January Your Way

Target_Living Room_Styling-05099

Winter wonderland, folks, all Target-style. A new video is up and its all about being fresh, and yet cozy in the new year. The winter Threshold line is vintage-inspired, with quirky good accessories, and lots of happiness. These are just a few of the samplings (everything up there is from Target but the sofa), but many of them are good and gonna sell out, so do your thing if you are into them. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the video we made about January, Your Way. In this video Zanna Roberts and I worked with YouTube star Shameless Maya to give tips on fashion and your home, and then Maya gives you a peek into how she likes to style her own personal spaces.

Target_Positive Vibes_Emily Henderson-02495

Also the style of those boots I was wearing that day were very controversial (you can see them at the roundup at the end). Please weigh in. You can see them in action here:

Target_Living Room_Styling_Emily_Henderson

I loved this living room/video, Scott and his team did a pretty great job taking everything that comes from a store and making it look like a home. Just because it’s big box does not mean that it’s generic, friends.

There are a lot of good staples here – specifically baskets, throws and lanterns. It goes glam and feminine but in simple shapes and on-trend color palettes. Blush is staying around for a while, and while hot pink has taken a momentary back seat I’ll never get sick of those pops of color.

We wanted to utilize the new gold tipped string lights that are so pretty, so Scott came up with the genius idea of making them into a piece of art. It’s like macrame meets a neon sign. We just strung them all messily (of course getting them to be that perfect mess took forever) over a dowel tied with a white rope. So cute.

I know there are a lot of “where is the cord” people out there, so we let it hang and plugged it in nearby the piece. If you don’t have an outlet nearby then think about using a white cord cover. Besides the piece is so cute that you can forgive the cord. ALSO CHECK OUT THAT BAMBOO CHAIR AND OTTOMAN. Yes, it’s Target. Yes it’s very good. Need an upclose shot of that bad boy? Here you go:


We were all big fans of the textiles this round, and while I wouldn’t typically pile them on the ground, this corner sure is snuggly.


Rarely would I say that I like that “purple faux fur pillow,” but indeed I do like that one because it has enough gray in it that it goes more lavender, which is a big color this spring. But the pink one is more in my current color wheelhouse.

There is a lot more to the winter line, but here are some of my pics below. The rug, by the way, looks bad in the product shot (in my opinion), but it’s the same rug you see above in that room and it’s really great for the price – it was a big crowd pleaser on set.


1. Pink Faux Mongolia Fur | 2. Marble & Wood Tray | 3. Brass Floor Lamp | 4. Shag Area Rug | 5. Sheep Bookends | 6. Embroider Feather Pillow | 7. Copper Side Table | 8. Jacquard Pouf | 9. Large Vase With Lid | 10. Mixed Metal Coffee Table | 11. Glass Vase | 12. Decorative Metal Figure | 13. Cable Knit Throw | 14. Small Textured Vase | 15. Gold Dipped Globe Bulbs | 16. Pink Woven Pillow | 17. Faceted Metal Lamp | 18. Lounge Chair | 19. Metal Basket | 20. Metal Bull Figure | 21. Faux Sheep Skin Blanket | 22. Fur Pillow | 23. Hexagonal Table | 24. Brass Task Lamp | 25. Wicker Bench | 26. Bamboo Lantern | 27. Gold Lantern

Zanna and Shameless Maya talked a lot about the fashion in the post, so in case you were interested in those pics as well, check them out (my favorite is #3, and the black and white pleated skirt #12). The shoes I was talking about are #9. When they first put them on me I was like, oh no, but then 4 people (including Zanna, the art director, and two other people with REALLY good fashion taste) told me that this style is really “in” on trend for this Spring. I felt so confused, stylistically and emotionally, and now every time I see someone wearing a pair of fringe booties on Instagram I group text them the photo with a “GAH, I THINK YOU MIGHT BE RIGHT!”

So let me know, friends: To fringe bootie or not to fringe bootie?



1. Open Back Top | 2. Lace Top | 3. Color Block Cardigan | 4. Textured Tunic | 5. Denim Tunic | 6. Gold Watch | 7. Gold Ring | 8. Apple Watch | 9. Fringe Ankle Boots | 10. Studded Pumps | 11. High Top Sneaker | 12. Maxi Skirt | 13. Moto Leggings | 14. Skinny Jeans

Photos by Tessa Nuestadt for Target. Head on over the ABV blog for even more style info. Hair and makeup by Danielle Walch and fashion styling by Zanna Roberts Rossi.

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