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Brady Picks A Credenza (and a big sneak peek)



A mother can’t possibly pick out her favorite child (at least publicly), nor can a designer, with their painstakingly curated collection of furniture. If you asked me my favorite piece right now I would be so sad to neglect a piece of the full amount of love it deserves. BUT, with that said, my credenza, THAT CREDENZA up there, is my favorite child today. Hell, he’s also teacher’s pet and employee of the month.


So because of my job (and this blog) I got my greedy little hands on that credenza (in exchange for my, nothing but totally genuine, love for that piece on the blog). To say I was elated, and excited would be an extreme understatement. The fact that I slept on the floor of the living room the night that it arrived, so I could wake up next to it, just goes to show how happy I was to have it near me – or that I am certifiably insane. I digress . . . both my credenza and I are in a very happy, and monogamous living room relationship.


Brady Credenza_Before


My initial plan for that wall/credenza was to devote half to my TV and the other half to some pretty accessories, so that it didn’t look too bare, or too cheesy, with a massive big screen on top of it (as seen in the pic above). This photo was taken around Thanksgiving, hence the fall decor and non-gray walls.


Once I took the TV down and began prepping out this post, I realized how much better (duh) it looked without a massive black boob-tube up there. So, I cleared it all off and tried my hand at a few different scenarios. The first one being what I like to call “artsy fartsy, black and white.”


Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Citizenry_3


This setup started with that massive (42″x52″) photograph that came from an awesome new online art resource called Captured52. Basically, every week for 52 weeks they publish an open edition, framed, original photograph in a large scale print. If you haven’t heard of them yet you must go check out what they have.


Once I had that large man up there, who I have yet to name, I started accessorizing around him. I brought in a few different styles of art, all in the same range of colors, to add depth and texture, and then a mirror to bounce off some of the light that streams in from the windows, directly across from the credenza. I finished it off with a small task lamp, and a few brass candlesticks and candles, because who doesn’t want a bit of romance in their living room?


Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Citizenry_2


In true Emily Henderson fashion I restyled it out completely 5 more ways, and then ended up on this look, which was a totally different, but good option for me. Let’s call this option “Browns, Woods, and Candlestick Drama.” I started this one similar to the other option, with one large piece of art – which this time was the nude oil I snagged from the Rose Bowl last month for $30. I threw the mirror up behind it again because, well, it is vintage, I love it, and it brought some light into the room. I also love the way it reflects the ceiling beams into your view, and juxtaposes the clean lines of the frame of the nude, as well as the modern lines of the wall sconce.




I added these wooden candlesticks in front of it all to bring in some of the warm brown tones of the painting. Some vintage, some new and some not even candlesticks, but I loved them so much I improvised by stacking up three chunky wooden planters, and throwing a pillar candle on top.




You know how I mentioned how impossible it is to pick out my favorite piece of furniture? Looking at this picture just solidifies that even more. This chair is giving me life. It arrived last week, and it was even more stunning than the pics I had seen online. I want to adopt it as my first child and never let it go. The leather bin, which comes in two sizes, is perfect for stashing my magazines and mess of cords and chargers, not to mention it makes the perfect companion to the leather chair.




Until last week I was very anti floor pillow. I did not understand it, I didn’t get why people would stash pillows on their floor, and I definitely didn’t get the appeal of it. The Citizenry sent these through, and although insanely stunning in person, I was still very skeptical of the floor pillow trend except for when used in styling an image. I threw these on the floor to add some depth in this picture, and let me tell you I have used them EVERY single day since I put them out on the floor. I am constantly throwing my feet up on them, sitting on them while I work on my computer, or using them as the most comfy huge pillows to lean on. So thank you floor pillows of America for making our/my life a little bit better.


Now comes the hard part of deciding which setup I want to keep in my living room. Are you a fan of the “artsy fartsy, black and white,” or the “browns, woods and candlestick drama”? Which do you think works best with the new console, or which do you think you would live with? Be sure to vote below, as I am very curious to know what everyone thinks.


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Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Citizenry_3


Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Citizenry_2


In the meantime I have rounded up a get the look for my space, as well as some of my favorite credenzas at under $500, under $1,000, and some pretty awesome dream credenzas if your budget dictates a bit more. Be sure to check the sizing on these as every credenza has a bit different scale, depth, and width and not all may work in your space.


Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Get The Look 1


1. Credenza 2. Wall Light 3. Leather & Metal Chair 4. Black & White Face Print 5. Leather Basket 6. Wool Rug 7. Candle Holder 8. Bust 9. Planters 10. Floor Pillow 11. Gold Candle Holder 12. Black Circle Art 13. Tabel Lamp 14. Textured Throw Pillow 15. Candle Holder 16. Nude Line Drawing


Brady Picks A Credenza_Get_The_Look_Under 500


1. Besta Storage Combo | 2. Braven Media Stand | 3. Hayden Sideboard | 4. Besta Storage Combo | 5. Windham Stand | 6. Oxford Credenza | 7. Gray Storage Credenza | 8. Greyson Sideboard | 9. Stax Console | 10. Fuel navy Credenza


Brady Picks A Credenza_Get_The_Look_Under 1000


1.  Zuo Buffet | 2. Alba Credenza | 3. Hampshire Six Drawer | 4. Willo TV Stand | 5. Mid Century Console | 6. Clapboard Console | 7. Congo Credenza | 8. Marin Shiitake Console | 9. Palm Beach Console | 10. HD Media Console


Brady Picks A Credenza_Get_The_Look_Dream


1. Broc Console | 2. Rose Glass Console | 3. Big Sur Sideboard | 4. Morrison Credenza | 5. Zann Sideboard | 6. Cross Credenza | 7. Walnut Credenza | 8. Rosanna Console | 9. Bennett Console | 10. Walnut Sideboard


In case you missed my last two posts where I picked out my sofa , or my gray paint color click on through. And be sure to check out all the other Makeover Takeover posts from the beginning: Sara Updates Her Childhood BedroomSara Jumps Into Bed | Sara’s Custom Closets Ginny’s English Roll ArmGinny’s LA Living Room | Jessica’s Living & Dining Room


***written by Brady Tolbert, photography by the always wonderful and insanely talented Zeke Ruelas. Styling, and design by Brady Tolbert


Brady Picks A Credenza_Living Room_Broc Console_Modern Art_Moody_Masculine_Gray_Wood_Eucalyptus_Woven Leather_Citizenry_1


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Valentine’s Banner & Box Sign

Valentine Banner and Box Sign - housewivesofriverton.comHello Everyone!! It’s Jenn from Housewives of Riverton and can I just say how excited I am to be sharing this Valentine Banner and Box Sign with you today. If you’ve been over at our site around this time of year it won’t surprise you to know that I love love love Valentine’s Day and everything about it. One of my favorite projects is this Be Mine Banner and this Button Heart Sign, I look forward to putting them up each year.


You can see why I love this Valentine Banner and Box Sign, they fit so perfectly with my other Valentine Decor!


Because they turned out so perfectly cute I know you’re going to want to make them yourself. Here’s what you’ll need from The Wood Connection to do just that!


Mini Banner Pieces


Mini Heart


12×12 Box Sign


Wood Glue


All of me loves all of you paper


Banner pieces paper


1″ Foam paintbrush


Paint Colors:


Tompte Red






Sea Foam


Aqua Grosgrain Ribbon


Red Lace Ribbon



Other Supplies Needed:


Red/White Baker’s Twine





First thing you’re going to want to do is set up an area, I covered my area with some wax paper so I wouldn’t have to worry about them sticking to the surface if the edges had a little paint on them. I painted all sides of all the wood pieces including the box sign. With so many pieces by the time I got to the last piece the 1st was ready for a new coat of paint. I suggest a good movie while you’re doing this, it’s so easy but takes time. A few thin coats works best.


1 2Once all the wood pieces are painted you’re going to want to cut out all your paper pieces. The banner pieces are a little bigger than the wood block we’ll fix that once they’re applied to the block.


4Once everything is painted figure out which piece of paper you’re going to put on each piece of wood, keep them by each other, (or do like I did and take a picture of the order to help you keep them in order) and then apply a thin coat of wood glue to each wood piece (one at a time because it’ll dry quickly) and smooth the paper onto the wood (there is a great video here that shows exactly how I did mine, I’ve learned from the best!).


Once it’s dry, using a nail file/sanding block/sand paper (I prefer a nail file because I like the control) sand downward along the edges, this will take off the extra paper and give you a nice smooth edge that seals the paper completely to the wood (you can see a little more what I’m talking about here)


When you’ve finished sanding wipe off any dust and then I like to use a thin layer of matte clear coat spray on the top.


6To add a little extra pop to my box sign I bought a second piece of the *All of me* paper and cut out all the flowers and hearts and using pop up dots put them on top of the board, now they’ve got a great 3D effect. I also added ribbon and lace type trim all the way around the box, I used about 2 yards of each and that gave me enough for a nice bow on top, I just layered them and tied them on top, I didn’t adhere them to the box and they’re staying great.7For the banner I prepped all my rectangle pieces as listed above. The hearts are not banner pieces so before I painted them I used a tiny drill bit and drilled 2 holes in them because I wanted them to go on the banner. I just painted them red and gave them a clear coat to make it easier to wipe them down if needed.


9I used red/white baker’s twine and strung them all together so that the string went in from the top, around the back, and then out to the front again, this kept the string from going over words/letters on the banner pieces (mostly). I did 4 banner pieces and then a heart and love how it looks.


