. Nightstand15. Unicorn16. Unicorn Lamp 17. Shark Sheets 18. Wall Hanging 19. Forest FriendsSheets 20. Dog Lamp21. Metallic Hearts Sheets 22. Bird Lamp 23. Metal Chair 24. Side Table 25. Whale Pillow 26. Tassel Comforter 27. Waves Quilt Set28. Standing Lamp29. Tassel Pillows30. Pineapple Lamp 31. Pineapple Pillow32. Panda Head33. Octopus34. Star sheet Set35. Heart Lights 36. Bean Bag Chair


See the entire PillowFort Collection, here.Bravo, Target. Kids and play rooms across America are about to get so much cuter.


Photos in our house by Stephanie Todaro.


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Designer Spotlight – Emily Katz



As you know in that book of mine, STYLED we featured the spaces of some insanely talented artists, designers, and creatives that made me, and the book look REALLY good. One of those talented artists being the one and only Emily Katz (and her partner Adam) who is a blogger, macrame artist, designer, and true bohemian at heart. Her home is insane, in a good way, filled with layered textiles, a menagerie of jungle life, and some of her own macrame pieces. It’s eclectic, unexpected and so artful. Take a look:






Emily isn’t a one trick pony though. She has recently launched a series of macrame workshops where you, yes you, (even me with my sausage fingers) can go to a class and learn how to weave your own macrame wall hanging or plant hanger. She has courses all over the nation this year and her classes are quickly filling up so be sure to check one out in a nearby city. These things are so beautiful – organic and modern.


Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset


And for those of you that aren’t quite ready to get their creative juices flowing, and are a bit more of a “purchaser” than a “doer” (I’m sad right now I’m more of the latter than the former), she has quite a few of her own hangings in her online shop for you to peruse (and purchase) at your leisure. I’ll definitely be adding a few of those plant holders to my shopping cart. But I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to get their DIY on in the barn in Tivoli with a bunch of other lovely ladies.




Her Instagram is also BEAUTIFUL, weird and overall inspiring. Follow along HERE.




That bench is so pretty. It would look pretty darn killer at the end of my bed.




Thank you so much Emily Katz, for letting us feature your beautiful work in the book. The first round of printing left off the crediting of the homeowners which was nauseating (thank God there have been 5 rounds of printing since), so I want to make sure that all of you who have that first edition of the book know that Emily and her partner designed their house, and they did it beautifully.


Now go check out her site, shop and instagram!


***photos of Emily’s House by David Tsay, all other photos by Leela Cyd, Christine Taylor, and Emily Katz.


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How to Style Your Bookcase if You’re A Hoarder, A Collector, or A Book Worm




From what many of you have told me styling your bookshelves is as hard for you as filing for taxes is for me – daunting and stressful, where you aren’t sure where to start, and you’re sure it will never end. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and maximizing your shelving for whatever purpose bests suits your home, whether that be storage, housing your collections, or a place to actually hold all your books, is something that everyone can achieve in a few easy steps. I promise. This month in Redbook, we are breaking down the process for three different ways to get your bookcases into tip top shape.


Maximum Storage: For those of you that need to use your bookcase for actual storage purposes there are some very pretty solutions out there. These not only maximize your storage, but allow you to still display some of your pretty objects. You may be thinking, wait is that the same shot as the first one? It is, but Redbook popped the colors (as you can see below).




Step 1: If you truly don’t know where to begin then start by clearing out everything. I know this sounds like an awful task, but clearing out everything is the only way to truly begin the process. As you clear everything out you will quickly find that A LOT of the stuff that you have thrown in there is no longer needed or useful, so, in the spirit of spring cleaning (is it that time of year already?!) separate everything out into keep, toss, or donate piles.


Step 2: Pick a color palette. You will want to begin by picking a color palette for your storage items and sticking with it. Nothing will make your bookcase feel more cluttered and unorganized than a bunch of mismatched boxes and bins. We kept all of ours very neutral so that we could bring some life and color into the bookcase with art, accessories, and a few personal items.


Step 3: Start from the bottom and work your way up. To ground your bookcase you will want to place your largest storage boxes and bins at the bottom, so that it doesn’t feel too top heavy, and you can keep the top half filled with smaller and lighter accessories and storage needs (like these magazine files).


Step 4: Leave space for some personal items. To make your bookcase feel less like a storage unit, and more like a bookcase, be sure to dedicate some shelf space to art, a few accessories, a bud vase with some fresh flowers, or a small momento. Adding these little touches will help personalize the shelf.


And of course, we couldn’t let a post go by without including a GIF to show you the before image vs. the image that was published in print.




Book Heavy: For those of you that want to actually use your bookshelf for books, this one is for you.




Step 1: Biggest books first. You will want to start by adding your biggest books in first, as these visually carry the most weight. We reserved the bottom two shelves of this bookcase for the larger books, and then accented a few of the other shelves with a stack or two of them. You can break them up visually by adding a large vase in between them or stacking them horizontally in a few stacks, as we did on the second shelf. A helpful tip that will help things not only look but feel clean is to pull all the spines of the books to the front edge of the shelves lining each of them up (just as they do in a library).


Step 2: Create vignettes. To keep your bookshelf from feeling too stark you will want to create a few vignettes within the stacks of books. Let the books be the focus, but adding a small lamp, a little accessory in front of books, or even some flowers can help break up all of the vertical and horizontal lines that the books create.


Step 3: Leave some breathing room. To prevent your bookcase from getting too packed and visually chaotic make sure to leave some empty areas in your shelves. This allows your eye to have a moment of rest when looking at the shelf.


Once again . . . the beautiful before and after GIF. It’s pure eye candy, and although we aren’t quite sure about all the changes, we do think it is very fun to see what they did to the image.




Showcasing Your Collections: It is no secret that we love “stuff” over here at Emily Henderson Design (the good stuff). But, there are a few rules to keep in mind when displaying said “stuff” to prevent it from looking like you have a thrift store in your living room.




Step 1: Larger items on bottom. Just as we discussed in the previous two examples, the same principle applies here. Your largest items or collectibles, which visually carry the most weight, should live near the bottom of the shelf. This is not a steadfast rule, as a larger item could look great on a higher shelf, but generally a huge box of blankets or a large decorative box is not going to look best on the top shelf.


Step 2: Curate vignettes. Similar to step 2 in the previous bookshelf, you will want to create small vignettes or collections based on what you have to display. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by thinking about the entire bookcase at one time, take it piece by piece and slowly fill it out. A good collection/vignette typically has 3-5 items in it, all varying in height, but having similar context. You won’t get it right on the first try, even we move things around over and over until we find just the right place for everything. But, keep going until you find the perfect combo for your space. And then do it all over again the following week if you are like me.


Step 3: Add something personal. There is nothing worse than a bookcase filled with stuff that you just went and bought from the store. Make your bookcase personal by including items that you love, and that have meaning to you. You can house some of these items in glass display boxes like we did, or place a collection of them on a stack of books, which will help ground them and help them from looking too bitsy or cluttered.




What are your other bookcase blunders that you can’t seem to conquer? Be sure to let us know, and we can try and solve them in an upcoming post. Want more DIYs? Check out our other recent Redbook projects: 1 Lamp 3 Ways | DIY Upholstered Headboard | DIY Wooden Dowel Coat Rack | DIY Mod Podge Chair | DIY Side Table Ikea Hack | 1 Curtain 3 Ways | Ladder Wardrobe


***photography by: David Tsay, styled by: Scott Horne and Brady Tolbert, Art Directed by Me


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