Brady Picks A Credenza (and a big sneak peek)



A mother can’t possibly pick out her favorite child (at least publicly), nor can a designer, with their painstakingly curated collection of furniture. If you asked me my favorite piece right now I would be so sad to neglect a piece of the full amount of love it deserves. BUT, with that said, my credenza, THAT CREDENZA up there, is my favorite child today. Hell, he’s also teacher’s pet and employee of the month.


So because of my job (and this blog) I got my greedy little hands on that credenza (in exchange for my, nothing but totally genuine, love for that piece on the blog). To say I was elated, and excited would be an extreme understatement. The fact that I slept on the floor of the living room the night that it arrived, so I could wake up next to it, just goes to show how happy I was to have it near me – or that I am certifiably insane. I digress . . . both my credenza and I are in a very happy, and monogamous living room relationship.


Brady Credenza_Before


My initial plan for that wall/credenza was to devote half to my TV and the other half to some pretty accessories, so that it didn’t look too bare, or too cheesy, with a massive big screen on top of it (as seen in the pic above). This photo was taken around Thanksgiving, hence the fall decor and non-gray walls.


Once I took the TV down and began prepping out this post, I realized how much better (duh) it looked without a massive black boob-tube up there. So, I cleared it all off and tried my hand at a few different scenarios. The first one being what I like to call “artsy fartsy, black and white.”


Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Citizenry_3


This setup started with that massive (42″x52″) photograph that came from an awesome new online art resource called Captured52. Basically, every week for 52 weeks they publish an open edition, framed, original photograph in a large scale print. If you haven’t heard of them yet you must go check out what they have.


Once I had that large man up there, who I have yet to name, I started accessorizing around him. I brought in a few different styles of art, all in the same range of colors, to add depth and texture, and then a mirror to bounce off some of the light that streams in from the windows, directly across from the credenza. I finished it off with a small task lamp, and a few brass candlesticks and candles, because who doesn’t want a bit of romance in their living room?


Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Citizenry_2


In true Emily Henderson fashion I restyled it out completely 5 more ways, and then ended up on this look, which was a totally different, but good option for me. Let’s call this option “Browns, Woods, and Candlestick Drama.” I started this one similar to the other option, with one large piece of art – which this time was the nude oil I snagged from the Rose Bowl last month for $30. I threw the mirror up behind it again because, well, it is vintage, I love it, and it brought some light into the room. I also love the way it reflects the ceiling beams into your view, and juxtaposes the clean lines of the frame of the nude, as well as the modern lines of the wall sconce.




I added these wooden candlesticks in front of it all to bring in some of the warm brown tones of the painting. Some vintage, some new and some not even candlesticks, but I loved them so much I improvised by stacking up three chunky wooden planters, and throwing a pillar candle on top.




You know how I mentioned how impossible it is to pick out my favorite piece of furniture? Looking at this picture just solidifies that even more. This chair is giving me life. It arrived last week, and it was even more stunning than the pics I had seen online. I want to adopt it as my first child and never let it go. The leather bin, which comes in two sizes, is perfect for stashing my magazines and mess of cords and chargers, not to mention it makes the perfect companion to the leather chair.




Until last week I was very anti floor pillow. I did not understand it, I didn’t get why people would stash pillows on their floor, and I definitely didn’t get the appeal of it. The Citizenry sent these through, and although insanely stunning in person, I was still very skeptical of the floor pillow trend except for when used in styling an image. I threw these on the floor to add some depth in this picture, and let me tell you I have used them EVERY single day since I put them out on the floor. I am constantly throwing my feet up on them, sitting on them while I work on my computer, or using them as the most comfy huge pillows to lean on. So thank you floor pillows of America for making our/my life a little bit better.


Now comes the hard part of deciding which setup I want to keep in my living room. Are you a fan of the “artsy fartsy, black and white,” or the “browns, woods and candlestick drama”? Which do you think works best with the new console, or which do you think you would live with? Be sure to vote below, as I am very curious to know what everyone thinks.


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Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Citizenry_3


Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Citizenry_2


In the meantime I have rounded up a get the look for my space, as well as some of my favorite credenzas at under $500, under $1,000, and some pretty awesome dream credenzas if your budget dictates a bit more. Be sure to check the sizing on these as every credenza has a bit different scale, depth, and width and not all may work in your space.


Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Get The Look 1


1. Credenza 2. Wall Light 3. Leather & Metal Chair 4. Black & White Face Print 5. Leather Basket 6. Wool Rug 7. Candle Holder 8. Bust 9. Planters 10. Floor Pillow 11. Gold Candle Holder 12. Black Circle Art 13. Tabel Lamp 14. Textured Throw Pillow 15. Candle Holder 16. Nude Line Drawing


Brady Picks A Credenza_Get_The_Look_Under 500


1. Besta Storage Combo | 2. Braven Media Stand | 3. Hayden Sideboard | 4. Besta Storage Combo | 5. Windham Stand | 6. Oxford Credenza | 7. Gray Storage Credenza | 8. Greyson Sideboard | 9. Stax Console | 10. Fuel navy Credenza


Brady Picks A Credenza_Get_The_Look_Under 1000


1.  Zuo Buffet | 2. Alba Credenza | 3. Hampshire Six Drawer | 4. Willo TV Stand | 5. Mid Century Console | 6. Clapboard Console | 7. Congo Credenza | 8. Marin Shiitake Console | 9. Palm Beach Console | 10. HD Media Console


Brady Picks A Credenza_Get_The_Look_Dream


1. Broc Console | 2. Rose Glass Console | 3. Big Sur Sideboard | 4. Morrison Credenza | 5. Zann Sideboard | 6. Cross Credenza | 7. Walnut Credenza | 8. Rosanna Console | 9. Bennett Console | 10. Walnut Sideboard


In case you missed my last two posts where I picked out my sofa , or my gray paint color click on through. And be sure to check out all the other Makeover Takeover posts from the beginning: Sara Updates Her Childhood BedroomSara Jumps Into Bed | Sara’s Custom Closets Ginny’s English Roll ArmGinny’s LA Living Room | Jessica’s Living & Dining Room


***written by Brady Tolbert, photography by the always wonderful and insanely talented Zeke Ruelas. Styling, and design by Brady Tolbert


Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Citizenry_1


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