I also really love layering banners/garlands and think the pom pom garland looks really cute with it.


So there you have it, a darling Valentine’s Day Banner and Box Sign that can easily be accomplished in a day and be up long before Valentine’s Day actually gets here.


If you’d like to make this yourself you’re in luck! Head on over to our site Housewives of Riverton and be sure to enter our giveaway for a $25 Wood Connection Gift Certificate.


You can also find us on Instagram at:




Have a fantastic day and happy crafting!


housewife jenn



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Kasten Op Maat

Kasten Op Maat


Kasten vindt u in alle maten en kleuren in elke winkel. Toch is het opvallend hoe weinig van deze kasten uiteindelijk alles bieden wat u zoekt. De stijl zit niet helemaal goed, ze zijn niet diep genoeg of de indeling van de kast is helemaal niet wat u nodig hebt om uw spullen praktisch te kunnen wegbergen. Voer hierbij de standaard draairichtingen van de kastdeuren en u weet dat de juiste kasten vinden een flinke zoektocht met zich mee kan brengen.


Kilk hier voor meer info

Let’s Start With Getting A Raise …

Valuing_Your_Badassness_Emily Henderson_michelle-alves-for-vogue-italia


Valuing Your Badassness: how to make sure you are getting paid what you should (and what your male counterpart would get paid).


Today on the blog we are introducing you to two of our new potential contributors (and internet friends of mine) to the blog, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark (otherwise known as the duo: Alie and Georgia). They are self proclaimed “Party professionals and cocktail connoisseurs” and best friends who, after posting their viral video for a jocular cocktail called The McNuggetini, went on to create more palatable libations for both TV and the web. They followed with their debut TV series “Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia,” and can be seen weekly on Cooking Channel’s “Unique Sweets.” They also host the popular comedy podcast “Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia.” These girls are fun, know how to make a mean cocktail, and aren’t afraid to let their inner badass out. Take it away girls.


Alie and Georgia_Emily Henderson_Advice_Badassness2


In a perfect world, a boss underpaying you would be punishable by said boss’ worst selfies being published on the front page of HuffPo. In an even more perfect world, we would know our value and not be afraid to ask for what we deserve. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world and it can be downright frightening to assert yourself…plus your boss has probably deleted all those terrible selfies anyway.


We’ve all been in the position of knowing we deserve more (more money, more time off, more sticking to your job description, etc) but for those of us raised to not make a fuss and to go with the flow, asking for such things is akin to leaping into a shark infested swimming pool. It’s good to start off knowing that it’s very unlikely the person you’re asking is going to fire you or hate you or spread a nasty rumor that you loathe puppies.


When you remind yourself that the worst that can happen is to get a “no,” it becomes a lot less scary to assert yourself. And to turn that “no” into a positive, maybe it’ll be just the thing you need to go forth and find a job that values you and asking for what you deserve. In the meantime, here are our suggestions for how to kick ass, take names, and get paid like a dude.


Do Your Research


Just as you would never walk into a Tinder date without doing the minimum amount of gentle stalking (Facebooking, asking friends, checking the sex offenders registry), you shouldn’t walk into a meeting without arming yourself with facts. Craigslist is a good place to start. What are starting salaries for similar jobs? Is the job description way less insane than yours? What is the minimum amount of experience needed? Now take those facts and compare them to your job. Do you have a crazy amount of experience that would be hard to find in another candidate? Have you been kicking ass in this position for a long time? Has the market changed since you were hired and the value of your position gone up?


The more facts you have, the more confident you’ll be and the more authority you’ll command. When in doubt, ask a friend in a similar position what they would ask for. Preferably a dude, because history shows us they’ll ask for more (huge eyeroll).


State the (Embellished) Facts


If your livelihood is in a field that’s less defined, or you’re applying for a job that’s newly created, it can be hard to know what to ask for. As party planners and cocktail creators, we get asked to host events and make signature cocktails all the time. Sometimes those asking don’t understand the work that goes into such an undertaking (hint: a lot). Start by stating your services and what comes with them. Be specific and detailed, so they understand how much you’re contributing and that they won’t get your expertise with a more basic option. This is a good time to brag about yourself: social media following, jobs you’ve done in the past and how you helped make them successful, and people or companies you’ve worked for. If you’re too humble to brag about yourself, ask a good friend to describe what you do and how badass you are as if they were telling someone they wanted to set you up with. It’s easy to ignore all the little things you bring to the table when they’re just part of your awesomeness, but these are assets to those who get the benefits of said awesomeness.


