Valentine’s Banner & Box Sign

Valentine Banner and Box Sign - housewivesofriverton.comHello Everyone!! It’s Jenn from Housewives of Riverton and can I just say how excited I am to be sharing this Valentine Banner and Box Sign with you today. If you’ve been over at our site around this time of year it won’t surprise you to know that I love love love Valentine’s Day and everything about it. One of my favorite projects is this Be Mine Banner and this Button Heart Sign, I look forward to putting them up each year.


You can see why I love this Valentine Banner and Box Sign, they fit so perfectly with my other Valentine Decor!


Because they turned out so perfectly cute I know you’re going to want to make them yourself. Here’s what you’ll need from The Wood Connection to do just that!


Mini Banner Pieces


Mini Heart


12×12 Box Sign


Wood Glue


All of me loves all of you paper


Banner pieces paper


1″ Foam paintbrush


Paint Colors:


Tompte Red






Sea Foam


Aqua Grosgrain Ribbon


Red Lace Ribbon



Other Supplies Needed:


Red/White Baker’s Twine





First thing you’re going to want to do is set up an area, I covered my area with some wax paper so I wouldn’t have to worry about them sticking to the surface if the edges had a little paint on them. I painted all sides of all the wood pieces including the box sign. With so many pieces by the time I got to the last piece the 1st was ready for a new coat of paint. I suggest a good movie while you’re doing this, it’s so easy but takes time. A few thin coats works best.


1 2Once all the wood pieces are painted you’re going to want to cut out all your paper pieces. The banner pieces are a little bigger than the wood block we’ll fix that once they’re applied to the block.


4Once everything is painted figure out which piece of paper you’re going to put on each piece of wood, keep them by each other, (or do like I did and take a picture of the order to help you keep them in order) and then apply a thin coat of wood glue to each wood piece (one at a time because it’ll dry quickly) and smooth the paper onto the wood (there is a great video here that shows exactly how I did mine, I’ve learned from the best!).


Once it’s dry, using a nail file/sanding block/sand paper (I prefer a nail file because I like the control) sand downward along the edges, this will take off the extra paper and give you a nice smooth edge that seals the paper completely to the wood (you can see a little more what I’m talking about here)


When you’ve finished sanding wipe off any dust and then I like to use a thin layer of matte clear coat spray on the top.


6To add a little extra pop to my box sign I bought a second piece of the *All of me* paper and cut out all the flowers and hearts and using pop up dots put them on top of the board, now they’ve got a great 3D effect. I also added ribbon and lace type trim all the way around the box, I used about 2 yards of each and that gave me enough for a nice bow on top, I just layered them and tied them on top, I didn’t adhere them to the box and they’re staying great.7For the banner I prepped all my rectangle pieces as listed above. The hearts are not banner pieces so before I painted them I used a tiny drill bit and drilled 2 holes in them because I wanted them to go on the banner. I just painted them red and gave them a clear coat to make it easier to wipe them down if needed.


9I used red/white baker’s twine and strung them all together so that the string went in from the top, around the back, and then out to the front again, this kept the string from going over words/letters on the banner pieces (mostly). I did 4 banner pieces and then a heart and love how it looks.


I also really love layering banners/garlands and think the pom pom garland looks really cute with it.


So there you have it, a darling Valentine’s Day Banner and Box Sign that can easily be accomplished in a day and be up long before Valentine’s Day actually gets here.


If you’d like to make this yourself you’re in luck! Head on over to our site Housewives of Riverton and be sure to enter our giveaway for a $25 Wood Connection Gift Certificate.


You can also find us on Instagram at:




Have a fantastic day and happy crafting!


housewife jenn



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