My Black Friday Wishlist


1. Wool Baseball Cap | 2. Bib Necklace | 3. Peach Sweater | 4. Black Flare Denim | 5. Black & White Polo | 6. Silk Dress | 7. Black Ankle Boot | 8. Curved Yoke Top | 9. Brown Leather Booties | 10. Plaid Sweater | 11. Sleeveless Sweater | 12. Flare Denim | 13. Grey Cashmere Sweater | 14. Shirtdress | 15. Skirt | 16. Denim Jumper | 17. Lace-up Bootie | 18. Oxfords | 19. Wool Hat | 20. 3/4 Sleeve Sweater | 21. Grey Booties | 22. Silk Blouse


I have a ton of shoots coming up so the other day I went out shopping for like 9 hours which sounds fun, but ‘post baby body’ shopping is actually VERY frustrating – things just aren’t the same and clothes are trickier to buy. Many of the above I found to be so flattering, forgiving and stylish so I figured I’d round them up for you.


My favorite of all of those? FRAME DENIM. I was on the verge of tears after trying on a million pairs of jeans at Madewell and Anthro. Then I went to Nordstroms and tried on some Frame and was so relieved that they made me look/feel skinnier and had enough lycra to be super comfortable (I bought two of the Le High, jeans). These jeans know how to wrangle all the parts (lift the butt) and make my stomach look flat and trust me, it ain’t right now. Everything else I love and want, but in case you all need a good denim brand that is actually worth the $200 splurge, that’s my official non-paid endorsement.


Happy shopping, folks.


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