Speak With Authority and Without Apology


When Maura Tierney won her much deserved Golden Globe for Best Actress, the first thing she said when accepting the award was to call herself “four eyes” and apologize for her glasses. She apologized because she needed help with one of the five senses, you guys! This chick just beat out four other very deserving women and her first thought was to apologize for herself! Being humble is one thing, but putting ourselves down and apologizing for ourselves tells others that you don’t understand your own value, so why should they? When you speak with authority and project an air of confidence, you seem like someone who doesn’t need to be babysat and coddled. And who doesn’t want a competent worker? If confidence isn’t your strong suit, try conjuring up the most badass woman you can imagine. How would Angelina Jolie or Morticia Adams present themselves? Would they slouch or be too afraid to make eye contact? Probably not. Take on their persona and run with it. Nobody but you knows you’re playing a role.


Know When To Work For Less Than You’re Worth (sometimes this does pay off)


The big, bad word in freelancing these days is “exposure.” Here’s a secret that could get get us shunned from the freelance community: we’ve worked for just “exposure” in the past and also accepted way less than what we would normally ask. We automatically think of fat cat Big Business stealing from the little guy when we hear stories of higher ups asking for work in exchange for getting your name out there, and yeah, there are many examples of that being laughably audacious and straight up ridiculous. But like everything in life, there are exceptions to that rule. Here are a few:


● You don’t have a ton of experience in the field and getting your name out there will help your resume and give you some traction in the community


● You’ll get other perks by working on this project, such as freebies, followers, networking opportunities, and ins at other (paying) gigs


● It’ll give you leverage when you kick major ass and they want you to work for them again in the future. True story: we once wrote one piece for a publication for “exposure.” The next time they asked we said we couldn’t do it for free, and they offered us an amount we would have NEVER had the guts to ask for


Know When To Walk Away When You Don’t Feel You’re Being Valued


All that said, sometimes you just gotta walk away. If you accept what’s being offered, will you feel taken advantage of? Resentful? Straight up pissed off? Is every email you send and meeting you attend and alarm clock that goes off in the morning going to make you feel bad about yourself and undervalued? In that case you have our permission to “NOPE” the hell outta that job. Sometimes walking away is the only way to convince yourself that you deserve better.


Now go forth and be the badass we know you are. And tell us your own stories of badassery in the comments! Everyone loves a success story.


Alie and Georgia, hosts of Tripping Out With Alie & Georgia and digital web series, Classy Ladies, kick Sunday’s ass with brunch, and the denial of Monday, with a spread designed for relaxation, conversation and drink creation. Using the focus flavor of Pinnacle Original - Alie and Georgia create a custom Bloody Mary right for the occasion.


*** Photo Sources: Desk Photo, Alie and Georgia: Cooking Channel


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How Do You Do: Me Time

How Do You Do_Me Time_Office_Bright_Happy_Green_White Modern_2



Ah, the idea of ‘Me Time’. It’s fairly elusive (if not non-existent) these days, which is kinda fine because most of my down time is spent with a baby’s cheek in my neck while I marathon “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But, if you can, Lord knows it is very important to take some time even once a week for yourself – kid-free, job-free and maybe iphone-free. In this episode of “How Do You Do…” we show you a couple slightly less obvious ways to do this in your own home.





Whether you work from home or just have a home office there are some simple tricks that can help you enjoy your work space. Keep pens, paperclips, and small office supplies corralled on a tray. and in one area of your desk. This sounds like a simple thing, but you would be surprised how much more productive and less stressed you are when all of the things around you have an organized place to live.



Good lighting is also key to productivity (especially if working into the late hours of the evening). We may not all have an office like this one, with natural light streaming in, but this beauty of a lamp (below) from Target can help shed a little light on the issue, no pun intended.


How Do You Do_Me Time_Office_Bright_Happy_Green_White Modern_1



Zanna is big about visually having her ideas and process displayed, as it helps with her creative process and efficiency in what she does. Creating an area in her office where she can keep track of all of that in an organized area not only frees the space of clutter, but it also keeps her mind uncluttered, and the ideas flowing freely as well. Besides, who said that you can’t think outside of the box when it comes to post it notes.


How Do You Do_Me Time_Office_Bright_Happy_Green_White Modern_Post It Notes_Storage



“Me time” during work time is all about finding some pieces that work for you, and allow you to enjoy and make the most of your moments that you do have to spend working. Sometimes me time is also just shopping online for some new pretty things like you might be doing right now.



Here are some of our favorites to help add a bit of “me time” to your work space.





1. Mint Chair | 2. Desk | 3. Brass Wall Decor | 4. Sisal Rug | 5. Lamp | 6. Pillow | 7. Mug | 8. Magazine Organizer | 9. Vase | 10. Basket | 11. Gold Tray | 12. Ceramic Dish | 13. Gold Stapler | 14. Marble Container | 15. Wood Tray | 16. Ceramic Bowl | 17. Brass Accessory | 18. Tape Dispenser



Curious about the clothes/products in the video that Zanna styled? Here you go.





