Merry & Bright Banner

Hi guys! Its Ali from Dream Crafter. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the excuse to use as much glitter as possible. Its so fun to use this medium in an area where there are twinkle lights everywhere bouncing off it! And I was so excited about how this craft turned out. I wish I could take all of you on a mini tour in my living room just to see how cute this garland is in real life. The pictures seriously don’t even do it justice. I love it so much. I guess thats the only downside to glitter, not easy to photograph. I digress.

Here it is!
Ok so here’s what you’re going to need to make your own:
12 Wooden Banner pieces (these come in a ton of different shapes at the Wood Connection)
-White Paint
-Metallic Silver Paint
-Paint Brushes
-Silver Glitter
-Strong string or ribbon
-The negative image of the vinyl letters
Start by painting your banner pieces white. (I usually do a little light sanding when I do wood projects but these are made from MDF so they don’t need much.)
I did two coats of white paint and let them dry completely before doing this next step.
Next, take your negative image vinyl pieces and apply to the center of the banner. Smooth out.
Next take your metallic silver paint and just paint the letter portion. Try hard not to get a lot of excess paint on your vinyl because you don’t want it sneaking under your vinyl and ringing your pretty white paint.
Then take your letter WHILE ITS STILL WET with silver paint and put it in a cake pan. Glitter the heck out of it.
Shake off any excess glitter and carefully remove the vinyl while the glitter is STILL WET.
Finish all your banner pieces so they look like this:
Finally string them up! I started by finding the center of my string and putting the & sign on first. I tied little knots behind it so it wouldn’t move around on the string when I hung it. Then I hung the “merry” to the left of it and the “bright” to the right of it while keeping my spacing even with knots.
Keep in mind that your garland is going to SUPER HEAVY. I ended up putting some nails in my little cutout thingy in my wall to hold it securely. It also might be fun to hang it under your porch or something.



May your days be merry and bright oh… And don’t forget to head on over to Dream Crafter on Instagram by clicking HERE or following me @dreamcrafter101 to enter to win a $25 gift certificate to the wood connection! Woooooo!

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