Heart Burlap Rosettes

Hey there! It’s Jamie from Savvy Sisters. I’m pulling out my valentine decor already and was really wanting something to go on this stand that I have. And I found this adorable plaque from the wood connection! I added some scrapbook paper and burlap flowers and wah-la! This is how I did it:
– 2 pieces of Scrapbook paper
– Paint- White and Tompte Red (I have a few extra pictured that I didn’t end up using)
– Burlap (I didn’t end up using the polka dot material or the ribbon that is pictured) I got from Hobby Lobby
– Sand paper
– Foam Brushes and small paint brush
– Hot glue
– Scissors
– Pencil
The Plaque:
First I traced out the scrapbook paper. Since the 12×12 paper wasn’t large enough, I decided to cut off an inch from the top and bottom and use it just for the middle of the plaque. After tracing the curved edges, I cut it out. Next, I sanded and painted the top of the plaque white. After that dried, I painted the edges with Tompte Red. To get the small edges, I used a smaller detail paint brush. After all the paint dried, I applied the scrapbook paper with wood glue. See this tutorial for how to apply paper to wood.
The Heart:
First I sanded and painted the heart overlay tompte red. While that dried, I started on my burlap rosettes. Go to this tutorial to see how to make those. They are very easy and all you need is wood glue. Don’t burn yourself! After making a bunch of those of all different sizes, I hot glued them to the overlay. I squished them super close together so you wouldn’t see the overlay. After that I used wood glue to glue on the heart to the plaque. There you have it!
Happy Valentines Day!

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