1. Denim Tunic | 2. Striped Dress | 3. Cardigan | 4. Jeans | 5. Leggings | 6. Fringe Boots | 7.High Top Sneaker | 8. Leather Boot | 9. Sea Salt Spray | 10. Lipstick | 11. Lotion



“Me time” is also about carving a space out for yourself during the day, even when all that means is making something that you do everyday a bit more enjoyable. YouTube star Shameless Maya is a very busy girl, but for her we wanted to create an area where she felt like she could pamper herself doing something in her daily routine. We got crazy by using a barcart, yes a barcart, and turned it into a makeshift vanity. We shall call this a ‘beauty bar’, and go ahead and say that every lady deserves her own beauty bar.


Target_Beauty Bar_Bar_Cart_Styled-03563



This one was for Maya. It was a space for her to really take care of herself. Everything she needs is at her fingertips, and like we said before, everything has a place. We corralled all of her makeup, toiletries, lotions, potions, and anything else she needs by using containers, organizers, and trays. By and adding some pieces from Target’s new collection we repurposed an item that traditionally you would never think to have in your bedroom, but totally works for her.


Target_Beauty Bar_Bar_Cart_Jewelry Stand_Storage-03521



Tiered dessert trays, glass display boxes, and votive holders are all totally affordable items to pull your beauty cart together. We kept the color palette simple and clean by sticking to metallics, whites, and neutrals. Adding the fresh flowers and scented candle help to bring a little bit of the spa home with you.


Target_Beauty Bar_Bar_Cart_Cream-03505


Target_Beauty Bar_Bar_Cart_Styled-03547



What are you waiting for America? The beauty bar revolution has begun, and everything you see in the image above is in stores and online at Target, so run, don’t walk before it all flies off the shelves.



It’s all VERY good.





1. Faux Fur Bench | 2. Rattan Bar Cart | 3. Area Rug | 4. Storage Stool | 5. Geometric Clutch | 6. Wicker Wall Mirror | 7. Keychain Clutch | 8. Rattan Tray | 9. Coin Purse | 10. Glass Jar | 11. Geometric String Lights | 12. Glass Organizer



Photos by Tessa Nuestadt for Target. Head on over the ABV blog for even more style info. Hair and makeup by Danielle Walch and fashion styling by Zanna Roberts Rossi.



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Live Broke In A Big City



My 20’s were a really good decade. My priorities were as follows: 1.) Hustle everyday to figure out my career, and 2.) Have A LOT of fun. We (Brian and I) moved to New York from Oregon in 2001, when we were 22, with absolutely no plan and barely any money saved (well, Brian got into NYU grad school so HE had a plan, but not me). The decision to do that, informed my whole life. Obviously, and yet in a lot of ways it was totally irresponsible – which is exactly what you are supposed to do in your 20’s. Not be irresponsible, but take risks and be adventuresome even if your bank account tells a different story.




Here we were; the day we left to drive cross country to New York. I wish I could say it was also Halloween or perhaps some sort of local “dress like a weirdo” holiday, but it wasn’t. It was 2001, and that is just what we chose to adorn our bodies in.


We were so up for adventure and didn’t care that we didn’t have an apartment lined up, jobs in place, or any friends there to meet us. There was a spirit and fire in us that I can only hope my kids have at that age.


I think back and wonder HOW we had so much fun when we had no money. We are conditioned in society to correlate the two – and obviously in a lot of ways it is true, but man did we make some insanely fun memories without spending a dollar. I was bartending at night, and walking dogs during the day, then later worked retail. Our rent was $1200 for a tiny 400square foot studio apartment. And then after we broke up, I moved to Spanish Harlem by myself and paid $1100 on my own (this was in 2002, that same apartment would be $2k now at least). I remember often having under $100 in my bank account and I wasn’t in a ‘borrow money from my parents’ situation.


But the thing is, when you are 25, and have just a couple hundred bucks in your bank account you make your own fun. You live with too many roommates, you seek out the hole in the wall indian joints and eat a lot of rice to fill up, you sneak into Broadway theaters at intermission. You might even make a table out of a stop sign and a saarinen base.


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.05.38 AM


In case you are wondering what the heck is that, don’t worry, I’ve got a closer photo:




Our standards and expectations on what qualified as a good time were lower, so the fun we had was so high. The city had so much to offer as the fun just existed in the city naturally. Sure, we saved to go see a show, and once a year got super dressed up to go to a really expensive dinner, but other than that we hung out, and made ourselves freeloading tourists – waiting in lines for cheaper tickets to things, walking around for hours, hanging out on stoops and people watching. We even had our engagement party at a 6th street Indian restaurant that was BYOB, and we told all our friends to do just that. Nobody cared and it was a total blast.




