Valentine Slat Sign and Candy Jar

Hi there!
 Rachel from Fawn here and today I have a fun Valentine tutorial to share with you. I have always loved decorating for Valentine’s Day and Wood Connection makes it so easy to change up your holiday decor from season to season.
Today I’d like to share a slat sign and candy jar I made using supplies from the Wood Connection. I’m all about projects that are fairly quick and simple so I think you’ll have fun making these.



Horizontal Slat Sign


Candlestick Jar Accessory Kit




Love Vinyl


Mini wood heart, glass jar available at The Wood Connection


Creamcoat acrylic paint in Tomato Spice, Peony and Ivory


Foam brushes


Gold Glitter




Pink Paper




Paper Flowers


Directions for the slat sign:


Paint entire sign ivory and allow to dry completely. Stick “love” vinyl to slat sign. Mix tomato spice and peony paint together to make a dark pink color. Paint the bottom two slats this dark pink color. Next, add a little more peony paint to the mixture so you have a bit lighter pink and paint the next slat the lighter pink color. Keep adding a little more peony to the paint mixture until it becomes lighter and add it to the next slat. For the top and final slat, paint with ivory and allow the entire sign to dry. Once the sign is dry, slowly peel off the “love” vinyl.




For the felt and paper feathers, I cut two small pink and two large gray feathers out free-hand and glued them onto the sign. Next I added three small doilies and attached five paper flowers on top of the doilies.

Directions for the candy jar:
Paint the bottom of the candlestick and base a mixture of peony and tomato spice. It will be the same pink color as the bottom of the slat sign.


Keep adding a little peony to lighten the mixture and continue painting up towards the top of the candlestick. Paint the top of the lid peony and allow the lid and candlestick to dry.
Meanwhile, place tape around middle of the jar and apply wood glue to the bottom half of the jar. Sprinkle gold glitter until the glue is completely covered. Once the glue is dry, remove the tape so your jar will have an even finish. Apply wood glue around the top of the lid and sprinkle glitter on the lid as well.


Apply wood glue to mini wood heart and sprinkle gold glitter on top of the heart. Attach heart to the top of the lid using wood glue.


There you have it! Pretty quick and simple, right? The only thing left you have to do is decide which yummy Valentine candy you’re going to put in your candy jar. :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!





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