Happy Weekend – off to Vegas (and i’m snapchatting)

emily henderson homeHappy Weekend, folks. I’m wrapping work up from the dining table where I took this shot and we have super fun weekend plans (two ‘Escape the Rooms’ and grandparents in town to watch the kids  – thus the 2 ‘Escape The Rooms’.) We are headed to Vegas on Monday for the furniture show (don’t worry, we have a post all scheduled for once) so if any of you are going to be in Vegas, lets hang.

A few of you have asked if the contributors have already been writing, some people even saying ‘that doesn’t sound like you’ but I’m still almost writing every post. I say ‘almost’ because Brady and Sara prep it and do some writing before I take over. We have, however, found three contributors which are going to start debuting. You’ll know it because they’ll be introduced as such – no sneaky ghost writing over here. We also added two new designers to our design team to help keep up with client work.

A few of you have also asked about new makeovers and rest assured designing is happening and some projects are near the end, while many are in the middle and some just got started. So stay tuned. I’m dying to show you Elliot’s nursery and the guest suite downstairs. Neither of which are TOTALLY done but they are pretty close and both will be probably be published so technically they won’t be on the blog for months (which is hard on everyone, mostly me because i like to show off my new toys). That being said I have been snapchatting on the weekends in both rooms, showing the stages its in. I know that many of you, like me, were like SNAPCHAT WHAT ARE YOU 14 YEARS OLD?? But I am 27 (at heart) and yes, it is super fun. It took a while for me to not care that it looks like garbage, but once I did I realized how fun it is to not be scripted or edited and just to give these super small glimpes into everyday life and work. I’ve even periscoped once. I don’t know if I’ll be doing that this weekend but head on over there just in case. I’m EmilyHendersonsnap on snapchat (or am I emhendersonsnap? … hold on while I ask a millenial) and I’m em_henderson on Periscope.

OH WHICH REMINDS ME …. Literally the whole reason for this post that I totally forgot about was to say that we are all going to be snapping and periscoping from Vegas. You’ll get to see us totally unfiltered/unedited while we are there (its live but then it stays up on both apps for 24 hours). You’ll see some sneaks into a. our process, b. our parties and c. the best new stuff that is going to come out in the design world. So follow along on Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope (and facebook, twitter and the blog … GEEEEEEEZZZZZZ).

P.S. Thanks all 300k of you who now follow on instagram – hit that milestone yesterday which made me really happy.

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