So whats the point? The point is that if you have an inkling to live in a big city, but have very little money JUST DO IT. This is the only time in your life that you will be able to do something like that. I’m not saying that I’m old and lame, but basically now I’m old and lame. When you are 22 you don’t know that living in 400 square feet with another person is uncivilized, or maybe you do, but you don’t care. The older you get, the more comfort and space you want and need. You have your things, your king bed, your huge squishy sofa. Now that we’ve lived in a house in LA I honestly don’t know how I would go back to small city living, but I’m INSANELY glad we did it when we did.




Living in a tiny apartment forced us to always be out, and being out forced us to have fun and see the city and world. We would bring food/drink to central park and literally hang out all day with friends. We would camp out next to the outdoor concerts that cost money and drink and listen to the music for free. We would bar hop and try out like 13 different bars a night – although this was before drinks cost $17 each. We would go to the cheap off broadway shows that were either amazing or terrible. We went to The Moth every week, bad improv all the time, and when we were invited anywhere that seemed to have a cool art scene, we felt like we had made it. And we had. We were cool.




And we travelled. You’d think that not having any money meant that you can’t leave the country but we did. We went on an all-inclusive resort-y vacation to the Dominican Republic that cost $500 for flight/hotel/food/booze for a week, and then later to Vietnam and Laos where we lived on $15 a day (including lodging). Now we labor over every hotel and restaurant choice, but back then we didn’t care, we were psyched to be anywhere different. But looking back we should have travelled more and done even weirder sh*t.




While I don’t want to go back to wearing say, cotton chaps and a vintage teenage mutant ninja t-shirt, there was a freedom and liberty in being 26 that is harder to access when you are 36.




I know a lot of people who say “I would have loved to have lived in New York” but they didn’t, and now, after having a proper house, kids, etc. It’s probably not going to happen. So if you want to do it, or if you don’t, just be sure to get outside, travel, do weird stuff, live broke, work your ass off creating some career (even if it means dog walking during the day) and have a hell of a lot of fun, you will never get this time or age back again in your life.


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My 38 Favorite Dressers In The World (And Where To Buy Them)

Emily Henderson + Curbly_bedroom05

Happy “Best Dresser Round-Up” day. I’ve been on the dresser hunt for our guest suite, and while shopping have pinned the hell out of the internet – in all price ranges (many under $500). I think I’m officially the age where I like to put clothes away even when I travel, instead of keeping them shoved/wrinkled in the suitcase. So I want to give my guests the same courtesy. The guest suite sneak peek is coming soon (although if you follow me on Snapchat and Periscope I’ve been doing progress tours – I’m emilyhendersonsnap).

Meanwhile if you are in the market for a new dresser, here are 38 of my favorites currently on the market.


1. Oppland Dresser Black | 2. White Pepe Double Dresser | 3. Heywood Wakefield Chest Of Drawers | 4. South Shore 5 Drawer Dresser | 5. 2 Drawer Dresser | 6. Astor 5 Drawer Dresser | 7. Askvoll Dresser | 8. Bilbao Dresser | 9. Central Low Dresser | 10. Jantar 3-Drawer Dresser | 11. Oppland Dresser | 12. Mid Century Modern Dresser | 13. Malm Dresser | 14. Stockholm Dresser

Dressers are expensive because they take a lot of labor and materials to produce a high quality piece. These above are affordable, and many of them come in a few different versions (either color or shape – horizontal/vertical) so click though to the links to see pricing and options.

Now, I will say this: I’ve bought cheap dressers before, and generally if they are in high use areas they aren’t likely to last, especially if you are the kind of person who shoves WAY too many clothes in each, like I am. But for a guest room, extra storage, or if you are gentler with your things that I am than, those above are great options. My favorites are #11 and #12. So simple, and I’ve seen the finish of both of them in person, and they are great (#11 comes as nightstands, too and in black).


1. Modway 3 Drawer Chest | 2. 6 Drawer Dresser | 3. Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser | 4. Edward Wormley Mid-Century Dresser | 5. Harper 6-Drawer Dresser | 6. Sloane 6-Drawer Dresser | 7. Nina Raffia Double Dresser | 8. Mid-Century 4-Drawer Dresser

I’d say a typical range of a new good quality dresser is between $800 – $1500, which is a lot of money, and I don’t think even I’ve personally ever spent that because I’ve always bought vintage. BUT, if you are buying new, that is a safe and doable range to get a piece that you should be able to use forever. I really love all of those up there for different reasons. We might be getting #5 for a room soon – I love it’s gustavian lines. And that black one (#1) could be great in a living room, too.

Here, below, we get into my dream dressers. These guys are for those of you looking to splurge on a handcrafted, long lasting quality piece.


