Party All Over The World

New Years Mantle Decoration- @PocketfulofPaint

It’s coming whether we like it or not – SO LET’S DECORATE!

New Years Mantle Decoration- @PocketfulofPaint

I have some fun crafts and a free printable you can download to help you start the New Year out right!

First, let’s talk about getting crafty with our bad selves. I teamed up with The Wood Connection again to bring you this fun and easy 2016 display. They have everything you will need for this at their store or on their website.

You will need-

2016 numbers, the 4×4 wood base, the 4 inch dowel, gold paint, black paint, foam brushes, wood glue, and gold glitter spray.

New Years Mantle Decoration- @PocketfulofPaint

I did need to drill a hole in the bottom of my letters to attach the dowel. *Make sure to match your drill bit to the size of the dowel and to drill into each of the numbers the same depth.

Once all of your pieces are dry, simply glue them together and set them out for display! Easy as pie!

New Years Mantle Decoration- @PocketfulofPaint

You can also find these darling snow flakes at The Wood Connection. They come in a pack of three.

New Years Mantle Decoration- @PocketfulofPaint

For the free printable- “There’s a party goin’ on all over the world” Click HERE for printing instructions and to download.

New Years Mantle Decoration- @PocketfulofPaint

The Urban Post's Pocketful of Paint


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