How Do You Do: Me Time

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Ah, the idea of ‘Me Time’. It’s fairly elusive (if not non-existent) these days, which is kinda fine because most of my down time is spent with a baby’s cheek in my neck while I marathon “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But, if you can, Lord knows it is very important to take some time even once a week for yourself – kid-free, job-free and maybe iphone-free. In this episode of “How Do You Do…” we show you a couple slightly less obvious ways to do this in your own home.





Whether you work from home or just have a home office there are some simple tricks that can help you enjoy your work space. Keep pens, paperclips, and small office supplies corralled on a tray. and in one area of your desk. This sounds like a simple thing, but you would be surprised how much more productive and less stressed you are when all of the things around you have an organized place to live.



Good lighting is also key to productivity (especially if working into the late hours of the evening). We may not all have an office like this one, with natural light streaming in, but this beauty of a lamp (below) from Target can help shed a little light on the issue, no pun intended.


How Do You Do_Me Time_Office_Bright_Happy_Green_White Modern_1



Zanna is big about visually having her ideas and process displayed, as it helps with her creative process and efficiency in what she does. Creating an area in her office where she can keep track of all of that in an organized area not only frees the space of clutter, but it also keeps her mind uncluttered, and the ideas flowing freely as well. Besides, who said that you can’t think outside of the box when it comes to post it notes.


How Do You Do_Me Time_Office_Bright_Happy_Green_White Modern_Post It Notes_Storage



“Me time” during work time is all about finding some pieces that work for you, and allow you to enjoy and make the most of your moments that you do have to spend working. Sometimes me time is also just shopping online for some new pretty things like you might be doing right now.



Here are some of our favorites to help add a bit of “me time” to your work space.





1. Mint Chair | 2. Desk | 3. Brass Wall Decor | 4. Sisal Rug | 5. Lamp | 6. Pillow | 7. Mug | 8. Magazine Organizer | 9. Vase | 10. Basket | 11. Gold Tray | 12. Ceramic Dish | 13. Gold Stapler | 14. Marble Container | 15. Wood Tray | 16. Ceramic Bowl | 17. Brass Accessory | 18. Tape Dispenser



Curious about the clothes/products in the video that Zanna styled? Here you go.





1. Denim Tunic | 2. Striped Dress | 3. Cardigan | 4. Jeans | 5. Leggings | 6. Fringe Boots | 7.High Top Sneaker | 8. Leather Boot | 9. Sea Salt Spray | 10. Lipstick | 11. Lotion



“Me time” is also about carving a space out for yourself during the day, even when all that means is making something that you do everyday a bit more enjoyable. YouTube star Shameless Maya is a very busy girl, but for her we wanted to create an area where she felt like she could pamper herself doing something in her daily routine. We got crazy by using a barcart, yes a barcart, and turned it into a makeshift vanity. We shall call this a ‘beauty bar’, and go ahead and say that every lady deserves her own beauty bar.


Target_Beauty Bar_Bar_Cart_Styled-03563



This one was for Maya. It was a space for her to really take care of herself. Everything she needs is at her fingertips, and like we said before, everything has a place. We corralled all of her makeup, toiletries, lotions, potions, and anything else she needs by using containers, organizers, and trays. By and adding some pieces from Target’s new collection we repurposed an item that traditionally you would never think to have in your bedroom, but totally works for her.


Target_Beauty Bar_Bar_Cart_Jewelry Stand_Storage-03521



Tiered dessert trays, glass display boxes, and votive holders are all totally affordable items to pull your beauty cart together. We kept the color palette simple and clean by sticking to metallics, whites, and neutrals. Adding the fresh flowers and scented candle help to bring a little bit of the spa home with you.


Target_Beauty Bar_Bar_Cart_Cream-03505


Target_Beauty Bar_Bar_Cart_Styled-03547



What are you waiting for America? The beauty bar revolution has begun, and everything you see in the image above is in stores and online at Target, so run, don’t walk before it all flies off the shelves.



It’s all VERY good.





1. Faux Fur Bench | 2. Rattan Bar Cart | 3. Area Rug | 4. Storage Stool | 5. Geometric Clutch | 6. Wicker Wall Mirror | 7. Keychain Clutch | 8. Rattan Tray | 9. Coin Purse | 10. Glass Jar | 11. Geometric String Lights | 12. Glass Organizer



Photos by Tessa Nuestadt for Target. Head on over the ABV blog for even more style info. Hair and makeup by Danielle Walch and fashion styling by Zanna Roberts Rossi.



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