1. Mid-Century Cubist Style Dresser | 2. Urbandgreen Mid-Century Modern 6 Drawer Dresser | 3. Garen Dresser | 4. St. James 7-Drawer Dresser | 5. Grove Dresser | 6. Caravan Dresser | 7. Simple Dresser | 8. Hudson Dresser | 9. Exeter Dresser | 10. Whitney Dresser | 11. Reclaimed Russian Oak Dresser | 12. Prescott 6-Drawer Dresser | 13. Slate Dresser | 14. Blake Raffia Dresser | 15. Meade 4-Drawer Dresser With Concrete Top | 16. Omar Dresser

Right now my dream dresser is #7. I want that dresser so bad, but I’ve got a bathroom to renovate, and I’m in the process of refacing the entire exterior of our house (GEEZ), so I’m not spending $5k on a dresser, and maybe never will. But that thing is just so beautiful (made in L.A. by real artisans). The finish is perfect, and the brass accent is just enough to keep me happy. I also really love #2 for me, and when I get a more traditional home I would easily splurge on #13.

After playing musical dressers every Saturday, a game that Brian looks forward to with the giddiness of a toddler with the promise of a processed food snack (OPPOSITE), I’ve actually figured out to just buy a changing table, and then put the dresser that was in Birdie’s room in our room. Then Brian and I switched dressers, and I took the tall white one in our room and he took Birdie’s (which was the teal one that was in the dining room, then the living room, that we THEN had lacquered white). THEN we moved our vintage Heywood Wakefield dresser that was originally in Birdie’s room, then our room (when our last dresser was given to Sara), into the guest suite which I think looks really good (for now). The only real question left to answer is: Is “dresser indecision” an actual problem in America, or just at least grounds for divorce our house? Poor Brian . . .

So which one is your favorite? And I’m curious what is the most expensive dresser you’ve ever bought? Is $1200 a price that people are comfortable paying for a quality piece or is that steep no matter what the quality?

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Happy Valentine’s Day Reverse Block Decor

Happy Valentines Day sign that is reversible and says happy birthday. A perfect way to make the most of craft project.

Hi guys! It’s Melanie from Find it, Make it, Love it. If you’ve followed Steffany and I very much you may have noticed we LOVE dual purpose holiday decorations. Like THIS ‘Trick or Treat’ sign that says ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ on the back (see HERE.) We’ve done that with quite a few projects and today we’re doing it again! I happen to have a lot of birthdays in my family in December and January, so we decided to do this ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ reversible sign that says ‘Happy Birthday’ on the other side. Reversible Happy Birthday Sign, it says Happy Valentine's day on the other side. A perfect way to make the most of a craft project!

Pretty cute, right? Of course, you could have it say whatever you wan……..we’re just getting your wheels turning.;)

Here’s what you need from the Wood Connection to make one too:

  • This ‘Happy’ block set
  • Wood stain (we used the Minwax water based in dark Walnut)
  • White paint
  • Red paint (we used Tompte red)
  • Valentine’s day vinyl
  • 2 foam brushes

Other supplies you’ll need:

  • A pencil with eraser
  • Craft letters or stickers
  • Sanding block

Original wood from the Wood connection that can be used to say Happy....anything!

Start by staining all the letters and the block.

Once the stain is dry, paint over just the front of the letters and block with white.

Technique to get a weathered, white washed look. Stain the wood, the lightly paint with white.

We love the look of the stain on the sides of the letters and block with just the fronts painted. It’s a rustic, 3D look that is beautiful!

For the Valentine side, paint one side of the block red (the other side should be white.)

CUTE Reversible Sign, Happy Valentine's day on one side, Happy Birthday on the other side. A perfect way to make the most of a craft project!

Let dry, then apply the vinyl.CUTE Reversible Sign, Happy Valentine's day on one side, Happy Birthday on the other side. A perfect way to make the most of a craft project!

Dip a pencil eraser in white paint to make polka dots. Polka dots are always a good choice! :)CUTE Reversible Sign, Happy Valentine's day on one side, Happy Birthday on the other side. A perfect way to make the most of a craft project!

Sand the edges of the block and the letters and this side is done!Use a pencil eraser to make paint polka dotsCUTE Reversible Sign, Happy Valentine's day on one side, Happy Birthday on the other side. A perfect way to make the most of a craft project!CUTE Reversible Sign, Happy Valentine's day on one side, Happy Birthday on the other side. A perfect way to make the most of a craft project!CUTE Reversible Sign, Happy Valentine's day on one side, Happy Birthday on the other side. A perfect way to make the most of a craft project!

Of course, you can be done now and have an adorable Happy Valentine’s Day sign, but like we said, we love reversible decor.

CUTE Reversible Sign, Happy Valentine's day on one side, Happy Birthday on the other side. A perfect way to make the most of a craft project!

So now we’ll share the Birthday side! It’s so easy, just turn the block over to the white side and add letters, stickers or vinyl to spell BIRTHDAY. We had this pad of alphabet letters that we think worked perfect for a colorful and playful look. We glued them on with a good old glue stick! Cute! Since I’ll get this out birthday after birthday and for Valentine’s Day, we will probably seal it with some matte mod podge or even a spray sealer; but that’s totally up to you!

CUTE Reversible Sign, Happy Valentine's day on one side, Happy Birthday on the other side. A perfect way to make the most of a craft project!CUTE Reversible Sign, Happy Valentine's day on one side, Happy Birthday on the other side. A perfect way to make the most of a craft project!CUTE Reversible Sign, Happy Valentine's day on one side, Happy Birthday on the other side. A perfect way to make the most of a craft project!

What do you think of the dual purpose projects? It’s like multi-tasking, but more efficient- haha!

We would love for you to hop over to our blog Find it, Make it, Love it and browse around, while you’re there be sure to enter our Wood Connection giveaway! You could win a $25 gift certificate-Yahoo!!

All you have to do is follow and tag on Instagram- SUPER easy!

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News on the Duchess of Devonshire, Pierre Frey and Belmont House


One of the most anticipated auctions this year is Sotheby’s forthcoming auction of the personal items of one of this century’s most remarkable women, Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire. It seems strange to think she’s gone, after such a long and extraordinary life as one of the legendary Mitford sisters, and even stranger to think that her beloved things are now being auctioned. But she was so adored by the public, and if some of the contents of her final home The Old Vicarage at Edensor on the Chatsworth Estate can be sold to raise money for estate of Chatsworth, why not?


I always regret not meeting her before she passed away. A contact at Heywood Hill bookshop in Mayfair (which the Devonshires bought in recent years, in order to save it) kindly said he would make arrangements for me to visit (it was for a forthcoming book on gardens, one of the Duchess’ passions), but in the end she wasn’t well enough. A friend of mine in the US dated Elvis for the briefest of periods (she was very young at the time!) and I had some great stories about Elvis to tell her (another of her obsessions). But it was not to be. I probably would have been too shy to converse much anyway. She really was one of the most interesting, most inspirational businesswomen of our time.


The Financial Times (FT) has recently published a wonderful piece about the sale here. And Sotheby’s has another, smaller, article about ‘Debo’ (as she was called) on its website here, as well as a glimpse at a few of the pieces going to auction here. The sale includes exquisite jewels (some gifted to her by her husband and his parents), a rare copy of Brideshead Revisited personally inscribed by her friend Evelyn Waugh, plus fine and decorative art, and (something I’d love to view) the contents of Duchess of Devonshire’s library.


Here are a few pre-sale photos and pieces from the auction, from Sotheby’s website:

The collection mixes high-end and low. There are many personal photos, including the one above of the Mitford family, priced at a reserve of only a few hundred pounds. But there are is the Duchess’ jewellery, including a Chanel camellia (£400) and a pair of aquamarine-and-diamond clips (£2,000), and a book of John F Kennedy portraits (£1,500 — £2,000) signed by the former US president with the sign-off ‘L.O’, a reference to the sisters’ habit of calling him ‘Loved One’. (JFK was a close friend of the family.)
More details of the sale, including the pieces in the photos above, on Sotheby’s website.
The auction is at Sotheby’s London, March 2, 2016, with pre-sale viewing from February 27 — March 1.
One of the most popular places to stay in England isn’t a hotel but a small, relatively unknown Landmark Trust property known simply as ‘Belmont House’. It’s an exquisite, pale pink, 18th-century, Grade II-listed villa in Dorset that was once owned by businesswoman Eleanor Coade and more recently the author, John Fowles, whose books include The French Lieutenant’s Woman.
The Landmark Trust has spent several years carefully restoring the house, including the Victorian observatory tower, with hatch and revolving roof, and the garden leading down to the beach, and has opened it up for short stays. However, it’s proved so popular that the earliest available booking is now mid-2017. (NB: It’s incredibly inexpensive; the villa sleeps
8, and 4 nights is £640, or just £20 per person, per night.)
For those who would love to see it but can’t wait until 2017, there is a rare Open Day on the weekend of Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 February 2016 , from 10am to 4pm each day. No booking is required.
More details on Belmont can be found here. It looks beautiful.
The first major exhibition of French textile house Maison Pierre Frey since 1935 opens at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris this month. The show features many of the famous fabrics produced by Pierre Frey as well as the stages and techniques involved in creating and producing a textile, from the sketch to the finished product. It’s set to be a fascinating show about fabrics, but it also covers wallpapers, and how they’re conceived, created and produced.
Knowing Pierre Frey, there is certain to be awealth of patterns, colours and information on display.
Musée des Arts décoratifs from 21 January until 12 June 2016.
More details can be found here.